My 2019 Archers Diary

My 2018 Archers Diary (see here), which I updated from time to time, proved to be one of my more popular 2018 blog postings. It helped me to get off my chest my thoughts on the latest happenings in Ambridge, adding my own two penneth for any interested enough to want to take note!? I intend to do the same with my 2019 Archers diary, and wish fellow Archer’s fans many hours of happy listening.

brian and kirsty

15/01/2019: I confess, since opening my 2018 Archer’s diary, I have been looking for some crash, bang, wallop story line to write about, and while there are stories nicely simmering just beneath the surface, waiting to explode, there is none that springs readily to mind. But then as an Archer’s loyalist, that is of little consequence, and there is enough tamer stuff that is going on to maintain interest. Even when I don’t get to hear an episode live (which is most of the time) I do eventually get to listen on catch up. Brian Aldrich and Kirsty Miller are like chalk and cheese and (unsurprisingly) they don’t hit it off and (tantalisingly) they are now next door neighbours. And we are not disappointed when fireworks erupt. Insensitive, caddish, roving eye, chase the bottom line Brian (who later apologised for crossing the line when having a go at Kirsty) and crusading, whinging, tree hugging, in your face Kirsty have had their ding dongs when their paths have crossed, and a truce might have been made but for well meaning, trying to make peace Jennifer putting a spade (or something) through Kirsty’s land and internet line. Actually, I quite like both Brian (who I feel sorry for knowing he is about to have his day in court for past transgressions) and Kirsty (who while sometimes getting it a**e about face has a heart of gold) and I can quite see why, with their widely different takes on life, they don’t quite hit it off. Hoping they might become best of friends is a bit much to expect, but I look forward to developments.

05/01/2019: So here goes with my first entry of the year. And no fireworks yet or are there? Lily’s decision to remain home with still fragile mum Elizabeth, rather than return to uni, has rather put out boyfriend, Russ (where is that relationship going I wonder?) Talking of relationships going somewhere or nowhere, what about Helen and Lee, Henry’s karate teacher? And sadly Tom, now with matching tattoos to (it seems to be going well with) Natasha, hasn’t started the year off well with Lexi, but who is in the right, but more to the point, what will be the fall out from this fall out? My highlight so far is Eddy winning the best story teller award for Lynda’s Canterbury Tales production, which I look forward to listening to tonight. The big question is what is in store for this year? I am loathe to make predictions here and expect there will be surprises, which is why this Archers fan continues to listen with expectation.


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