An open letter to President Trump

Dear Mr President,

We haven’t met and are unlikely to do so. But let me introduce myself as one of your biggest UK fan!

Most of my friends think you are an a******, but as for me I see you, the 45th US president, as a modern day King Cyrus, as described in Isaiah 45. You have done many good things and I am confidently expecting more to come, hoping for the good of us all you get re-elected in the 2020 election. I also pray for you most days, just as the Bible says we should. Given the motley cabal of Fake News as you call it and assorted globalists and elites, neo-cons and Trump haters that continue to push the narrative you are bad or mad and this dominates even our news, I often wade in, in your defence, much to the dismay of many of my friends and adversaries, who are as far away from being members of your fan club as anyone can be.

But that doesn’t give you a free pass and when you are wrong I say so and even though we are starting to lose the right of free speech the fact I can write this open letter confirms it has not happened yet. I am writing because of the unfortunate leaking of briefings by our man in your country, Sir Kim Darroch. I disagreed with his analysis of you and your administration and having been found out for unwidely making his critical comments, he did the honourable thing by resigning. He is after all a diplomat and since those undiplomatic briefings, albeit not meant for public gaze, have now caught our attention, including your good self, his position became untenable. But you and I aren’t diplomats. You in typical gladiatorial style have registered your displeasure; I have already gone on record saying his judgment was wrong. And while we about speaking our minds, I think you were are right in your well publicized spate with our London mayor and regret your sound Brexit advice to our Prime Minister was ignored. I often find myself agreeing with your views.

But your banning our Ambassador from one of the dos diplomats regularly attend and saying you won’t deal with him seems more the act of a petulant child and narcissistic bully. And for one who prides himself on being smart that was a pretty dumb act, confirming in the eyes of many of your detractors you are the “loser”. The leaks were regrettable or were they? They did after all reveal how elements our leadership wrongly view yours, which is good for open government, just as Julian Assange (who you should give a hero’s medal) did a service for you and the USA with his Wikileaks revelations. Hypothetically now Sir Kim has gone, but if I did have the power, before learning of your reaction, I would have been inclined to sack Sir Kim for his imprudent comments, but since finding out about your actions I would point out to you he is our representative who we appoint and you don’t, and if you want to deal with us, you have to deal with him. I would then tell you to f*** off but with the prospect of our meeting up, building on our special relationship.


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