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During the course of the past week, there have been many items of news I might typically be inclined to blog about but time is short, as is knowledge, but I will end this article by listing some of these (although missing others e.g. Iran and China developments) and making brief points. I started my career in the blogosphere nearly 5 years ago and have posted over 1300 articles on a wide range of subjects and rather ambitiously have tried to cover most of the areas that are part of my world or what I see happening that is of consequence. I took as my inspiration the verse in the Bible “Let us, then, go to him outside the camp, bearing the disgrace he bore” Hebrews 13:13 and my calling to be a watchman on the wall. It seems to me there is much evil in the world and a spiritual conflict, to which many, including Christians, are ignorant. Like any good watchman, I see that my job is essentially to warn the people.

I don’t profess to get it right always and people, rightly and wrongly, have sometimes taken offence over what I have written, both in my blog and my Facebook page which complements my blog. I do touch on the two taboo subjects in certain circles: religion and politics, and because it has a bearing on the future of humanity, multitudinous examples of the consequences of the culture wars. Quite often I offer an opinion but I do not claim infallibility. A lot of what I write though is, I think, innocuous e.g. when I discuss a sporting event or do a restaurant review or an obituary. Because I am retired and am not in a position when writing as I do will compromise my position, I feel compelled to write, especially as despite supposed free speech, people who say what I say are castigated. As for me, I care more what God thinks than people. I also feel we have been let down by mainstream media who have lied and conned the people. Regarding information sources there are many even if incomplete. I do try to operate the true, necessary and kind principle and hold my hands up if I fall short. While I cannot sing it in the way Jim Reeves used to, I would like to say “welcome to my world, won’t you come on in”.

In going through the list of blog worthy items, I am mindful because I do not have the full big picture whatever my pontifications may be I am not infallible and like everyone else have my own set of axioms on which I base my views. I tried to research the facts even mindful of my limitations. But each item has a bearing on the future of humankind and since I love humanity I feel compelled to speak out:

  1. If there is a proverbial elephant in the room at this time, it is Brexit, with the UK set to leave in two months time. While there have been lots of activity, no doubt, to come up with a deal in the light of the last one that was placed on the table being resoundly rejected by Parliament, few expect radical differences and the big question is will there be a deal both Parliament and UK’s EU partners can accept. I don’t know and it is far from clear. My belief is that having tried hard to arrive at compromises, if no deal can be agreed, Britain should leave the EU regardless.
  2. One of the biggest bones of contention is President Trump (mad, bad or good). I have found myself in the challenging position of having to defend him in the light of assorted attacks by often well meaning people. I don’t wish to go over old ground (you can check out my blogs if you wish to know more) but it occurred to me that even if Trump is not a modern day King Cyrus (I think he is) he could be a modern day King Jehu, who while going down in history as a bad king, did achieve some swamp clearing successes. The impasse over government shut down has been part resolved by Trump making concessions. I believe and hope that will not be the end of it, and while his opponents claim victory I hope like a chess Grandmaster Trump will win the end game, for I believe his stance over the wall is essentially correct as well as coming up against all sorts of obstacles in the more urgent undertaking of cleaning house. Also Trump related is the arrest of his long time friend, Roger Stone, in a pre dawn FBI raid which seems to me more about a show of force and getting at the President, where far worse villainy in the highest places does need to be prosecuted. Trump is in a precarious position with so many out to get him, but his job is far from finished, but I believe the “force” is with him.
  3. I confess to know too little about South American politics, but I am watching developments in Venezuela with interest. Backed by the USA and its allies, a presidential claimant who is not president but wants to be president is seeking to oust a president who is the president and depending whose story you believe got there by corrupt means. I have gone on record saying that the USA has in the past got involved in conflicts it should have avoided (many of the problems in the Middle East is partly due to this) and it has a dubious record of trying to force regime change in South America in favour of those more sympathetic to the USA. Yet there may be a case here to support the good guy (or at least oppose the bad guy), because as I see it much damage to the poor and to the nation as a whole has been done by the current incumbent and his predecessor (despite accusations of destabilizing by the USA and the oil factor), and a change is sorely needed for the common good. But my mind is not fully made up how best to do so.
  4. I have been following the “yellow jacket” movement in France for the past couple of months. I still believe this to be significant and it has been often misrepresented. While there are extreme and violent elements, my guess is many of the protestors are decent, ordinary people. While media focus has been on Paris, there is a big concern outside the cities that something is wrong. Disaffection over fuel price hikes is but the tip of the spear. Discontent is far more widespread than that and while the range of issues is wide (and sometimes conflicting) it is in part a reaction against globalism and government by an out of touch, corrupt political class, right at the centre of the culture war I refer to. The disdainful response by President Macron e.g. in using outside forces to help bring about order and his overt globalist agenda is also something to watch. What is becoming increasingly evident is that the movement is not confined to France and looks like becoming world wide. It is easy to see the link to Trump’s deplorables, British Brexiteers and popularist uprisings in places as far apart as Hungary and Brazil. This is a movement to watch and, while its contemptuous detractors hope it will go away, it will remain a force for change for some time. Given that little of this is reported in mainstream media is further evidence that it is fake news and why alternative news presentations are needed.
  5. One of the grievous (to me) items of news is the governor of New York signing into law that it is legal to kill the unborn right up to the point of birth and for any reason, and on top of that other abhorrent items of legislation, and then celebrating this by lighting up its landmark buildings, reminding me of the cults of Molech and Baal in times past. I get it when people argue we should be as concerned with life after birth as well as before it, and while this matters, solutions are not always easy to come by and it is no argument for abortion – two wrongs never make a right. Killing babies before coming into the world is WRONG and  cannot be justified other than in the most exceptional cases. Gladly, Trump is pro-life and so are some of the in power people in some of the States, who have recently introduced pro-life measures. I foresee a time when the US Supreme Court overturns Roe versus Wade, but then as I stated at the outset it is part and parcel of the culture war we are in and why we need to be alert.

In concluding, I wish to add a further perspective and one even more important than what I have shared above. My mantra is as a gospel preaching, community activist. Despite advancing years and declining powers, I am still able to get involved in the community e.g. helping the homeless, and I am able to preach the Gospel when the occasion arises. But it does seem to me that the Lord is calling His people to pray and His Church to repent of its infidelity and follow Him wholeheartedly (I wonder if many of our troubles have arisen because of sin in the Church). When it comes to knowing what is happening in the world, who are the good and the bad guys, and what are the inner operations of the spiritual powers there is only one who truly knows, and many respected Christian leaders know woefully little. We must obey the Lord and show compassion to others, and trust Him. It matters far less, if you are a Christian, if you agree with me or not on the five items discussed above, when compared with being an authentic disciple of Jesus that does what he says in terms of watching and praying and loving God and your neighbour, remembering we are at best unprofitable servants. If you aren’t a Christian, may I invite you to put your trust in and follow the one who is able and wants to guide you in these disturbing days.


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