Trumpwatch (18)

While I have qualms and reservations and there are areas like the environment, international relations and helping the poor I have concerns over, I think Trump is on track and am happier now than at the outset with his presidency. I will continue to watch and warn and pray for the President and the USA.”

That was what I wrote when Trump was USA President for 50 days. He has now been president for 500 days and those same sentiments still apply. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and a lot of Trumpwatch articles and, but for the fact things always seem to be happening around Trump, I find myself as risk of repeating myself, but in any case a lot of what I think is already in my e-book: “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?”. He remains enigmatic and flawed; and I remain flustered because I only know a fraction of what is going on and am yet to find a comprehensive, unbiased news source to fill in all the gaps. He is opposed by the establishment (politicians: Democrat and Republican, Hollywood, academia, mainstream media the Deep State, powerful financiers etc.) who want rid of him by fair means and foul, as well as a good number of otherwise nice friends, and this seems to be as strong as ever. While Trump is seen as an outsider and is why he is receiving so much opposition, he also knows what is going on, on the inside. If anything he has given too much quarter to the fifth column wanting to undermine him. The one thing keeps him in power is God and supporters, principally the public that voted him in, including many BME folk, given that he is doing something quite novel: delivering on his promises, growing the economy and making America secure.

He is far from perfect, evidenced most times he opens his mouth. A Sunday School teacher he is NOT but a wrecking ball he is. America needs both and as for being a wrecking ball, he fulfills that role admirably. An example of this in the recent G7 conference where he stood up to his partners in a way I would love his UK counterpart do when it comes to Brexit negotiations. Whether Russia should be let back in, as Trump suggests, is a debatable point, but for the master of the art of the deal, tariff disparity is unacceptable and he is not afraid to say so. Right now he is in Singapore to negotiate a much needed peace deal with the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, and reports as I write are that things are moving along smoothly. Whatever the outcome, and we must not presume, even his detractors admit having this meeting is a remarkable coup and all down to Trump. While he is far from perfect and I have many concerns, there is much I like about what Trump is doing, like supporting religious freedom and the rights of the unborn. But it is what he is doing as a wrecking ball that excites me most.

While I must resist the temptation of falling for various conspiracy theories, I have little doubt there is  a corrupt, globalist / Illuminati leaning, anti-humanity, tyranical elite that have been calling the shots, brainwashing the populace and taking America and with it the rest of the world down the path to destruction; only now they have Trump to deal with. One example is the number of sexual related crimes against minors that are coming to light, perpetrators of which had previously had immunity because of their links to this hidden hand. In one of my earlier articles I likened Trump to King Cyrus (of Bible times), and interestingly, like Cyrus, Trump has been particularly supportive of Israel when most aren’t. One of the catch phrases of the Trump campaign was “drain the swamp” (and I quite get it that in some measure Trump may well be part of that swamp), and that is what he is doing. As my most recent article argued, God does anoint world rulers, and it seems to me that he has anointed Trump for such a time as this – to expose evil and awake humanity!

Update 12/06/18: While we are not quite there yet, the progress made between Trump and Kim Jong-un at their Singapore summit, just ended is nothing short of amazing. One wonders what other occupant at the White House could have done what Trump did!


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