Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?

Here I bring together my main blog postings concerning Donald J Trump. These relate to the time he first came to my attention, around the beginning of last year although I was aware of him long before that, due to his having put his hat in the ring as a potential US Presidential contender, until the present day having achieved that particular goal and faced with the daunting task of leading a great nation and arguably the free world, now faced with many obstacles and opposers. A great deal of water has flowed under the bridge since becoming President and whatever happens next there is little doubt a lot more is to come. Arguably Trump has triggered a global revolution that will continue regardless whether he continues as President. During this period, I have gone from seeing Trump as more bad or mad than good and, unlike many I rub shoulders with, especially on social media, to being more good than bad or mad. My eyes have also been gradually opened to many things despite realizing how little I really know. While nowadays I am more pro-Trump than anti-Trump, he definitely does not get a free pass when he is wrong, which he often is. I hope for serious Trump watchers this will be a useful addition to the plethora of material that has been written on this person that can be well rightly described by many, widely ranging adjectives, although I suspect the ones people use depends on how they see him, realising people do so differently.

Book 2: Last updated 01/02/18

01/02/18 Trump’s State of the Union Address

21/01/18 Trumpwatch (15)

04/01/18 Cyrus and Trump revisited

14/12/17 Trumpwatch (14)

05/12/17 Trumpwatch (13)

30/11/17 Trump and his three anti-Islam tweets

23/10/17 Christians who love Trump

07/10/17 Trumpwatch (12)

24/09/17 Trumpwatch (11)

25/08/17 Trumpwatch (10)

10/08/17 Trumpwatch (9)

01/08/17 Mooch in, Mooch out

31/07/17 Obamacare versus Trumpcare

29/01/17 Trumpwatch (8)

26/07/17 Trump, scouts and jamborees

20/07/17 Re. Donald Trump – a letter to a Christian friend

27/06/17 Trumpwatch (7)

29/05/17 Trumpwatch (6)

18/05/17 Trumpwatch (5)

16/05/17 King Cyrus and President Trump

11/05/17 Trump fires Comey

18/04/17 Trumpwatch (4)

11/04/17 Trumpwatch (3)

04/04/17 Trumpwatch (2)

21/03/17 Trumpwatch (1)

16/03/17 Evangelical Leaders Challenge Trump’s ‘America First’ Budget

12/03/17 Trump’s first fifty days

03/04/17 Sessions under fire

02/04/17 The Trump Revolution continues

28/02/17 Trump skips the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

23/02/17 Comparing Trump to Hitler

21/02/17 Truth and Donald Trump

19/02/17 US President’s Refugee Ban

15/02/17 Flynn, Trump, the Russians and the Fifth Column

14/02/17 ‘Stop Trump state visit’ petition rejected

11/02/17 What are Trump’s strengths?

01/02/17 Trump, the Supreme Court and the ongoing battle

31/01/17 Islam, Immigration and Trump

26/01/17 Trump’s first week

22/01/17 Trump’s Inauguration (3)

20/01/17 Trump’s Inauguration (2)

15/01/17 Trump’s Inauguration (1)

05/01/17 Paula White praying at Trump’s presidential inauguration

04/01/17 Countdown to Trump’s inauguration – scary!!!

21/12/16 Trump’s Team (2)

08/12/16 Donald Trump – Time Person of the Year

04/12/16 Brexit and the US Presidency – taking stock

30/11/16 Is Donald Trump the AntiChrist?

22/11/16 Trump and the re-emergence of Nazism

22/11/16 Trump’s Team

13/11/16 The US Presidential Election Result (2)

09/11/16 The US Presidential Election Result (1)

02/11/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (5)

27/10/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (4)

20/10/16 The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (3)

15/10/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (3)

13/10/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (2)

11/10/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective

10/10/16 The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (2)

02/10/16 Donald or Hillary – three quite different views!?

27/09/16 The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (1)

26/09/16 US Presidential election and the Supreme Court

16/09/16 US Preachers and the US Presidential election

25/08/16 Trump, Farage and political correctness

01/08/16 Hilary or Donald – the Christian decision!?

28/06/16 James Dobson vouches for Donald Trump

14/03/16 US and UK politics – the rise of the outsider

02/03/16 Super Tuesday – America make or break

26/02/16 Trump and the Evangelical vote

02/02/16 The Iowa Caucuses Explained

28/01/16 US presidential hopefuls and religion

13/01/16 Cecil Rhodes and Donald Trump – the common factor

09/12/15 Donald Trump for President!?



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