Trumpwatch (16)

As folk who have been following my Trumpwatch blogs will know, even though he does not get a free pass, on balance I am a fan of President Trump and believe he is doing a good job. But he does make mistakes, fails to see some things that he ought not to miss and is beholden to forces over which he has little control and, because he is not a dictator but subject to a constitution that is about checks and balances and is being undermined at every opportunity by a motley assortment of detractors who despise him and what he stands for, is considerably constrained in what he is able to do.

Despite his faults and foibles, good things he continues to do, which I suspect the alternatives and predecessors would not do. While it is early days still, and after a lot of sabre rattling, there is hope there may be a solution to the North Korea threat, and arguably because his approach hitherto was one of non appeasement. The tide of globalism pushed by the likes of Bush and Obama is being resisted and the trade tariffs being imposed on China who have been allowed to create an unlevel playing field have recently been imposed.

If I were to research the matter further, I have no doubt I would find many other good things Trump has done, which if I were to focus on following mainstream media or listening to the anti-Trump rhetoric that dominates social media I would miss altogether. My purpose is not to praise Trump but rather point out where Trump has been found wanting, albeit in part because of the system he operates in.

The first to hit me is his recent signing of a scary sounding 1.3trillion dollar spending bill, which if he hadn’t signed could have threatened to shut down the USA altogether. I say scare, not just because of the compromising but the national debt continues to mount. On his own admission, there is a lot in it he didn’t like and he was not happy signing. But certain things he did like were being added to the bill, including increased spending on the military. (While I like the idea of turning swords into ploughshares, this may not be the time. Such is the nature of US politics that deals need to be made. This is a worrying aspect and makes the outcome of this year’s US mid term elections so important.) One sad aspect for me, and I dare say if I were to delve deeper I would find many more, is the continuation funding of Planned Parenthood, and this by a pro-life President.

Then there is the hiring and firing and quitting, that seems to be a hall mark of this presidency. Two that spring to mind are that of Rex Tillison and H.R.McMaster. Both strike me as not particulalry  good hires and I am pleased to see them go because of their globalist and anti-Trump agenda tendencies, but the question is begged as to whether their replacements are any better. While not a Trump apologist, I sympathise that coming into the presidency from the relative outside, he felt beholden to being advised by those “in the know” and being the deal maker and wannabe unifier he is gave these guys the chance to prove themselves.

My final gripe concerns expelling diplomats due to the nerve agent attacks on Russian exiles in Britain, allegedly Russian instigated. My gut feeling it was a false flag attack and many facts behind the matter are hidden from the likes of us. My point is Trump was under pressure to stand up against Russia in this way by the neo-conservatives around him that would portray Russia as the enemy and maybe a more measured approach is needed. He really does need to talk to Putin and I am glad that is intended.

We live in momentous days and I sense things are about to happen that will have a devastating effect on all of us as the battle between the forces of darkness and light intensifies. And I still view Trump as a modern day King Cyrus, to deliver the people. But he is also out of his depth and like all in positions of power he is far from perfect. Trump cannot save us; only God can. But we can and must pray!


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