Harvey Weinstein – sexual predator

Until the story broke recently of him sexually molesting women over a long period, the name Harvey Weinstein would not have registered with me, despite his fame. Stories like “From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories” and of famous people like Barrack Obama who had until recently been greatly supportive, partly because that support had been reciprocated and Weinstein had given to Democratic causes, now disavowing him, has changed all that.

Since I am not a great film buff and have in recent years been turned off by Hollywood because of its pro liberal, anti conservative, self serving indulgence, who has hitherto glossed over these and other crimes (e.g. that of Roman Polanski) and yet has ostracize those having the temerity to express views that Hollywood’s hegemony disapprove off. Regarding Weinstein, I did not realize before now that he is such a powerful player and influential film mogul, whose power of patronage is able to make and break many an actor’s career. Arguably, it is this power that has allegedly enabled him to sexual molest in a most unpleasant way a long list of actresses, who up to recently when news of his assaults begun to surface said little out of fear, although there was many an indication that many in Hollywood were quite aware of what had been going on.

There is now talk of him taking up therapy to help cure his perversions although I would much rather he owned up to what he had done and showed true contrition. My views on these matters hardly matter although I am glad that at least another part of the swamp is being drained and suspect that the outing of Weinstein is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to heinous sexual crime being perpetrated among the elites of society, not just in Hollywood but among the political class and those who own the country. It beggars belief in Weintein’s case he was able to do his dastardly deeds for so long, without being brought to task, but then in the case of the UK the same did happen with Jimmy Saville and Ted Heath.

Reading comments on the story that has broken, some have made comparison between Weinstein and Trump, noting for example that Trump had once claimed because he was rich and famous that women would effectively throw themselves on him so he can have his wicked way. While this disgusted me at the time and still does given his apology was not sincere and his explanation that he was merely engaging in “locker room banter” was unacceptable, (arguably) Trump did not do anything bad to the women, whilst Weinstein did. That does not let Trump off the hook though because women have come forward claiming Trump had groped them, but as yet the jury is out. I go on record though to say that if Trump is proven to have molested women after denying he did so that he should stand down as President or else be impeached.

We live in dark days. We have just seen one powerful man (Weinstein) get his comeuppance, which should have happened a long time ago and another powerful man (Trump) being attacked (fairly or unfairly, depending on how you see it), partly due to innuendo. We are also aware of other sexual crimes being perpetrated and, especially if one believes some of the conspiracy theorists, many more that involve violent rape, sexual slavery and murder, and with the powerful perpetrators walking free. What is clear to me is that no man or women should be coerced or attacked against their will and those who do such things need prosecuting.

Update 13/10/17: As expected, more accusations are being now made against Harvey Weinstein by alleged victims, no doubt now having been emboldened to do so, declaring him to be a sexual predator of a particularly unpleasant kind. When our local MP, David Amess, comes out with statements like “the recent revelations that countless starlets have apparently been assaulted by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein are dubious to say the least” it is good to be reminded that a person is innocent until proved guilty. However, in Sir David’s case he is being incredibly naive and there seems little doubt Weinstein acted despicably (although since making his statement Sir David has retracted it – ed). In an interview on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme earlier today, producer Stephen Woolley, who had worked with Weinstein, made the point that stories of Weinsteins more than inappropriate behaviour, as well as evidence he was a bully and a sexual pervert, were widely known for years and he admitted to his shame that like the rest he was too scared to make public what he knew. While I hope in Weinstein’s case there will be redemption, although his cover up of what he has done and lack of contrition toward his crimes do not bode well, I hope the truth he seems to be hiding will come out and there will be justice and healing for his victims. I suspect the sexual crimes that have been covered up in Hollywood and elsewhere by others besides Weinstein are more extensive and pernicious than is commonly realized and I hope these dark deeds will be exposed.


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