Trumpwatch (23)

One of the problems with my writing so often about Donald J Trump is while there will be some who appreciate what I write there are others (maybe a bigger number) who don’t, and despite my best efforts many have already made up their mind on the “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?” question raised in my e-book on the subject. The fact Trump continues as President raises passions, according to one’s opinion and leads to fall outs including fall outs with “friends” who really despise the guy.

But like the red rag to a bull, it has stirred me up to write more, and in truth there is also significant happenings around Trump that is worth writing about, and still most mainstream media chooses to focus on the negative. In my last Trumpwatch article, I reflected “I have little doubt with all the disturbing stuff going on in the world, we are in for a rocky ride in the months ahead” and remained committed to reporting on what I see and offering a view. Perhaps the most significant latest news to hit us is the new Democrat dominated Congress sworn in and the impasse when it comes to agreeing a budget and avoiding more government shutdown, with both sides, Trump and Pelosi, each claiming the moral high ground.

I have little doubt Trump is right even though I believe there is a case for a more compassionate response to people with good reasons for wanting to enter the country, but the point is it needs to be legally and given the twisted American system if this is not determined at the border, it will allow undesirable illegals to function outside the law. Border security is axiomatic to furthering the Trump agenda. Sadly, I see at least three unhealthy developments with the Democrat takeover the house, which I find disturbing: the move to impeach Trump intensifying when there is so much villainy on the other side; the move to give more in foreign aid (while little on border security) and while I am all for helping the poor I suspect the money will not be well spent, and the move to fund Planned Parenthood with its abortion agenda, which I see as wicked and the very trend Trump has shown signs of reversing.

But there are three other developments simmering beneath the surface, I welcome. The debate as to whether Trump was right to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan continues. I think on balance he is right to not be involved in wars he should not have been involved in the first place and was agenda driven leading to the avoidable suffering of many. Then there is the unmasking of the shenanigans of the Deep state (e.g. JFK assassination and 9/11) and the carrying through with sealed indictments of those deemed to have engaged in treachery (part of the Swamp). Then there is bringing in the reigns of the Federal Reserve. While things have moved more slowly than I would like, and I believe that is in part due to the systemic corruption that is so rife at the highest levels, I feel we need to be patient and remain resolved to back the good guys and call out the bad. I hope and believe that Trump will succeed.


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