My 2020 Archers Diary

In 2019 I kept an Archers Diary (see here), as I did in 2018 (see here). Both years these were my most widely read online writings. I updated my diaries from time to time, typically when I felt like it but at least once a month or more often when interesting things were happening. It helped me to get off my chest my thoughts on the latest happenings in Ambridge, serving as personal therapy. I tried to listen to each episode when broadcasts went out or on catch up. I wrote offering my own two penneth to any who may be interested. I intend to do much the same with my 2020 Archers diary, and wish fellow Archer’s fans many hours of fascinating listening.


There were lots of loose ends to tie up and story lines still to run their course from 2019 and we are as always at the mercy of the scriptwriters to find out which ones they will focus on and hope when something does get interesting it don’t go anti-climaxical, as too often does happen. But to be fair, there is generally enough going on to keep interest levels high, and we remain fans anyway. For me, the most intriguing story line involves the trio: Kirsty (kind hearted but sometimes way off beam), Philip (affable yet not what he seems) and Gavin (his obnoxious son), although it is difficult to see anything other than a painful outcome. My most tiresome story line involves the rewilding trio (Phoebe, Rex and Pip). I was tempted to include David and Ruth and their wedding venture until learning their potential next customer is shady Vince’s daughter. Nearly as tiresome, if it wasn’t for the good fun aspect, is the proposed re-naming of “the Bull” to the “B at Ambridge” (whatever that means) with Jolene and (let’s modernise) Lillian up against the resistance in Kenton and (I’m signing her petition) Lynda. Jim Lloyd continues to shine especially now he is attempting closure by attending the funeral of the one who abused him as a child, forming yet another interesting trio with Alistair and Jazzer. Champagne moment has to go to Kate for persuading Oliver to hire her services for a team building day, and uniting a disunited team, getting them to direct their evident negative energy onto her. And of course we await developments on a number of other story lines still to run their full course: Elizabeth, Freddy and Lily; Eddy, Ed and William and of course (horrible) Hannah, (down to earth) Neil and (its all business) Justin (funny the number of trios) and no doubt plenty in store with the Brian Aldridge and Tony Archer clans and many others besides, including wannabe vicar Shula’s ideas to do mission to Ambridge!


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