Countdown to Trump’s inauguration – scary!!!

Of course this can be taken two ways! For some the prospect of a Trump presidency is scary and for others the thought that because he is so anti-establishment the establishment will take him out, one way of another, is also scary. While it is true, I have recently discovered Alex Jones and Infowars, who argues the latter is a very real prospect (at least there will be attempts to do so), there is so much in the mainstream news media that suggests what we are seeing now is anything but a quiet transition from Obama to Trump.

JFK Anniversary

When I look back eight years ago, when Obama was inaugurated as President, I was disappointed because I felt then, as I do now with the benefit of hindsight, that while change was necessary and having a black man in charge was a good thing, his was the wrong change and he was the wrong black man. I can sympathise with those who feel similarly concerning the inevitable, unless there is a catastrophe prospect of Trump getting inaugurated on January 20th, and while I had to get over it when the “wrong” man got in, so must they.

What is interesting is watching this transition taking place. I have already commented on Trump’s pick for his top team (here and here), which I have found fascinating, as well as interesting things around his win. I have also reflected on Obama’s legacy (here and here). While I am no Obama fan and disagree with several of the things he has said and done, I have tried to be generous, recognizing that none of us are perfect and even the imperfect can do good things. What I didn’t know, when I last blogged on Obama’s legacy, was that Trump was going to win. If Clinton had won, the likelihood is she would have extended that legacy but instead Trump won, who is now threatening to overturn a great deal of it.

The American system differs in a number of significant ways to that of the British. Unlike the British system where you are in power one day and may be out of power the next, in the American system there is a two month period, designed in part to allow for an orderly transition of power. In my own career, when I knew I was on my way out, typically having resigned my job or completed my contract, that is exactly what I did, and I tried as best I could to smooth things over for the person replacing me. As I read it, that is what outgoing Presidents usually do and is what Obama has said he would do.

However, a number of happenings suggest otherwise: the failure to use its veto in the UN resolution critical of Israel and the US’s part in a conference before handover day that will likely squeeze the noose further on Israel, the expulsion of Russian diplomats on the allegation it has sought to undermine the election process that saw Trump coming out as victor, and a number of executive orders (one being trying to control media that is deemed to be dissimilating “Fake News”). All of which the incoming Trump administration oppose, yet will find difficulty in trying to undo. Then there are the “threats” of further Russian attacks, for example that which is designed to shut down the US Power System, which if it were to occur, with some of it fiction or set-up by those motivated by extending their hold onto power, especially if something like a State of Emergency were to be called. What happens next remains to be seen, but I predict more fireworks to come in the next 17 days!

While skepticism needs to be dealt even handedly, when it comes to conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, this also applies to those who dismiss claims this is evidence the Obama administration and his “Handler’s” are trying to destabilize Trump’s administration, and even find ways of keeping him from taking power on January 20th. I am old and cynical enough not to put my trust in those whose vested interests suggest I shouldn’t. My take is, even without overwhelming evidence, there is enough happening to make me think something is afoot – and that is scary! My reading of human nature is that if there is a swamp to be drained, then those thrive, because they need the swamp to operate, are not going to let this happen without a fight, then we do need to be alarmed and, for the next 17 days, I for one will be on tenterhooks, and thereafter as we see events unfold.

I would rather these concerns were to turn out to be unfounded and the decision of the American people were to be implemented with good grace and minimal fuss, however much one might disagree, yet with all the checks and balances afforded by the US Constitution to ensure that those in power are made accountable. All this applies to Trump taking power of course as with any President. I hope concerning all the claims and counter claims, that the truth does come out; as one day it surely will. May God be glorified in all this and may He protect America and have mercy on us all.


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