Flynn, Trump, the Russians and the Fifth Column

One of the challenges of being a blogger when what is happening around you is so significant yet which poses a challenge when it comes to gaining a true understanding, is being able to research the facts well enough to come up with a credible opinion. Given what I do as a community activist and what I should be doing as a husband, father, neighbor and member of my church, there is hardly enough time to properly investigate the resignation of Michael Flynn as President Trump’s National Security Advisor. I am compelled to try to understand, for how can I give a credible view otherwise?


The task is not made easier because the Press is biased and there is a lot we don’t know. I try to temper what I read and hear on Fox News and Info Wars with that from CNN and the New York Times, as well as what I pick up in social media, TIME magazine, and what the BBC and newspapers like the Guardian say. The story on the face of it is simple. Flynn had been in communication with the Russians when he should not have been and has allegedly misled his own people over his involvement, breaking the rules and possibly undermining the trust that is needed for government to be effective. The word is if he hadn’t jumped, he would have been pushed (and probably was anyway). In addition, Flynn is no more than a sacrificial pawn in the whole affair and those who called for him to go are really looking to go after Trump and reverse his policies.

All this has got me thinking and not a little agitated as it has been evident to me that people are out to get Trump and that a good man, evidenced by his exemplary military record, his evident love for his country and his approach to tackling issues like ISIS, who could have played an important role if he had continued in post, has had to step down for what at best was a misdemeanor that is no worse than what many in similar positions have done on numerous previous occasions, who did not have to answer to an ancient law (the Logan Act) or an Intelligence Service where there is an element that is part of the Executive power struggle currently taking place and who feel no lack of compunction when leaking what they knew from spying on Flynn to an unsympathetic press, as well as an evident viscous movement intent to topple the President. While it is rather rich to welcome something like Wikileaks as it reveals important things happening in government while condemning the leaks we are now seeing, we would otherwise not be aware of, the presence of a fifth column at the heart of government is worrying.

It has been evident that Russia has been a thorn in the side of the American Establishment for a long time. While Russian expansionism and human rights abuses are legitimate concerns, along with it outdoing America over Syria, another point of contention is Russia’s anti-globalist agenda cuts across that of the military-industrial complex that wishes to see America go further down the road to globalism, who had influenced the previous administration and wishes to oppose Trump because of his opposition to what they want to do with his drain the swamp aspirations. In the dying days of the Obama administration, some Russian diplomats were expelled from the US allegedly but still not proven for interfering with the American election. Trump on the other hand has indicated he wishes to build stronger ties with Russia, for example in fighting against Islamic terrorists. While we cannot be sure, Flynn wanted to start the relation building exercise before Trump became President (a reasonable approach I thought), and has paid a high price for overstepping the mark by discussing matters, e.g. concerning US sanctions against Russia, when he should not have done. Of particular concern to me is that Flynn’s indiscretions were leaked to the press and not dealt with in the correct way, and if I were Trump I would be angry too.

I daresay the full truth of what went on will come out (it usually does), but I do see what appears to be a critical situation developing. I agree that if Trump is keen to clear up corruption, he must ensure that his own administration is squeaky clean on this score and is why Flynn going may have been the right decision, even if highly regrettable. What I sense though is that the anti-Trump brigade, including some operating at the very heart of government, is formidable and relentless in wanting to find ways to undermine and eventually eliminate Trump. The Flynn episode is but the beginning. I fully expect there to be more casualties in the months to come – on both sides, for we are in a war. My hope and prayer is that the swamp will be drained and truth will be the victor and right will prevail. I also believe what we are seeing now is a manifestation of a greater spiritual battle and therefore prayer is essential.



Postscript 18/02/17: While the Russia link is likely to occupy those opposed to Trump for some time to come, even though it remains to be proven to what extent they interfered with the US election and if it had much effect if they had, but I still fail to see what he has done wrong and if he has done wrong it is small fry compared to what others before him has done. It is also small fry compared with the security breach that released details of Flynns phone calls to the Russians, yet were not picked up by a biased press. But given he misled the Vice President in his Russia meeting is likely a good reason for letting him go. But there is an aspect that doesn’t seemed to have been picked up, and that is the part he played in a lobbying firm prior to taking on his role as National Security Advisor, especially since one of Trumps promises was to drain the swamp and not include lobbyists in his government. I was alerted to a report he had advised the Turkish President, who has been doing all sorts of evils and then lobbying on his behalf (see here), which should have disqualified him in the first place. Here is an example of the more I know, the more I find I don’t know.


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