Why this Brit is glad Trump is US President

There is this Christian guy in the USA, named John Pavlovitz, with a big following, who like me is a regular blogger. Quite often he blogs about Donald Trump and besides taking a pop at the President for bad decisions etc, sometimes has a go at the Christians who support him. Without wanting to be unkind his supporters include many who provide an echo chamber for his views and whose theological understanding is decidedly dodgy. I am as some will discern a supporter of Trump, who thinks he is doing an overall good job, even though I regularly criticize him. I recently posted my 20th installment in my Trumpwatch series (see here), which looks at what is going on around Trump (there is always something that is blog worthy) and provide my own take on what is happening.

In order to arrive at a balanced view, besides on one extreme reading the Drudge report and listening to Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones, I check out the opposition like watching CNN, the Young Turks and Rachel Maddow, and there is of course John Pavlovitz. Besides regularly blogging on Trump, I often post on my own Facebook page some Trump related, shareworthy item. I have a number of anti-Trump friends who often take me to task on what I write, to the effect that Trump, and this is for a variety of reasons, is a despicable person and is entirely unsuited to being President. Going back to John Pavlovitz, in one of his latest Trump hit pieces, posted on his Facebook page, I couldn’t resist adding my comment: “the guy is not perfect but I for one am glad he is President” followed by a link to my latest Trump related blog. Two of those picking up on my comments, asked the question why, especially given I am a Brit, why do I think the way I do?

I am writing this by way of a response. I get it that some feel I ought to disqualify myself in that I do not live in the USA, and do not have to endure the, perceived by some nightmare, they are living, under Trump. I recognized though that is not the only view and there are many Americans that are pleased that Trump is helping to make America great again. We will soon know where the balance of opinion may lie in their very significant this time, November, mid-term elections. I was brought up on the adage that when America sneezes, Britain catches a cold, and stand by my last Trumpwatch article that Trump is the unlikely leader of a world wide, libertarian, popularist, anti-globalist movement, which on balance is a good thing and therefore how Trump is doing matters as much, if not more, than what my own sad band of British leaders think or do.

I won’t go over old ground, because of the need for economy of effort. I have, however, compiled my Trump related blogs in a single e-book, titled: “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?” I believe even more than when he became President that Trump did so at a watershed moment in American history and dread to think what might have happened in the case of the more probable outcome: Hillary had won and Trump had lost. I reflect on the many things Trump has done with these questions in mind. While I don’t offer a final verdict, and putting personality aside, I have good reason to come to the view, stated above: “the guy is not perfect but I for one am glad he is President”.

Be a good citizen. All governments are under God. Insofar as there is peace and order, it’s God’s order. So live responsibly as a citizen. If you’re irresponsible to the state, then you’re irresponsible with God, and God will hold you responsible. Duly constituted authorities are only a threat if you’re trying to get by with something. Decent citizens should have nothing to fear“.

Afterthought: Reflecting on this particular piece of wisdom from St. Paul, I realise besides the need to submit to the powers that be there is also the need to recognise God raises up and puts down rulers. This ought to have been the case should Hillary have won the election that saw Trump voted in as President. Yet while America’s Christians are divided on Trump and it is not my place to judge those who think different to me, I do sense America, like Britain, is in a sate of moral and spiritual crisis, but people have prayed, and just maybe an answer to that prayer is Donald J. Trump?


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