Revelation TV

I watch very little TV these day. When I do watch it, it is usually on the Internet and usually on catch up. I watch even less Christian TV, still having in mind TV stations fronted by highly paid American evangelists, preaching a questionable prosperity “gospel” and more often than not succumbing to temptation: sexual, power or money.

In our recent time away, our home for the week had a television and one of the channels available was Revelation TV. I ended watching it for several hours and did so because I found it to be worth watching. There is much I can say about its history and ethos, but here I defer to Wikipedia and Revelation TV’s own website. Rather, I will focus on why I watched and value this as a resource for Christians and those seeking to know more about the Christian message. I do so even though it is apparent the TV represents a different theological stable to my own, e.g. it is very pro Israel and is Pentecostal leaning.

But I was encouraged. All its content sought to be God honouring as well as watchable and of a high professional standard. It referred often to the Bible and it was always pertinent. I felt the views put forward were spot on and presented appropriately. Prayer played an important part, especially for viewers in need. I felt it was on the whole sound and while conservative leaning was balanced. The approach of those presenting, while holding strong views, was gracious and winsome and to the extent it could engage those who viewed things differently. I enjoyed one Christian film, an exposition by a well known preacher, worship and prayer time, a discussion of current UK politics, a take on events from a USA perspective, a feature on an important aspect of church history mostly unrealised, a reflection that was directly relevant to some Bible studies I was preparing at the time. It genuinely sort to accommodate the perspectives of all Christians and it is British, with a global outlook.

I suspect the road to where they are now has been a difficult one. It would have been easy for them to go off track or fall by the wayside. While it does ask for money, there is a strong element of faith and dependency on the Almighty. And they have kept going despite the challenges and, dare I say it, God has blessed their faithfulness. Its website headline claims it is “a church without walls” and for those without a church to encourage them and even for those who do it can be a lifeline. It states its mission is “to use Media to strengthen the Christian voice and impact the nations, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ” and from what I can make out it is successfully carrying out that mission. I hope it goes from strength to strength.


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