Trumpwatch (12)

Quite some time ago, I came to a view there were three types of people living in the world: the villain, the fool and the good guy (bad, mad and good), although I have come to recognize we all have something of all three traits but in varying combinations such that ultimately only the Almighty can truly judge in what proportions.


This struck me when considering one Donald J Trump. Most of the people I come across these days, ranging from luvvie, liberal, leftie types (where one might expect such a response) to solid, conservative, Christian types (where one might expect quite a different response) reckon that DJT is more bad / mad than good, and say so. Because I disagree, am of a belligerent nature and consider there are important principles both groups, but especially the latter, have overlooked, I have decided to blog on the matter.

I have been aware of Trump for many years, because he is if nothing else a high profile, charismatic, and much reported on individual. If I were of a judgmental nature, I would have said I disliked the man and, like many today, I could come up with any number of reasons why (many of which still exist and with extra reasons added). He really began to hit the headlines when he threw his hat into the ring to become the unlikely 45th President of the USA, and the rest as they say is history. I picked up on the story early last year and, once Brexit had been voted on in June 2016, it took over as perhaps my number one blogging topic. Like many, Trump has fascinated me and while for some he has been an object of disdain, he has rather grown on me, and while there is no way I can see him being the pastor of my church, I have come to see him as a credible President.

I do not wish to go over old ground since this has been covered in my earlier blog articles and, besides which, these are now being brought together in my new publication “Donald J Trump – bad, mad of good?” I don’t definitively answer the question beyond what I have said above and to declare that despite many less savoury qualities that put him in the bad / mad category, he has a lot going for him that put him in the good category. He reminds me of what happened in my childhood – I was often in trouble with my teachers for doing minor misdemeanors in front of them, and was punished, whereas there were others who did a lot worse but were always well behaved before the teachers, and became their pets. If I were to compare Trump with previous presidents in my lifetime, other than Ronald Reagan, I reckon he is perhaps the best of a rather indifferent bunch. I think one of the reasons for this is that contrary to what we have been led to believe, the President is often the lackey of the Deep State, comprising all sorts of elite types of dubious quality, who really control what goes on. Why Trump is unpopular is he has raised two fingers to DS, who are now intent upon revenge.

Yet I recognize there are many detractors. In response to something I posted yesterday on Facebook, one “friend” commented: “this man is so crass and lacks so much empathy, it is astonishing. His remarks in Puerto Rico, the paper towel throwing and his constant, but constant preoccupation with the need to be always seen to be right, to be the best, to always gain some advantage for himself no matter what he does, his vanity, his arrogance and his ignorance all show that he is possibly the person least qualified to be President in the US.” Another focusing less on the man himself but rather his policies made the point: “How about now that his budget was passed in the house today that GUTS medicaid and medicare and completely takes away WIC, along with housing help and daycare help?” Checking out on news reporting for a today’s “positive” Trump story, the best I could find (even though may who do not share my views on such matters will disagree) was titled: “Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama Rule on Birth-Control Coverage”. I agree with Trump’s action because freedom of conscience is an important principle, and it is one that he gets.

I could debate ad nauseam on Trump’s personal qualities and for those of a more respectful nature we will simply have to agree to disagree on this one and still be friends. While I agree personal qualities can’t be discounted, especially given POTUS is the one who has his finger on the nuclear button and by virtue of his personal qualities and patronage can provide leadership and hope to many, not just in the USA but in the world at large (and I suspect it is here where Trump has overall greater popularity, even though many in the USA clearly despise him as well as the less reported many who love him to bits). But it is the realm of policy that matters even more. This too can be debated at length. While I question a number of his policy decisions, and it is still relatively early days, I believe the better ones outweigh the poorer, especially when comparing with his post Reagan predecessors. Yet Trump is less a factor than the revolution that his presidency has triggered. If nothing else, his “Make America Great” rhetoric and focus has emboldened those hitherto feeling in the doldrums, because of American capitulation to what is unAmerican or detrimental to its founding values or basic interests, to be empowered and aspire to greatness. Rather than lead away from compassion to the less well off, it could even enhance it.

What is particularly poignant and why as a blogger Trump has featured so surprisingly often in my offerings to the blogosphere is that in a strange way he offers respite to the road to near oblivion the world is heading, and will yet happen given my reading on Bible prophecy. The globalist take over by an unaccountable elite who really don’t have the interests of the great unwashed at heart has been temporary halted and I genuinely believe we have a chance to drain the swamp and for the good guys to operate, at least to some extent, with their wings unclipped. But we live in troublesome times, and if conspiracy theorists are to be believed, happenings in Charlottesville, Las Vegas etc. are portents to bloody civil war ahead.


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