Las Vegas murders and getting angry

Right now I am away from my desk and enjoying a short break.

Yet news follows and captivates. Top of the list is that of a lone gunman (it seems) with motives not altogether certain, gunning down a crowd, killing 50 and injuring 500. A truly horrific event and one that has made many angry.

Already people have come up with thoughts of what is needed to prevent further such attrocities. Some have scorned those expressing sorrow, especially if that is all they do. A good many of these have pointed to relaxed gun laws and have called these to be tightened.

Myself I don’t know. I am glad my country England have such laws and yet do not insist this should happen in America as I believe both sides of the argument have a case. What is true is that evil happened just as happened in a string of recent Islam related attacks when guns weren’t involved.

Maybe a drastic change in the law relating to possession of guns may lessen the likelihood of future terror attacks like the one in Las Vegas, just as curbing the opportunities afforded to radical groups or demented individuals, but I sense something more fundamental is needed to protect people from evil.

I don’t have a simple solution and is why I will continue to weep with those who weep and proclaim the message that is humankind’s only hope – the Gospel.


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