John Barber was born at Rochford Hospital, just outside Southend, UK (40 miles east of London) in 1951. He grew up and has lived there for most of his life, despite traveling widely. He now lives with Jolly (his wife), Matthew (his son) (recently finished university) and three cats at their home in Southend (they also have a home in Trivandrum, India, where some of their family live). He holds three degrees: BA (Hons.), B.Sc. (Hons.) and PGCE. He has had three careers: secondary school science teacher, software engineer and computer consultant (including 12 years running his own business) and community worker, and has been involved in serving the community, in a wide variety of ways. He has been doing this in a full time (some paid; but these days unpaid) capacity since 2001.

india family

John with his “India” family

He is now “retired” but remains a gospel preaching, community activist, watchman on the wall. He has some health issues but is grateful to God for being able to make a difference. He reflects on his past wide ranging activities and observations as a Christian involved in the wider community in his book: “Outside the Camp” – which was intended at telling his story and setting the record straight, and to encourage current and future community activists. He has written other books and papers. Many can be found in electronic form (with more to come), freely available as downloads from this website (check out the home page for details). His latest (Covid lockdown) project was to write “Prophets of the Bible“. His current writing project is on Solomon’s three books of the Bible, to be followed by Kings and Priests of the Bible.

He continues with a variety of hands-on community activities that cover a variety of interests. He facilitates and is chair of the Southend homeless action network (SHAN), networks and consults widely and is involved in various activities to serve the community. He is involved with Street Spirit and supports various projects and individuals concerned with homelessness and other social justice matters. He is involved in his own local church, including as a preacher and teacher and, having served many years as an elder in a Plymouth Brethren assembly, these days he is a member of a Grace Baptist church. He works among churches and Christian initiatives wider afield, regardless of denominational label (he is interested in the real thing and enjoys fellowship with any who love the Lord), while remaining Reformed in his theology with charismatic sympathies. He is a pre-millenialist and sees a great future for Israel, although does not agree with all what Israel does.

He writes and blogs regularly. He has a particular interest in and love for India, where he has family and friends, visiting when he can. He takes an interest in and commentates on today’s culture wars, current affairs, religious affairs, world events, Israel / Judaism and the Middle East / Islam and is a critical friend of Jews and Muslims alike. He reads widely (especially the Bible), enjoys walking in the great outdoors (although a lot more restricted these days due to physical disability), follows sports especially cricket, plays chess and reflects on news from various sources (although less so mainstream which he is skeptical concerning). He is interested in politics while remaining politically neutral. He sees his role as a gospel preaching, community activist, watchman on the wall (whose job back in the day was to warn people of impending danger).

Back to the website – it is, as the strap line at the top the page says, under the author’s mug shot, a place to deposit (some at least) of the “thoughts, publications, activities and interests of John Barber“. Most of the content can be accessed via the tabs below the strap line. It was envisaged the website will be regularly updated, which has been largely the case, especially the blog (the main feature of the website). Check here for a list of all the blog entries, all of which you can click onto.  While he has strong views on many topics, he tries to respect the views of others recognizing we have differing perspectives, many of which are valid. The number of blog entries is near 1900 and covers a wide range of subjects and is intended as a commentary on his times from his perspective as a gospel preaching community activist wanting to provide balanced insights, albeit based on his own theological understanding and interests.

In his role as a watchman, he is concerned not just with some of the significant goings in the world but also people should be aware and respond appropriately, especially his main constituency – the Christian church. There is a lot of good things happening too as well as more fun stuff worth considering, which for the sake of balance is also covered. He posts typically every other day on topical subjects that captures his imagination and engages regularly in dialogue, e.g. via social media. He realises there is much he doesn’t know, which he must leave to others but, given we live in turbulent times, we must respond. He is committed to serve God’s mystery: the Church. He knows he is far from perfect and his days are numbered, due to age and health issues, but is committed to playing his part building God’s kingdom, including pointing people to Christ, giving God glory and passing the baton to the next generation of God’s servants.

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About the Writings: this is an opportunity to access the author’s main writings over many years and are available as free downloads.

About the Blog: New entries are added regularly (typically every other day) on a huge range of subjects, covering religion, politics, current events and assorted personal interests. The number is now well over 1000. People are invited to comment and do. The blog makes extensive use of hyperlinks – so things referred to on the world wide web or on this website can be more readily accessed.

About SHAN: this relates to an organisation that deals with some of the author’s main community activist interests, especially around homelessness, and contains some helpful links and resources. This contains the latest rough sleeper leaflet and details of meetings.

About the Gospel: as one who has been called to preach and sees it as his main activity, it seemed appropriate to the author that he could do just that using his website. It is a brief, direct, no nonsense, no frills presentation of the most important message ever!

About About: nothing more to say – this page is it and has been produced to help visitors navigate their way around this website.

About Links: this relates to the main websites (all currently maintained) regularly accessed by the author, in particular those used when setting up this website. Each website address is pointed to along with a short description. We have checked out each link and confirm they work and the information is currently being updated. The author recognises there are many other useful links to do with community etc., he refers to on at least an intermittent basis.

About News: this provides information about things going on in the author’s life, things he is involved with and things he would like to plug. It was intended to prefix items of interest on a regular basis as matters arise, although it has been a bit hit and miss thus far!

While he won’t commit to having protracted dialogues, he welcomes respectful and meaningful exchanges, including feedback and questions, even from and with those who disagree with him. The author is of the view that the overriding consideration ought not be pride, prejudice or eloquence but rather truth, righteousness and justice, along with meekness, humility and grace.

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You can contact John Barber at: jjandm.barber@blueyonder.co.uk

You can also telephone him 01702-616302 (leave a message if no reply). He is a regular Facebook user and posts regularly (https://www.facebook.com/john.barber.3956) and engages with his friends there (please send a “friend request” if you want to be added). Check out his “An Open Letter to my Facebook friends” to find out what is involved and what his expectations are.

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