Trumpwatch (35) – Crunch Time

We are now a week away from what is arguably the most important US Presidential election of my lifetime.

I try not to do histrionics and melodrama but I really think the outcome of the election, whether it be Trump reelected or Biden (providing he can deflect criminal citings), will hugely determine the fate of not only the USA but the whole world. Given my understanding of Bible prophecy, I am in no doubt that the Antichrist will come before Christ returns to earth to rule, in glory, and already the signs are there, just as the prophets of old said would happen, but with Trump’s re-election there will likely be some respite, a further time of God’s constraining hand to act in mercy, a time for justice to be done on the earth to judge the egregious evils that have been perpetuated (along with a swamp drained) and the opportunity for the church to arise from its slumber and experience its finest hour. Of course, things may happen between now and next Tuesday, and likely will, and the bookies still have Biden in front, but I would like to argue why I, if I could, would vote for Trump.

I hadn’t expected to open my thirty-fifth Trumpwatch episode, the last before the November 3rd election, when either Trump will be consigned to the annals of history or to quote another great President (Reagan) “you ain’t seen nothing yet”, so dramatically, but I really do think the stakes are that high. Yet there are many, including high profile goody-goody Christians, who sagely announce Trump is evil incarnate and, true to their Trump Derangement Syndrome, ignore his accomplishments and despite evidence the alternative is a whole lot worse continue to, as the prominent UK evangelical, Elaine Storkey, admitted, pray that he will lose. Or as another, this time, respected US evangelical, John Piper argued – vote for neither. I am not going to castigate fellow evangelicals who see things differently. While agreeing our chief pre-occupation should be the furtherance of the Gospel, and there are many factors to consider, I also believe my anti-Trumper Christian friends are wrong, for reasons set out in my thirty-fourth Trumpwatch installment, for I see a much darker future if Trump is not elected.

Six years ago, I arrived in the blogosphere with the intention to blog about stuff I felt was interesting and relevant. At the time I knew little about Trump and the impressions I had about the man were anything but favourable. When he threw his hat into the ring for the Republican nomination for the 2016 US Presidential election, along with many I felt “you can’t be serious”. Also, like many, I was taken aback he not only got the nomination but beat the one most pundits expected to win, Hillary Clinton. I have been blogging about Trump ever since, included in my ebook Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good? and he has rarely disappointed. Always things are happening around him and from a position of antipathy I have come to admire the man who not only has done what is a rarity in my experience – deliver on his promises and has implemented policies I agree with and would have been in stark contrast if Hillary had been elected. He has done so while being attacked constantly, often based on lies and being surrounded by the Deep State and Washington swamp, including media and other elites who expect POTUS to sing their tune. While Trump’s not diplomatic, not turning the other cheek approach is NOT one I would have taken (a major reason why my goody two shoes Christian friends tut tut), I recognize he is not a pastor but, importantly, he is the fighter America needs right now.

I have discovered in life, while being beholden to truth is a noble and right thing to do, even the best of us often fail, including me, sometimes often. We all have prejudices and axioms and I daresay even the noblest among us are not always right. It is not helped that our world view is shaped not just by holy scripture but by mainstream media, which in typical belligerent style Trump denounces as the enemy of the people. As I reflect on why I would vote Trump if I could, I thought I would list areas I have qualms:

  1. Fracking – unlike Joe, I am inclined to ban it
  2. Affordable care – while Obamacare is a bad system, I ask about the poor people it seeks to protect, and who may lose out if Trump’s plans pass
  3. Zionism – it is said Trump’s attraction is that he can not be brought – I suspect if one were to dig deep he has been to some extent brought by the ultra Zionists
  4. Nepotism – his listening to woke members of his family, like Ivanka and Jared is concerning
  5. Operation Warp Speed – his plans for a vaccine against Covid-19 strikes me as political BS
  6. True, Necessary and Kind – the principle I have tried to adopt, following my entry into the public square, is NOT one Trump follows (but then I prefer his approach to snakes like Obama, Jezebels like Hillary and corrupt politicians like Biden)

Some have argued that Trump has changed – he is now a born again Christian, even if only a baby one. I can’t confirm nor refute that view, and I am not sure how relevant it is other than his support for Christians and the Christian world view. I sometimes think of Zaccheaus in the Bible, whose life was changed when he met Jesus. That to me will be the test of Trump’s genuineness of his Christian claims. Moreover, as has been the case for time immemorial, God uses all sorts to accomplish his purposes. Despite my qualms, Trump is better than the alternatives for the following reasons:

  1. Israel
  2. The Economy
  3. Security
  4. Immigration
  5. Islam
  6. Helping minorities
  7. The rule of law
  8. Political correctness
  9. Judicial appointments
  10. Other appointments
  11. Religious freedom
  12. Recognising God is our help
  13. The LBGT agenda
  14. Abortion
  15. Lowering drug prices
  16. Child sex traffiking
  17. Fair trade deals
  18. Climate change
  19. Energy
  20. Globalism
  21. Socialism
  22. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea
  23. Draining the swamp
  24. Support for the good guys
  25. Attacked by the bad guys

I am confident I can add to the list and can elaborate and substantiate, as I have in my preceding thirty four Trumpwatch episodes. Whether my writing as I do will affect the outcome in November 3rd is highly unlikely but at least I have stuck my head over the parapet and nailed my colours to the mast and hope some will seriously consider my concerns and arguments. I am also concerned by talk of global reset by NWO types, spurred on by issues like climate change and black lives matter, and pertinently how to proceed in this season of Coronavirus. I have no doubt, incidentally, that of all the issues to attack Trump on, this will be it, even though Trump has overall handled things well in the circumstances (imo). Without resorting to consipiracy theories, one wonders if Corona and all that goes with it came about as part of a plot to derail Trump and bring in the NWO that Biden’s controllers want to happen. Of all the world leaders, only Trump can withstand what some predict – global enslavement and world government ruled over by the Antichrist – conjecture maybe!?

I was impressed with Trump’s performance in last Thursday’s debate with Biden. I was delighted to learn earlier today his nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court has now been approved. I sense and hope the tide is turning and notwithstanding the likelihood of civil unrest and the hoo haa over mail in ballots (ok, even if it does favour the Dems, providing NO fraud), that Trump wins with an emphatic victory, Republicans retain control over the Senate and regain control in Congress. But be under no illusion – America and the world will not be out of the woods – the Almighty is rightly angry and may act in judgment rather than mercy and we must repent, for the only one who can save us is God. At best, Trump is a mere instrument, like King Jehu. As for those of us who believe, we may well have many concerns including the urge for our fellows to be politically wised up but we do even better getting them to turn to the Lord.

The big issue in all this is the church, they will be the people God wants, to proclaim His message around the world. As for me, I will watch and pray and seek to be the person God wants me to be.


One thought on “Trumpwatch (35) – Crunch Time

  1. Koenig;s Eye View From The White House 16 Oct quotes Caroline Glick, renowned previous editor of Jerusalem Post :
    ‘Almost all the polls say that President Donald Trump is heading towards defeat at the hands of his Democrat challenger, former vice president Joe Biden next month. But Robert Cahaly who heads the Trafalgar Group polling firm disagrees. Cahaly was the only major pollster that accurately called the 2016 presidential race. In an interview with “The Political Trade” podcast last week, Cahaly said his data show Trump headed for another upset victory November 3.’

    See her article >

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