Trumpwatch (21)

One of the things about regularly posting concerning the latest antics of Donald Trump is there is never a lack of stuff to write about. I like to think, when it comes to personality cults, I am decidedly antipathetic, but in the case of Trump, what he says and does and more importantly represents has global consequences, for he has been a much needed wrecking ball against prevailing corruption, as well as a breath of fresh air as he sees what needs doing and unlike many politicians delivers on his promises. The rise of Trump has helped to wake people from their slumbers, having been conditioned to accept mediocrity and subjugation, and inspire a worldwide resistance to global tyranny, although not without raising qualms among many fearing also the rise of right wing fascism (ignoring that from the left). But he has encouraged people like me to join the resistance, although I would urge moderation and people to follow the great commands to love God and our neighbour.

The vitriol directed toward Trump from among the powerful who he has threatened has been all too palpable, and this has often been from among more moderate sources including a few friends. I doubt this applied as much to previous presidents in my lifetime and while all of them had their detractors it often occurred to me that most would have simply shrugged their shoulders and got on with life. Not so with Trump opposers, and the consequence is this has all added to the momentum of the stop Trump at all costs movement. I try to understand why people object to Trump and get (I think) the reasons are more than mere brain washing. He is a narcissist, being susceptible to flattery and hating it when he is criticised. While he says it as he sees it, when it comes to bringing the country together, he has been a divisive figure. He can be unkind in the way he attacks people who cross him. One consequence of his shoot from the hip approach is not only does he put his foot in it but he tells lies, although compared with “I had no sex with that woman” Clinton, “let’s go after Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction” Bush and “where do I begin” smooth talking Obama, I think he bears up well.

While he is all for growing the economy, standing up to the globalists and making America secure in ways Obama failed to do (and Hillary would have been as bad), and he has been successful in achieving these ends, I am not convinced his political philosophy will always deliver for the poorest in society or always involve those on the lowest societal rung. I am not sure he entirely gets social justice and neither does he get genuine concerns over protecting the environment. While I like his pro-Israel stance, I worry he may be in the pockets of Zionists. I suspect his unique and chaotic style does not always lend itself to sound governance, even though he rightly upsets many. His nepotism and approach which emphasizes that government needs to be run as a business does raise concerns. My big gripe is while he has honoured those engaged in Christian activity, supported religious freedom, including getting imprisoned American Pastor in Turkey, who had upset that government because of his Christian activism, released from prison, and has been championing causes of conservative Christians like myself, like restricting abortion and appointing a justice to the Supreme Court that does not make decisions based upon the prevailing liberalism, he does not always show the fruits of repentance. When Zaccheus the tax collector met with Jesus and afterward declared he would mend his ways, he gave back four times what he had cheated from people. I don’t sense the master of the “art of the deal” has done this.

Yet despite his faults, I stand by my earlier statement that Trump is a modern day King Cyrus, raised up by the Almighty for such a time as this, and is an act of mercy in response to the prayers of His people. While I do care about the character of the person in charge, I am more interested in whether or not he does good for the people he is meant to serve. My take is not only is he well intentioned in this regard but he has also been successful, and unlike many of his predecessors NOT screwing the American people is his particular priority. While the USA, like the UK, is ripe for divine judgment, it seems God has shown mercy because of the prayers of the people, and it is time for them to step up to the plate, encouraged by a president like Trump. There are still large areas of the swamp to drain: the insidious agenda driven deep state, covert operations to undermine those opposed to those in high places notably under Obama, a Federal Reserve bank system that is morally repugnant, a culture of political correctness that exalts the baddies and puts down the goodies and a network of pedophiles operating at the highest levels. I hope and expect Trump will bring dismantling these to pass on top of him revitalising the economy, and improving America’s position security wise etc., home and abroad. While #whatabout should not feature, I doubt any other presidential hopeful would have dealt with these matters in the way Trump has/will.

Whether or not he succeeds remains to be seen. While he has been subjected to many attacks in order to get him removed, including to impeach him or by other means, these have been unsuccessful so far. Those same Trump haters would appear to be getting even more desperate and as we approach the mid term elections, which if the Republicans win will consolidate his power base, I would expect more acts of defiance and possible false flag operations. We live as I keep saying in interesting days. I also say that our trust must not be in Trump, even though I see him as God’s instrument, but it needs to be in the Almighty himself. Meanwhile, I will continue to watch and pray and urge readers to put their trust in the Lord.

Donald Trump has been described in many terms, since putting his hat into the ring to run as president, many of which are pejorative, and one of these is as a wrecking ball. And while that very action often makes us uncomfortable, it is sometimes necessary. This has been the case with Trump and is one of the reason people like me have a good deal of time for this wrecking ball president.


One thought on “Trumpwatch (21)

  1. paul fox says:

    What good has he done for the Palestinians, the War in the Yemen, Syria, Saudi- Arabia,Arm sales,reduction of Nuclear weapons, Climate Change, renewable energy cut backs,not controlling the pollution of the Water,Gas, Oil, Coal, industry,Gaming and Gambling control,Hunting of few remaining wild animal, medical care for the people with out medical insurance, the homeless,Big banks repossessing peoples homes, very low wages for workers,Immigrant children taken away from their parents, still wants to build a Mexican, wall, and deport people who have lived in the US, most of their lives.Cut back on gun control and gun sales, More prisoners being executed, Is this enough to be going on with?

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