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More loose ends

Who are the true prophets today (1)?

My sheep hear my voice

Tying up loose ends – Prayer

Tying up loose ends – Grace

Tying up loose ends – Faith

Tying up loose ends – Eternity

Trumpwatch 39 – the “Red Sea” moment

Tying up loose ends – Suffering

Why I watch the Eric Metaxas show

Tying up loose ends – Trinity

COVID-19 VACCINE – should we be concerned?

Red pilling others, especially Christians

A new resource centre to help Southend’s homeless

The Bible, Prayer, Christian Unity and False Teachers

Tying up loose ends – Idolatry

Tying up loose ends – holiness

Trumpwatch 38 – A time to heal!?

Trumpwatch 37 – it ain’t over till the fat lady sings


Trumpwatch 36 – a time of reckoning or is it?

Tying up loose ends – Covenant

The fear of the Lord

Brexit, Trump, Coronavirus and Christian unity

Trumpwatch (35) – Crunch Time

The Pilgrim Church

Reading James Bond – books by Ian Fleming

Psalm 69 – a meditation

Obeying the government – a Christian Corona response

Boriswatch (3)

Trumpwatch (34) – who should Evangelicals vote for?

Blocked by Facebook

When God does not make sense – genocide, suffering, hell

Covid-19 – where to we go from here?

Happenstance, Coincidence, Enemy action and culture wars

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and who next for the US Supreme Court?

Submit or react – church and Covid-19

Trumpwatch (33) – the most important US election yet!?

Books to go

The Covid-19 crisis and how Christians ought to respond

Prophets of the Bible – the final version

A trip to Hyde Hall

“Prophets of the Bible” is coming your way

How should Christians respond to conspiracy theories?

About the Brethren

Prophet’s Prayer

Tying up loose ends – blood

Tying up loose ends – Spirit

Christians “awoke” and Christians “awake”

How to respond to the craziness going on right now

Prophets of the Bible – the prophets in context

Tying up loose ends – community

Digging deeper into prophecy

Prophets of the Bible: the minor prophets

Prophets of the Bible – Malachi

Prophets of the Bible – Nahum

Prophets of the Bible – Zechariah

Prophets of the Bible – Haggai

Prophets of the Bible – Zephaniah

Prophets of the Bible – Habakkuk

Prophets of the Bible – status report

Tying up loose ends

Typing up the loose ends – Gospel

Tying up the loose ends – Apologetics

Tying up the loose ends – Rapture

Street Spirit and the “new normal”

Prophets of the Bible – Micah

Gunners Park; Toby breakfast; post lockdown

Remembering Jim Packer (and why this matters)

Tying up the loose ends – Church

Tying up the loose ends – Israel

Tying up the loose ends – Bible

Tying up the loose ends – Truth

Prophets of the Bible – Obadiah

Prophets of the Bible – Amos

Prophets of the Bible – Joel

Prophets of the Bible – Hosea

Prophets of the Bible – Jonah

Prophets of the Bible – the Minor prophets

Memorial Silence For Those We Lost to Addiction

Prophets of the Bible – Daniel

Remembering Stephen Chilcraft

Red Pill or Blue Pill – which one will you take?

Prophets of the Bible – Ezekiel

The Major prophets (Isaiah – Daniel)

Learning from the prophets

Prophets of the New Testament

Northern Ireland Abortion – a letter to Sir David Amess MP

Katie Hopkins and why winning the culture wars matters

Southend homelessness – some thoughts on a way forward

Prophets of the Bible – Jeremiah

Black Lives Matter and changing the narrative

Prophets of the Bible – Isaiah

Revival or ruin; is Veronika West a true prophet?

Trumpwatch (32) – when the country burns

Trumpwatch (31) – Covid-19, Racism, Trump Derangement

The Bible and why reading it matters

Are there prophets today and does it matter if there are?

The millennium and understanding it correctly

Remembering David Pawson

Balaam and assorted false prophets

Remembering Ravi Zacharias

False prophet texts

Moloch, child abuse, fake news, divine displeasure

Test and weigh; conspiracy theories and escaping the blogosphere

Prophets, kings and priests

Deborah and other women prophets

Unnamed, unknown and less known prophets

Elijah and Elisha


Why study the Book of Chronicles?

David, Nathan and Gad

Samuel and the Joshua and Judges accounts

Ruth the Moabitess

Should we be using the King James Version of the Bible?

Moses and the Wilderness experience

When I see the blood

Covid-19, 5G, Conspiracy Theories and the Gospel

Lord how long – a phoenix from the ashes – my Covid prayer

Gideon – a mighty man of valour

Samson – God’s unlikely choice to deliver Israel

Who are the useful idiots?

Daniel the prophet – a man for our times

Jephthah, possibly my favourite Bible character

Homelessness, Coronavirus and Self-isolation

Homeless Tales

Breakfast at the Wakey Wakey Café in Leigh-on-Sea

Save our Southend Christian Bookshop

COVID-19, conspiracy theories and Christian responses

Christians dialoging with Muslims

The Coronavirus and the end is near

The Prophets of the Bible – Acknowledgements

The Genesis account and prophets

Bullying ministers and know better civil servants

Prophets, priests and kings

Why study the Hebrew prophets – and how to do so?

Bernie for President

Lunch at the Last Post

Introducing the prophets

Donald goes to India

Sophie Scholl and Unite Against Fascism

Volunteering at St. Helen’s church winter night shelter

The Life Scientific – Jim Al-Khalili

Eating at the San Fairie Ann Restaurant

Exchanging democracy for dictatorship?

Boriswatch (2)

Nahum the prophet

Amos the prophet

Jonah the rebellious prophet

Trumpwatch (30)

Attending a Council hosted collaborative event

Preface to my book: “The Prophets of the Bible”

4 Major prophets and 12 Minor prophets in context

False prophets and standing firm in the Faith

Brexitwatch (17)

Online Bible Resources

Climate change and the tale of two Davids

My 2020 Archers Diary

Is Pope Francis THE False Prophet?

We are leaving the EU; Bells are going to ring or are they?

Harry and Meghan stepping down from royal duties

Approaching Bible End Times prophecy

The Prophet and the Prostitute

Empathy and why lots of it can be a good thing

Ricky Gervais and the biggest joke of all – Hollywood

When to put one’s head above the Parapet and why

Breakfast at the Salisbury Café

Some Facebook musings

Trumpwatch (29)

Operation World

What can we do better in 2020?

Boriswatch (1)

Advent and God’s judgement that begins with us

Christianity Today – Trump should be removed from office

BBC bias (2)

Remembering Malcolm Heddle

Choosing the new leader of the Labour Party

Breakfast at Café 709

Living with depression – I pressed on

Brexitwatch (16)

Eating at Tomassi’s and Grumpy’s, both in a day

Electionwatch 2019

Electionwatch 2019 – the result

Breakfast at the “Mind How You Go” café

Homelessness – controversies and conundrums

Electionwatch 2019 – crunch time

Electionwatch 2019 – Amos the Prophet

Eric Metaxas interviews Bishop Jwan Zhumbes

Facing Facebook Jail

Electionwatch 2019 – Southend East Hustings

Electionwatch 2019 – Southend West Hustings

A Pathway into the Bible – Stuart Kimber

Why studying the Bible matters – a personal reflection

The Minor Prophets

Electionwatch 2019 – the Pro-Life Party

Electionwatch 2019 – The Brexit Party

Electionwatch 2019 – The Conservative Party

Electionwatch 2019 – The Labour Party

Electionwatch 2019 – The LibDems

Electionwatch 2019 – the Southend scene

Is Jeremy Corbyn an Anti-Semite?

Inclusion body myositis and me

Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself and if so, so what?

No recourse to public funds and homelessness

Impeaching President Trump

Should Nigel stand aside for the Tories?

Is Paula White a charlatan / heretic?

Regarding Street Spirit’s “bits and bobs” operation

Is Kanye West the real deal?

Personal thoughts influencing my voting on 12th December

Siya Kolosi and Rassie Erasmus

Homelessness and the “revolving door syndrome”

Who should Christians vote for on December 12th?

Building houses on Fossetts Farm

Rugby World Cup 2019 (2)

Ezekiel the prophet – four visions

Why I don’t celebrate Halloween

Brexitwatch (15)

When to speak and when to keep quiet?

The Life and Times of Daniel the Prophet

Impeaching Trump and Fake News

Climate change denial – a letter to friends

Righteous Indignation – Andrew Breitbart

Returning to Felixstowe

Remembering the SOS Bus

Brexitwatch (14)

Trumpwatch (28)

Make me a channel of your peace

Why I posted as I did regarding Greta

Revisiting the Gulshan Tandoori Restaurant, Southend

Southend town centre business and soup kitchens

Choosing your words wisely

Essex win 2019 County Cricket Championship

BBC bias

When hearts fail – watching and praying

Greta Thunberg and her stolen dreams

Rugby World Cup 2019

Reviewing Southend’s Soup Kitchens (2)

Climate Emergency

Remembering Ken Chapman

My summer of cricket (2019) – looking back

Brexitwatch (13)

Highwoods (Colchester) and Herrington (Sunderland)

Worldwatch – China, Zimbabwe, Burma

Where is the danger coming from, extreme left or right?

Ezekiel the prophet

Brexitwatch (12)

The Church – a cause for despair or a reason for hope?

Another open letter to Alex Jones

Brexitwatch (11)

The redemption of Steve Smith, Tiger Woods, Jonathan Aitken

A Tale of Two Christians

Is there a role for prophets today?

Trumpwatch (27)

What do we need? Shepherds – good ‘uns

Another Pop-Culture Christian Loses His Faith

Our three cats

Casting pearls before swine – an open letter to an adversary

Paul Van Looy leaves the Independent Party

Jezebel Jehu and Trump – connecting the dots

Pray for the President?

Dementia and depression – two more elephants in the room

If God were to tell us everything all at once

The “deplorables” and the good guys

Ashes Redemption

Walking in Wallasea; breakfast at the Lakes, Stambridge

Dark Agenda

Evangelicals, social concern and political participation 2

Evangelicals, social concern and political participation

Counting rough sleepers and what to do now it is hot?

Christian leadership

The “Squad” – a view

Brexitwatch (10)

Should Christians comment publically on world events?

Breakfast at the Glass House Café, Warrior Park

Solomon’s Song of Songs – Pure Intimacy

Racism, racists and Trump – a personal perspective

The case for Trump – a Christian perspective

Cricket World Cup 2019

An open letter to President Trump

Hugh Price Hughes and the Non Conformist conscience

Kim, Donald and Nigel and leaked memos

When and how Christians should speak out?

Revisiting the Serenity Prayer

Paula White, demons and praying for President Trump

Iran, Israel and Trump

Immigration and the USA Mexico border crisis (1)

Southend Pride and Community in Harmony

Donald Trump, King Josiah and Christian responses

Down to the last two

Agreeing to disagree

The summer of cricket – 2019 (1)

All change at Southend Council

What would you do with iconic Southend Kursaal?

Supporting “Off the Streets”

Is Islam a religion of peace?

Giving up your own opinion … to please a*******

Choosing the next Conservative Party leader

Fish and Chips at Van Looy’s

Brexitwatch (9)

Indian elections and the global move toward nationalism

Trumpwatch (26)

Breakfast at Bella Italia

Are you sleeping rough; where can I go for help?

The enemy of the people

Brexitwatch (8)

Breakfast at Grumpy’s

Trump evil!? nah, on the contrary …

Australia’s unexpected election result


Brexitwatch (7)

Southend Independents stick to their ‘Bell’ principles

When Ben Shapiro met Andrew Neil

Should Christian leaders get involved in politics?

Deciding on the leader of Southend Council

Change UK and the European elections

The Brexit Party, UKIP or Liberal Democrats?

Book of Ezekiel and St. Helens Church

Be kind

Southend 2019 Local Elections – the aftermath

Depression – another elephant in the room

The Climate Change “Hoax”

Trump State visit – whether or not to boycott

A time to speak (3)

Southenders protest climate change – my opinion

Ann Holland and David Norman step down

Trumpwatch (25)

Rumours of Revival

Ferndale CWNS 2018/19 – my final report

The disturbing case of Israel Folau

Julian Assange – hero or villain

Brexitwatch (6)

Brexitwatch (5)

Why are so many people against Trump?

How I see homelessness – then and now

Southend 2019 Local Elections – thoughts and predictions

How free is the Internet and lady’s knickers

Lunch at the Terrace Turkish Restaurant

Brexitwatch (4)

Westborough – Local Council Elections 2019 – and leaflets

Transphobia and combating hate crime

St. Lukes – Local Council Elections 2019

Brexitwatch (3)

The Mueller Report

Teaching Relationship and Sex Education in schools

Ferndale CWNS 2018/19 – my end of season report

Brexitwatch (2)

The Beauty of the Cross

Brexitwatch (1)

Thoughts on the Christchurch mosque massacre

Southend Zimbabweans and lifting the ban

Transphobia, Islamophobia: the latest weapons for demonising

My blogger raison d’être – to wake people up

Ash Wednesday and John the Baptist

Not a Socialist (and not a Conservative nor Liberal)

Methodists vote to reject same sex unions

Homelessness – Showing Respect and Book Covers

Five years as a blogger

Abortion – the Elephant in the Room

Remembering Ron Scott

Climate change – honest or hoax?

Brexit – when the split hits the fan

Homelessness – NRPF, Rough Sleeper Count, Weekends

Who are the good guys?

Homelessness – Britain’s shame

Michael Green – a personal tribute

Free Speech – threats and restraints

Lunch at the Roslin Hotel

Trumpwatch (24)

Welcome to my world

Ferndale CWNS 2018/19 – my mid term report

My tribute to Julian Ware-Lane

Moses – the meekest man who ever lived

Brexit, Trump’s Wall and how we can pray

Enoch the man who walked with God

Children – Education, Indoctrination, Safeguarding

Brexit – deal or no deal?

Trumpwatch (23)

My 2019 Archers Diary

Lunch at the Plough and Sail Public House Paglesham

Why Trump is good for the world – winning the end game

The Prophets of the Bible – an introduction

Answering the question: “will you support my ministry?”

Looking forward to 2019; anticipating what is in store

Is France heading for a revolution?

Homelessness and Christmas

A visit to my local library

When to NOT help the homeless

Trumpwatch (22)

Breakfast at the Corner House Café / Diner

Homelessness and sofa surfing – Anne Atkins nails it

Brexit – Plan B!?

Homelessness, religion and politics

QAnon, conspiracy theorists and what the h*** is going on?

Breakfast at Fairway’s Diner

The Kings of the Bible – conclusion

Mexico, Ukraine and things are not always what they seem


Politics, Ukip and the Brexit debacle

Will Jesus prayer for unity ever be answered?

How evil is the evil in the world?

Breakfast at Jay Jeans café

Who are the good guys?

Intercessors for Britain

Nationalism and Globalism – which does God say is better?

Passing on wisdom learned the hard way to the young

Brexit and national identity – is there a way forward?

The Kings of Persia in the Bible – Cyrus

Buying truth and making sense of it all

The disturbing case of Asia Bibi

Trump and the Press – Jim Acosta banned

Jeff Sessions out

Breakfast at the Elms

Breakfast at the Exchange

David Amess, Southend Pride and LBGT rights

Earthquake in the City

The US Mid Term Elections (2)

Eating at the Anne Boleyn

Preachers and preaching

Swimming at Garon’s

The US Mid Term Elections

Remember, remember the fifth of November

What is the right Christian approach to money (2)?

Southend Church Winter Night Shelters 2018/19

I have no gospel unless Genesis is history

Breakfast at The Lunch Box Café

Prayer of St. Francis – so relevant now

Donald Trump, Elite Pedophiles and Spiritual Warfare

Eating at feelgoods DINER

7000 South Americans entering North America

March for a second EU Referendum

What is the right Christian approach to money (1)?

Addressing Southend’s homeless situation

Taxing the rich and giving to the poor

Trumpwatch (21)

Revelation TV

Trauma has consequences and implications

Why at this time I can NOT vote Labour

Solomon – a lesson concerning today’s politics

Swedish elections, Muslim immigration and popularism

Criticizing Islam

Why do people not go to the church in the first place?

Tony Adams and homeless addiction

Adding new Facebook “friends”

Should the Home Office ban Franklin Graham from the UK?

TRUMPianity or CHRISTianity

Why do people stop going to church?

Social justice and the gospel – either or both?

Saul – the first king of Israel

Kings of the Bible

Was 9/11 an Inside Job?

Eating at the Early Start Café

My disillusionment with English politics

Why this Brit is glad Trump is US President

Trumpwatch (20)

Appointing a new Supreme Court Justice

Eating at Russells Café & Bistro

To be involved or not to be involved?

What to do about homeless people sleeping in tents?

Trump, Evangelicals and the Kings of the Bible

The Mark of the Beast

John McCain 1936-2018

Eating at Grafters Café

Reviewing Southend’s Soup Kitchens

Visiting Kendal Park Nature Reserve

Impeaching Trump

Rise of right wing popularism in the UK

Homeless people, seeking benefits, opening bank accounts

Breakfast at the Glenwood café

Kerala and its ongoing flood disaster

Murphy’s law and my approach as a blogger

Boris and the Burka

Shutting down Alex and shutting up Boris

Why is Trump so divisive?

The Richard Wilson legacy

Shadow banning, free press and free speech

Eating at the Old Walnut Tree

Addiction is a Disease

Zimbabwean elections

Letter to my gay friend

Getting old, dying and going to heaven

Respectful discourse on Facebook

Funeral of a friend – Andrew Pattison

Labour kicks out Hoey and Field


Christian Pacifism

Separating children when coming to the USA illegally

Margaret Hodge attacks Jeremy Corbyn

Returning to Street Spirit

Southend Pride

The Children of Issachar

Death in the Pot

On freedom of speech

Passing the baton; leaving a legacy

Trumpwatch (19)

Breakfast at Wimpy’s

Mourning the deaths of two of Coleman Street’s Children

Brexit, Trump and Trump’s UK visit

FIFA World Cup 2018 – personal reflections

Welcome to England Mr. President

Politics, Brexit and the US Supreme Court

Back to Blighty

Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims

Giving money to charities that feed the hungry etc.

Goodbye Mark and Melanie

Paying tribute to my Muslim friends

Muslims control prisons and what the media fails to report

Ryanair coming to Southend Airport

Immigration, globalism and a “Christian” approach

Trumpwatch (18)

Does God anoint world rulers?

The future of the EU and Brexit

Why (And How) Christians Should Celebrate Pride

My experience as a hospital patient

Ireland’s Abortion Decision

The disturbing case of Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson arrested for ‘breaching the peace’

Why I love the King James Bible

Earnestly contending for the faith

Erdogan flexes his muscles; Turkey a Middle East player

What Pope Francis said to the gay man

The Bishop’s Royal Sermon – a personal perspective

Who’s getting married in the morning?

Gaza and Jerusalem in the news

Eating at the Simla Indian Diner

The House of Lords – is it a good or a bad thing?

America First – is this theological heresy?

Free parking to save Southend town centre

Data Protection – is it a good or bad thing?

An Open Letter to my Facebook Friends

Iran and Israel square up

Ashers Bakery appeal to the Supreme Court

Southend Local Election Results 2018

Voting in the 2018 Southend Local Elections

Trumpwatch (17)

Thinking theologically on community matters

Town centre homeless challenges

About Street Spirit

St. Luke’s hustings 2018 – my report

Franklin Graham, Malcolm Johnson and Progressives

Israel and Syria – looking at the various angles as of today

Throwing the baby out with the bath water

New Mission launched to help towns homeless

Project Fear – a personal statement

Coming to terms with diabetes

The line up for the St. Lukes Local Election May 3rd

Easter 2018 meditation

Trumpwatch (16)

The Homeless Reduction Act – what differences to expect

Remembering Florrie Bond

Attending a “Speed Awareness 20mph” course

Jeremy Corbyn and Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

Charity begins at home!?

Off the streets

Meditating on the Song of Solomon

Dave Haycock – death of a friend

Inviting a. Tony Campolo and b. Franklin Graham to the UK

Tommy Robinson, Speakers Corner and the Time to Speak

Killing the right and shooting ourselves in the foot

Active Citizenship in a left right polarized paradigm

A homeless response in a snowy week

Making sense of suffering

Lessons I would like to pass onto the next generation

A new homeless night shelter for Southend

The Christian case for a just war

Eating at the Gulshan

Homelessness – what to do when it is really cold?

Memes, guns and digging pits

Billy Graham, America’s pastor, has died

Aspects of the Cross

Reflecting on the Florida gun shootings

Child Trafficking – what the media does NOT report

An arresting experience

Council Estate – Football rules as a kid

Truth, balance and free speech

Attitudes toward homelessness

The Nunes memo

Southend’s drug habit and homelessness

Trump’s State of the Union Address

Varghese Mathai – evangelist – a personal tribute

Our society is in a malaise

What I believe about the Bible

Ray Davy – a personal tribute

Trumpwatch (15)

The mass brainwashing of Germany

Can you be both C(c)onservative and Christian?

Who controls the Internet?

Earnestly contending for the faith

Immigrants from s**thole countries

Understanding Iran

Blair, LaMonte, and a second Brexit referendum?

Cyrus and Trump revisited

My 2018 Archers diary

2017 – looking back; 2018 – looking forward (2)

2017 – looking back; 2018 – looking forward (1)

Midnight Christmas Communion at St. Lukes

Homelessness and the Christmas story

Net Neutrality

Southend named as a “rotten borough”

Zionism, Fetuses, Newspeak and defining terms

The Ashes

Homeless Information (2)

Trumpwatch (14)

Open our churches to the homeless

Judge Moore and the Alabama Senate race

Dogs – a night shelter manager’s perspective

Are UK Politicians losing the plot?

2017 Church Winter Night Shelters – the story so far

Time Person of the Year 2017 – the Silence Breakers

The USA moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

Trumpwatch (13)

The life and times of Elijah the prophet

Henry Higgins fish bar

Beholden to the Truth

Trump and his three anti-Islam tweets

Should we give to beggars?

St Lukes Local Election – May 2018

Not having enough affordable accommodation

Homeless quiz

What do you know about homelessness?

Trump, Manson, sexual molestation and pedophilia

Zimbabwe – Mugabe on the way out but what next?

Not a homeless case worker

Petition for doing more to help the homeless

Christmas at Tesco

Southend – swamped by rough sleepers

The Anglican revisionist agenda

The Roy Moore affair

Keeping Sunday special

The Balfour Declaration (2)

Controlling Guns in the USA

Journey to the North

Overnight sleepers wanted

Nothing to celebrate: 50 years of abortion in Britain

Doug Greenham

The Protestant Reformation revisited

Personal interests

Community Matters

57 West has moved to 6 Clarence Road

Culture Wars

Israel and the Middle East

Air pollution, transgenderism and academic freedom

Biographies, obituaries and tributes

Political perspectives

Christianity and community action

Sexual identity and sexual orientation

The Balfour Declaration

Christians who love Trump

John Wycliffe and John Huss

A visit to the Growing Together Gardens; caring for the carers

Reflections from outside the camp

Debt, deficit and the economy

Making sense of the Middle East and Israel

Hillary Clinton and the lost art of interviewing

Del and Michelle’s wedding

Home schooling

Educational perspectives

Immigration and Islam

Homeless reflections

Harvey Weinstein – sexual predator

Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?

Leaving the EU – deal or no deal

‘Aggressive beggars terrorise our streets’

Las Vegas shootings, gun control and the truth

Holiday in Felixstowe

Stuart Windsor; Christian Solidarity and Martyrdom

Trumpwatch (12)

Las Vegas murders and getting angry

English cricketing reflections (2017)

Playing the race card

Southend councillor defects from Labour to Conservative

German election results

Trumpwatch (11)

Mrs May’s Brexit speech

Sir Teddy Taylor

Southend Church Winter Night Shelters – 2017-18

What mainstream media fails to report

Tea, the homeless and attitudes to giving

Roger Ninnis – 31 Years of faithful service

What are your five favourite things about Southend?

9/11 revisited

The end of the World, 666 and microchips

Martin Luther – the monk who shook the world

Navigating the British political landscape

Use of church buildings (2)

Sleeping in doorways

Meet Your Muslim Neighbours

My 1000th blog posting

Why I have changed my mind on immigration

A time to blog; a time to retract

Biblical Sexuality, John Lewis, and the Religion of Rights

Who is our natural ally: Saudi or Iran?

In Loving Memory of Roy White

Aspiring to greatness

The Houston Flood Disaster

Reviewing the newspapers

Christian child forced into Muslim foster care

Bank Holiday congestion in Southend

Spiritual Discernment and Journalistic Integrity

Love thy neighbour

Trumpwatch (10)

Homeless statistics

When left and right unite

When / where to donate food / money to the homeless

Clarence Road Baptist Church – 135 years serving Southend

An open letter to the BBC re. biased reporting

Sarah Champion, Charlottesville and racism

Remembering Sir Bruce Forsyth

And yet I must die

Day night test cricket

Hate Crime Ambassador

Alex Jones, mainstream media and fake news


Charlottesville, left & right, news bias, Trump, Lee, etc.

The Alt Right and White Supremacy

Open letter to Alex Jones (Infowars)


Al Gore, Climate Change and BBC interviews

Operation Sanctuary, pedophilia and sex slavery

Trumpwatch (9)

What do you do when you see the homeless in the High Street?


Seven reasons why I am leaving Google

For such a time as this

Sleeping bags always needed

Is it safe to be gay in the UK?

The heartbreaking case of Charlie Gard

Mooch in, Mooch out

Obamacare versus Trumpcare

Trumpwatch (8)

Homeless burnout

Caroline (The Archers)

Trump, scouts and jamborees

ATTIC (All the tea in China)

Reg Copley

The Russian collusion delusion

Breakfast at Monte

Alan Brown (22/06/61 – 07/04/17)

Council Webcasts (7)

The 11 Plus and Southend revisited


Islamists set to take over Europe using refugees as bait

A walk on Southend Pier

From traditional marriage to gender neutrality; eunuchs

Re. Donald Trump – a letter to a Christian friend

Lockers for rough sleepers

Where do we send the homeless for help?

Covenant and Church for Rough Sleepers

Momentum – good or bad for Labour

A conference to do with Muslims

The Archers – post Rob Titchener

Equality, Diversity, teaching ‘British values’ to children

Yesterday’s Bible study on the subject of “the church”

A bible study, a communion, a baptism and a soup kitchen

Harry the cat

Gnostics and hope

George Soros

Tories and DUP together

Walking in Hadleigh; eating in Leigh

Trumpwatch (7)

Eid Mubarak

Havens and now Ravens

What is happening in Syria, and elsewhere come to that?

When Tommy met Piers

Why do Christians seem to like guns so much?

The Great Get Together

Pakistan wins the Champions Trophy

Westcliff open air swimming pool

The Grenfell Tower fire

Can / should Christians operate in the political arena?

General Election 2017 – what next

London, Manchester, Tommy Robinson and where next

Our way and God’s way

Eating at Nando’s

Tories and DUP in bed together – shock horror

General Election 2017 – the Results (1)

Geoff Carr – Evangelist

General Election 2017 – Final Thoughts

A time to speak (2)

Southend East Hustings 2017 – the outcome

Guide to John Barber’s blog (3)

Margaret Court and LBGT rights

Trump withdraws from the Paris agreement

Rough sleepers set up loading bay camp

Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

Southend’s Soup Kitchens

Trumpwatch (6)

Fox News

Islamic terrorism – call it for what it is

Southend (West and East) Hustings 2017

Manchester bombing attack

Open Letter to John Pavlovitz

General Election 2017 – my choice and why

When Did Compassion Become Partisan Politics?

Trumpwatch (5)

Reflections of a blogger – ten popular postings

King Cyrus and President Trump

A bruised reed

Clothes for the homeless

Mayor Judith stepped down

Havens store to close

Trump fires Comey

French Presidential election results – Round Two

The Labour Party and Britain’s political future

Local Elections 2017

General Election 2017 – the Southend line up

World championship snooker

Exploring Foulness Island

My twelve all-time favorite American TV series

My hopes for Brexit

Kipperwatch Southend revisited

You don’t drain the swamp; the swamp drains you

Truth and Grace

Freedom of speech

French Presidential election results – Round One

A visit to a homeless soup kitchen

Equality Oath – a good idea!?

Today I walked in Hockley wood

Marine Le Pen, terror and the French Presidential elections

Today I walked in Belfairs wood

Tim Farron: is homosexuality a sin?

Christianity: left and right; anywheres and somewheres

Theresa May calls a General Election

Trumpwatch (4)

Easter 2017 meditation

Stop Funding Hate

Street Spirit – ways to help the homeless

Faith Schools

Paul Joseph Watson and my own political outlook

Trumpwatch (3)

False and true prophets

False flag

Conspiracy theories

What is going on in Syria?

Trumpwatch (2)

Pizzagate and child sex trafficking

Replacing Google with Drudge

Watching Southend United play football today

Church Winter Night Shelters over – what next?

US Presidents and golf

Facebook – the good, the bad and the ugly

Dr. Mohamed Pasha MBE

London terror attack (2)

Reflections of a homeless night shelter manager (2)

London terror attack

Martin McGuinness – terrorist and statesmen

Trumpwatch (1)

Can we really trust the media?

Evangelical Leaders Challenge Trump’s ‘America First’ Budget

The Dutch halt on the move to the right

Brexit – and the future of the Union

Religion and politics

Trump’s first fifty days

To give or not to give

Sex and relationship education

Bishop steps down

Generation Snowflake

Wikileaks, Conspiracy Theories and James Bond

Breakfast at the Toby Carvery

Immigration, Refugees and Globalism

The Deep State, Conspiracy Theories and Watergate

I, Daniel Blake

Sessions under fire

Convicted preacher vows to return to the streets

The Trump Revolution continues

Rob Tinlin steps down

Criticizing the Saudis

Trump skips the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Waking up to worldwide persecution

Alcoholism and Homelessness

Goth, ginger or homeless

Adventure Island and Southend Marathon cancellation

Reflecting on two by elections

Two funerals in a week

Comparing Trump to Hitler

Community Cohesion

Truth and Donald Trump

US President’s Refugee Ban

A Jewish Reporter Got to Ask Trump a Question

Globalism and one world government

Steve Bannon, Marine Le Pen, Islam and (anti) globalism

The “Gay vote” at the C of E Synod

Flynn, Trump, the Russians and the Fifth Column

‘Stop Trump state visit’ petition rejected

Reflections of a homeless night shelter manager

What are Trump’s strengths?

Alex Jones and Info Wars

Milo Yiannopoulos; the Alt Right and the Alt Media

John Bercow opposition to Trump addressing Parliament

Squatters in Southend

Humanity’s greatest threat – Sin!

Civil discourse

Climate change – humanity’s greatest threat!?

Trump, the Supreme Court and the ongoing battle

Islam, Immigration and Trump

When Theresa met Donald

John Hurt RIP

Building a wall and banning Muslims

SHAN Presentation

Trump’s first week

A tribute to Rachael Heyhoe-Flint

Letter to the Council

Winning the argument; losing the plot

Trump’s Inauguration (3)

Trump’s Inauguration (2)

Obama’s Legacy (4)

Theresa May’s Brexit speech

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Trump’s Inauguration (1)

Rough sleepers and cold weather

Church schools must support gay marriage!?

Obama’s legacy (3)

He, she or ze

Was Meryl Streep right?

The Sexual Revolution

The Archers: the Saga of Rob and Helen continues

Ealing vicarage rape victim Jill Saward dies

Paula White praying at Trump’s presidential inauguration

UK’s EU Ambassador resigns

Countdown to Trump’s inauguration – scary!!!

An astonishing political year

Is the Honours system fair?

US expels Russian diplomats

Your Political Correctness is Showing, Conservatives

The resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

My Israel conundrum

How has gambling affected you?

Leadership and why right now we desperately need more of it

A year of deaths

George Michael RIP

Alec Motyer and Isaiah

Netanyahu Attacks Obama over U.N. Resolution

To pray or not to pray

Radio 4 Today program

My 2016 Christmas message

Trump’s Team (2)

Nigel the **** latest outrageNigel the **** latest outrage

England’s Test cricketing performance against India

A weekend of iconic TV shows coming to a head

Deaths of Lionel Blue and Zsa Zsa Gabor

Runaway World

Modern day slavery and human trafficking

My homeless dream

India the home of cricket

Being a Christian and a community activist

Donald Trump – Time Person of the Year

Triggering Article 50 (2)

Smart ways to feed the homeless


Brexit and the US Presidency – taking stock

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Gareth Southgate – the new England manager

Magnus Carlsen is once again World Chess Champion

Is Donald Trump the AntiChrist?

Helping at the Ferndale Night Shelter – 2016/17

Fidel Castro’s legacy

Hate crime, terrorism and proportionality

Wicked situations

Preaching politics

Trump and the re-emergence of Nazism

Trump’s Team

Another season of night shelters beckons

A time to agree to disagree

Dear American Christian Friend

Post Truth

Revisiting Israel and Palestine

Progressive versus Traditional

Inviting Nigel to mediate between Donald and Theresa!?

A visit to Birmingham

The US Presidential Election Result (2)

The US Presidential Election Result (1)

Faith and Belief day

Eating at the Gasworks

Obama’s legacy (2)

To vote or not to vote

More on “Poppy Day”

Triggering “Article 50”

The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (5)

The England and Bangladesh series just finished

Globalism, Brexit, US Politics, Global Conflict and Religion

The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (4)

Liberation theology

Asher’s Bakers appeal


The Aberfan disaster

Homeless man stabbed; No place to call home

The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (3)

Mary Whitehouse

Zen City

The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (3)

Scottish Referendum, Brexit and Marmite

Franklin Graham – Decision America

Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize

The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (2)

Is World War 3 imminent?

The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective

The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (2)

Sheela Abraham

Tom Eastwell – an inspirational teacher

Life, Marriage and Freedom

Theresa May and her recent conference speeches

Donald or Hillary – three quite different views!?

Does Islam promote violence?

Obama-UN Internet Takeover Is Just Hours Away

Israel Says Goodbye to Shimon Peres

Sam Allardyce and English national football managers

The Jungle in Calais revisited


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