Trumpwatch (2)

I am a supporter of President Trump!

This is my second Trumpwatch blog (see here for the first one). I know this will anger some and it is meant to because good people have been sold a lie, having been taken in by hostile mainstream media reporting, and they need to be challenged by one who has spent a lifetime trying to earn the right to say what needs saying.


As I have said on numerous occasions, the man is far from perfect (almost daily something comes out that confirms this). He reminds me of the naughty school boy who is always annoyingly in your face, acting in an inappropriate way, whereas more palatable goody goody types cleverly and slyly get away with murder. Nor am I his apologist – if he does do wrong. I am not going to defend the indefensible or spend an inordinate amount of energy  arguing with his detractors even if think he is right. Nor am I a defender of all his policies – while there are policies I like (and these are many – check out earlier blogs to see what these are) there are others I don’t like or am not sure about, especially when it comes to helping the poor. While recognizing there is a debate to be had, I get the concerns of those who recoil from anything that is more about hate than love.

Since Trump has been in office, he has been like a runaway train gathering speed. He continues to surprise and is not shy confronting his opponents, often starting with his tweets. There seems to be no let up. But something weird is going on and there is trouble at mill, which I will get to. One commentator just prior to the election made the reasonable point that the electorate were faced with a choice between a disaster (Trump) and a catastrophe (Clinton) and as those who read my early blogs will know I was once of that view. But since Trump has been elected, I have come to see how bad things had got under Obama and how much the swamp needed to be drained and, while there might have been many credible Republican alternatives, I consider Trump to be more likely to undo the Obama damage and drain the swamp and bring back prosperity and lift the spirits of the nation than they would have. I do not begrudge him his golf, for he cuts a forlorn figure needing to be surrounded by friendly faces that have his best interests at heart, not telling him what he wants to hear necessarily but rather what he needs to know.

The weirdness is Trump is not doing well in opinion polls, he is surrounded in government circles by those who do not support (they even undermine) his presidency in a way one might expect, and there are murmurs of an orchestrated rebellion that would do all in its power, by fair means and foul, to bring down Trump. These are perilous times for the President and as a naive neutral I hope truth will prevail and either he is exposed as a charlatan or he is fully vindicated, with the good guys as winners and bad guys losers. And of course much of mainstream media is hostile, and Hollywood and academia is too, as well as a good many of the Christians despite his policies being more sympathetic to Christian sensibilities. Scandals and conflicts involving high profile people are a daily diet in my Trumpwatch activities and the main thing that prevents me coming up with a list is I get confused with names. Russia remains the big enemy for many Trump opponents, whether by opposing American interests abroad or its continued involvement in doing down American interests at home e.g. through its hacking and trying to influence elections etc., and made worse because Trump and his teams have been in cohorts with the dastardly Russians (although my gut tells me these are diversionary tactics and Russia is being made a scapegoat given its and Trump’s threat to the globalist elites that want to see the Obama agenda reinstated).  China remains a worry and of course North Korea, who might do something awful to America. And then there are Trump’s claims of being spied on by Obama, which appear to becoming more credible by the day.

Trump has no doubt had to learn the hard way that getting things done is no easy feat and politics is a nasty business carried out on a partisan and quid pro quo basis. His early setback regarding his immigration ban has yet to be resolved. It looks like the nuclear option will be needed to get his man, Gorsuch, confirmed into the Supreme Court, and as for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare it is back to the drawing board. And yet I am confident providing there isn’t a coup led by an arrogant elite whose noses he has put out of joint, that the swamp will continue to get drained including high level corruption being exposed and pedophile rings destroyed, traditional Christian values replacing insidious political correctness and seeing prosperity return. We live in alarming days and all sorts of stuff on the horizon, like the breakout of WW3 and things no-one expected can and are likely to happen, which will put an entirely different complexion on matters. God only knows, which is just as well. I say this not as pious quip but in all humility I recognise now if I knew only half of what goes on I would see things a lot differently.

In conclusion, I am as I say doing Trumpwatch, now daily, and I can and if need be will elaborate on the above. It is part of the watch and pray challenge that Jesus gave to his disciples, which I intend to respond to. And so must all of us and make our leaders accountable as well as support them. I should add that others doing the same may come to different conclusions. I may be wrong of course (and God help us if I am) but I feel Trump is here for such a time as this and may be a modern day King Cyrus helping to save America and the rest of the world from being taken over by evil forces that will oppress us all. There is that all too human tendency among us to look to individuals to sort out problems and in doing so we elevate some and demote others (often guided by those whose opinions are closest to our own), and while the human factor is relevant, we should be seeking the Lord and praying for the President.


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