Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?

Here I bring together my main blog postings concerning Donald J Trump. These relate to the time he first came to my attention, around the beginning of 2016, although I was aware of him long before that, due to his having put his hat in the ring as a potential US Presidential contender, until the present day having achieved that particular goal and faced with the daunting task of leading a great nation and arguably the free world, now faced with many obstacles and opposers, yet notwithstanding is doing what he said during his campaigning at an incredible rate.

A great deal of water has flowed under the bridge since becoming President and whatever happens next there is little doubt a lot more is to come. Arguably Trump has triggered a global revolution that will continue regardless whether he continues as President. During this period, I have gone from seeing Trump as more bad or mad than good and, unlike many I rub shoulders with, especially on social media, to being more good than bad or mad, and this to significant extent because he is closest when it comes to sharing my worldview. My eyes have also been gradually opened to many things despite realizing how little I really know.

While nowadays I am more pro-Trump than anti-Trump, he definitely does not get a free pass when he is wrong, which he often is. It is true I like his respect for religion and religious sensibilities, but until he does a Zaccheus and restores four fold all what he cheated, I will always be wary. I do feel on balance he does not get a fair press making correctives like this of particular value and while he is the man at the top, I suspect there is a lot he has limited control over. I hope for serious Trump watchers this will be a useful addition to the plethora of material that has been written on this person that can be well rightly described by many, widely ranging adjectives, although I suspect the ones people use depends on how they see him, realising people do so differently.

Regarding the content of this e-book, this is mainly to be found following the links that follow. It is not about arguing whether Trump is bad, mad or good but rather checking events that occur around the time I write the individual articles and critically reflecting on how Trump is doing, leaving readers to decide where he lies on the good – mad/bad spectrum. But even then, to bear in mind that my interest is less Trump the man but rather what his actions etc. represent. But as for Trump the man, I for one would not invite him to pastor my church but then it was not a pastor the American people voted for, but rather a gladiator to fight on behalf of his country, which from where I am sitting, he appears to do well.

Book 2: Last updated 09/09/18

09/09/18 Why this Brit is glad Trump is US President

06/09/18 Trumpwatch (20)

31/08/18 Trump, Evangelicals and the Kings of the Bible

23/08/18 Impeaching Trump

06/08/18 Why is Trump so divisive?

17/07/18 Trumpwatch (19)

13/07/18 Brexit, Trump and Trump’s UK visit

12/07/18 Welcome to England Mr. President

11/06/18 Trumpwatch (18)

29/04/18 Trumpwatch (17)

30/03/18 Trumpwatch (16)

01/02/18 Trump’s State of the Union Address

21/01/18 Trumpwatch (15)

04/01/18 Cyrus and Trump revisited

14/12/17 Trumpwatch (14)

05/12/17 Trumpwatch (13)

30/11/17 Trump and his three anti-Islam tweets

23/10/17 Christians who love Trump

07/10/17 Trumpwatch (12)

24/09/17 Trumpwatch (11)

25/08/17 Trumpwatch (10)

10/08/17 Trumpwatch (9)

01/08/17 Mooch in, Mooch out

31/07/17 Obamacare versus Trumpcare

29/01/17 Trumpwatch (8)

26/07/17 Trump, scouts and jamborees

20/07/17 Re. Donald Trump – a letter to a Christian friend

27/06/17 Trumpwatch (7)

29/05/17 Trumpwatch (6)

18/05/17 Trumpwatch (5)

16/05/17 King Cyrus and President Trump

11/05/17 Trump fires Comey

18/04/17 Trumpwatch (4)

11/04/17 Trumpwatch (3)

04/04/17 Trumpwatch (2)

21/03/17 Trumpwatch (1)

16/03/17 Evangelical Leaders Challenge Trump’s ‘America First’ Budget

12/03/17 Trump’s first fifty days

03/04/17 Sessions under fire

02/04/17 The Trump Revolution continues

28/02/17 Trump skips the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

23/02/17 Comparing Trump to Hitler

21/02/17 Truth and Donald Trump

19/02/17 US President’s Refugee Ban

15/02/17 Flynn, Trump, the Russians and the Fifth Column

14/02/17 ‘Stop Trump state visit’ petition rejected

11/02/17 What are Trump’s strengths?

01/02/17 Trump, the Supreme Court and the ongoing battle

31/01/17 Islam, Immigration and Trump

26/01/17 Trump’s first week

22/01/17 Trump’s Inauguration (3)

20/01/17 Trump’s Inauguration (2)

15/01/17 Trump’s Inauguration (1)

05/01/17 Paula White praying at Trump’s presidential inauguration

04/01/17 Countdown to Trump’s inauguration – scary!!!

21/12/16 Trump’s Team (2)

08/12/16 Donald Trump – Time Person of the Year

04/12/16 Brexit and the US Presidency – taking stock

30/11/16 Is Donald Trump the AntiChrist?

22/11/16 Trump and the re-emergence of Nazism

22/11/16 Trump’s Team

13/11/16 The US Presidential Election Result (2)

09/11/16 The US Presidential Election Result (1)

02/11/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (5)

27/10/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (4)

20/10/16 The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (3)

15/10/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (3)

13/10/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective (2)

11/10/16 The US Presidential Election – a personal perspective

10/10/16 The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (2)

02/10/16 Donald or Hillary – three quite different views!?

27/09/16 The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (1)

26/09/16 US Presidential election and the Supreme Court

16/09/16 US Preachers and the US Presidential election

25/08/16 Trump, Farage and political correctness

01/08/16 Hilary or Donald – the Christian decision!?

28/06/16 James Dobson vouches for Donald Trump

14/03/16 US and UK politics – the rise of the outsider

02/03/16 Super Tuesday – America make or break

26/02/16 Trump and the Evangelical vote

02/02/16 The Iowa Caucuses Explained

28/01/16 US presidential hopefuls and religion

13/01/16 Cecil Rhodes and Donald Trump – the common factor

09/12/15 Donald Trump for President!?



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