Trumpwatch (24)

There is no doubt that following Donald J Trump, as I have done in this Trumpwatch series, has been and is a rollercoaster ride, which has all the excitement along with scary moments. As a gospel preaching, community activist that a long time ago came to dislike this guy, for his narcissist and lying tendencies etc., it might seem ironic that I should be so preoccupied by him and more often than not have waded in to defend him, possibly not always as graciously as I might have, when many including pillar of the church types have attacked him as being a bad ‘un. It has been instrumental in causing many a fall out, which is sad, yet the Trump phenomena has opened up many important areas needing addressing. Gospel preaching and community activism are my focus and yet Trump watching is important in making sense of what goes on around me.

Rather than being a watcher of Trump per se I am a watcher of what takes place in the world and given his position now of being, arguably, the most powerful person in the world and yet one that does not play ball with the establishment and is often unpredictable, and instead has turned himself into a wrecking ball. He has an important part to play in much that is going on and his take on matters is often at odds with the controlling elites. He fascinates me if for no other reason than his actions are helping to wake people up as to what is going on and things are not what they seem. He has become an inspiration for many who see much of what is happening is evil and because of Trump they feel empowered and emboldened to challenge the status quo, one of which is an anti-globalist backlash. Despite Trump’s manifold faults, I thank God every day that he is in office, believing things would be worse if he wasn’t. Much of what I am about to say concerning Trump is couched more in general terms but for a fuller consideration check out here.

One of my particular interests is to study the more obscure parts of the Old Testament believing there is much to glean and apply to today’s situation, one of which is how the Lord anointed kings and what happened next. At the beginning of my Trumpwatch journey I picked up on the comparison between the Persian king Cyrus and Trump and even added my own thoughts (see here). Whether Trump is one raised up by God to deliver America in a way comparable with Cyrus being God’s anointed to deliver the Jewish people from their captivity has been a point of contention. I recently, saw a comparison between Trump and the Israel king Jehu. Jehu was anointed to rid the land of the evil scourge of the Ahab dynasty and made inroads in ridding the land of foreign imported Baal worship, but he did not get rid of the Golden Calves and has been put down as a bad king. Time will tell what sort of president Trump will have been but I agree with this quote in an article I picked up today: “It was the will of God for Donald Trump to become US President, his press secretary at the White House has claimed.

Looking at the four previous presidents: G.H.W.Bush, Bill Clinton, G.W.Bush and Barrack Obama, I cannot say the same with any confidence. If anything they led the USA further down a path of ruin, and it would have got worse if Hillary Clinton had become president. Even among Trump supporters there is disappointment that he has not got enough done that he said he would and even a Trump sympathizer like me can see many things he did or did not do that I disagree with. To give a relatively trivial example, I was listening on the radio yesterday to a meteorologist discussing the freezing temperatures around Chicago and mention was made of a Trump tweet that was to the effect “so much for global warming”. I couldn’t help agreeing with this man that Trump would do better to be briefed concerning climatology before opening his mouth. At the end of last year I was looking forward to seeing many indictments of swamp creatures (predicted by some alternative media), the truth of JFK, 9/11 etc. coming out, and serious inroads to dismantling the anti-democratic Federal Reserve system, which is yet to materialize. Instead we have seen him climb down regarding government shutdown and the building of the Wall on the USA Mexico border.

I sense at this time Trump is in grave danger from those who would want to see him removed by any means. I fully expect false flag events aimed at destabilizing POTUS as well as things unexpected. I suspect the reason Trump can’t get things done is he is still surrounded by those who are against him carrying out the agenda he was elected on, and part of what needs to happen is to first dismantle these barriers. And this is where the Lord’s anointing comes into it, even though many Christian leaders do not see it like this. I believe America has been going down a slippery slope and the Lord has raised up Trump and has anointed him, in order to reverse the decline and, that being the case and providing Trump sticks to the task, like Cyrus and unlike Jehu, God will enable him to do what needs to be done, even despite his limitations and all what the swamp will throw at him. It also brings me to the Church (i.e. the people of God who follow Jesus), which is a factor. A significant reason why America is in the precarious position it is in is because the church has sinned and has failed to stand against the spirit of Baal that threatens to overrun the land, and now it needs to repent, stand for righteousness and call on the name of the Lord. If that does not happen, how can it call out fellow Americans to turn from manifold wickedness or expect God to have mercy on the USA?

I believe more than ever God is calling his people to turn away from wickedness and to follow Him, including praying, this including praying for the President, and this will have a radical effect on the good of the nation. As I reflect at the mid point of the first term of the Trump presidency, I look at what has been achieved in much more positive than negative terms and that significantly includes making it increasingly clear what is wrong and what needs to happen. For most Christian believers reading this, they might see little that we can do, yet in the words of Churchill we can make it our finest hour, encouraged by a President that doesn’t just pay lip service to the concerns of people of faith but has invited them to participate in nation building without compromising their faith.

These are days when men’s hearts do fail for fear, and if we follow mainstream (and even come to that alternative) media we can easily become alarmed and disturbed. While it has often been a matter of consternation that people, especially fellow Christians who claim to have the spirit of godly discernment, do not see things as clearly as I do, I don’t believe God is necessarily calling folk to come round to my way of thinking. I also concede there may be ungodly elements seeking to manipulate Trump. We need to have faith (and linked to that obedience); not in one as imperfect as Trump, but rather in Him who has anointed and raised him up for such a time as this.


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