Trump’s Inauguration (1)

Even before he was a US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump was a controversial figure that attracted a lot of attention and one got the impression, even then, despite protestations when it did not play to his vanity, that he rather liked it. And then he became a candidate for the Republican Party nomination to be their representative in the November 2016 Presidential election, and the publicity upped a notch, but most, including me, didn’t take him too seriously. But we were wrong and we were wrong when we thought that Hillary Clinton would trounce him in the election proper. In the two months between winning that election and him taking over in FIVE days time, he has continued to attract publicity, for there have been a flourish of activity and hardly time to draw breath.  And yours truly has continued to be mesmerized in a way no other politician before him has managed to do because of all what was happening.


I have written several blogs now where Trump has been the main subject and have given my opinions on his candidature and many other things related to it, even if only remotely. But this is not the time to go over old ground but rather to look forward to this coming Friday’s inauguration after which Trump takes over presidential reigns and raise a matter that has been bothering me and, to be fair, has done so ever since it became clear that Trump was a serious player in the Presidential stakes. As with all President elects there are some who love him and some who loathe him and a good many in-between. But my take is that the loathing is more intense than is normally the case and there are powerful vested interests who hate the thought of a Trump presidency. I sense there are powerful forces afoot, with a globalist agenda, that will do all it can to prevent this.

As a student of history, I try to relate what happened in the past to what is happening now. I find it ironic that some have compared Trump with Hitler (unfairly in my view, as are those who accuse him of racism, misogyny, hate etc.). He is undoubtedly a flawed character and because of his abrasive and cocky nature, all too often latched onto by an unsympathetic press and a public (including fellow Christians) influenced by the liberal, “progressive” agenda of his detractors, we become well aware of his faults and foibles, in way we don’t with others in his position, but there is a lot that he has said, done and likely to do I feel to be for the good. One the events that brought Hitler to power was the Reichstag fire, which Hitler orchestrated but he was able to blame onto others supported by a gullible public and devious propagandists, and as a result was able to consolidate power. Knowing about events like these make me skeptical at some of the reports we are reading at this time.

I have tried to be careful not to get carried away with the rantings of conspiracy theorists (and there are many), especially since declaring one of my new resolutions is to deal in verifiable facts and not in speculation. Yet so much is happening that I can’t help but feel something is afoot and even between now and Friday there may be happenings designed specifically to undermine Trump and prevent him from becoming President. I noted in an earlier blog that Obama is not going out without a final flourish, and this has some bearing, e.g. in his Israel dealings and Executive orders, and while I have nothing to implicate him in any conspiracy, he has played his part highlighting and countering alleged Russian involvement to influence the election outcome and by implication the part Trumps team may have played. Rumours seem to be flying around thick and fast, like a Trump sex scandal involving the Russians, a new Cold War (e.g. the recent placing of US troops in Poland) and before that the cyber infiltration, which among other things could have taken down the electricity grid. There has been the customary recounts called by those who can’t accept the verdict, but to no avail. Fake news has abounded and one hopes the truth will all come out soon. Some are calling for the handover not to take place until all these matters have been sorted out. Some are simply appalled at the thought of a Trump presidency, pointing to his provocative tweets, and through fair means or foul will seek to prevent it happening.

Already there are plans for widespread civil protest, and that also includes here in the UK. What I find to be worrying is that mature Christian friends of mine have been sucked into all this! At this time 8 years ago, I was none too pleased that Obama was going to be President and I have had no reason to change my mind since then. Yet I accepted, along with many who thought like me, that it was a democratically reached decision and I should get behind that decision and encourage my American friends to cooperate with their new President, hoping that the American system of checks and balances will prevent worst excesses and encouraged by my belief in a prayer answering God. God is answering prayers again, and part of the answer is Trump, with his mission to make America great again, who will be President of the greatest democracy in the World and its most influential nation. God bless Donald J Trump and America. And as I keep pointing out, it is the former in who I put my trust


One thought on “Trump’s Inauguration (1)

  1. Glen Hague says:

    All incoming presidents have had their supporters and detractors. But even when Bush stole the election 16 years ago from Al Gore he did not arouse the hatred and ridicule this bouffanted buffoon has provoked. This, in my view, is the end of democracy in the US…

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