Trump’s first fifty days

The truth is that even the best and most well read among us generally go by gut instinct and personal prejudices when making a political decision such as how to exercise our vote and coming to a view on government actions (as opposed to pure logic based on a thorough examination of relevant facts). While I think I am a cut above most of the rest, I realize I am not immune and offer this observation by way of a health warning. When it comes to voting in US elections, I can’t but then as one who subscribes to the “when America sneezes, Britain catches a cold” adage I am interested and more so than even what is happening here in the UK, like the recent budget, where next for the NHS and the latest in the Brexit saga.


When I reflected at the time on the first week of the Trump presidency, I wrote: “He has shown he means business and is simply doing what he said he would, but then we expected he no less. But he needs to be scrutinized and held to account. I hope while being sympathetic toward him, I have already started to do this”. Now that we are fifty days in, I thought I would reflect again. Interestingly and sadly unsurprisingly, the mainstream media says little that is meaningful on the subject and because of the mutual hostility existing between the President and large sections of the mainstream media, it tends to focus more on the negative. Two positive takes on his achievements is one by Alex Jones, the alt right, pro Trump, conspiracy theorist and one from the White House website. There is some stuff there I disagree with, some I am not sure about, some where it is still a matter of wait and see, e.g. the economy, world peace, the environment and helping the poor; but also there is lot he has done I see in a positive light, which inclines me to a view and this to the best of my knowledge Trump has done more than any of his recent predecessors in making a positive difference at this juncture, and has done so at breakneck speed.

On top of those achievements mentioned in the afore-mentioned links is the revolution that Trump has more than any has helped to bring about. I refer to the move away from globalism, which anti-globalists like me see in mostly negative terms to one that reaffirms national identity, something I see as a positive thing. It seems to me he has helped to empower those who feel the anti-colonist rhetoric, religious mouth shutting and acquiescence to forces outside of our control dictating so many aspects of our lives, began by Barrack Obama, will have continued if Hillary Clinton had been elected. This began with Russia, was reinforced by Brexit and is likely to continue in Europe. His old fashioned back to rather than away from Americana emphasis has attracted supporters and detractors alike. One thing Trump has not managed is to do is to unite the country. There are powerful elements associated with high levels in government, the mainstream media, the film industry and academia, who lead the anti-Trump brigade, and some reckon at the top are those allied to Obama and even Obama himself and his minders. The fall out regarding Russian hacking, accusations and refutations of wire tapping and the latest set of Wikileaks regarding dubious surveillance of the populace have potentially humungous implications. One area to look out for is while Trump has his top-tier team in place but given the politicized nature of US government, I suspect until he gets folk at lower levels working with him (as opposed in some cases working against him), conflict will continue. I look forward with trepidation to fireworks, and to accountability. I hope truth will win and ordinary Americans will feel empowered.

Summarizing, while I have qualms and reservations and there are areas like the environment, international relations and helping the poor I have particular concerns over, I think Trump is on track and am even happier now than at the outset with his presidency. I will continue to watch and warn and pray for the President and the USA.


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