Trumpwatch (31) – Covid-19, Racism, Trump Derangement

It has been four months since I have added an installment in my Trumpwatch series. It was the day after Trump got acquitted from his Senate Impeachment Trial – and it seems a lifetime ago!

I have to confess that if it were a toss up between writing this or a new Boriswatch installment, it is a no contest. Trump is far more interesting and what is happening in his world, especially right now, has imho a much greater bearing on the future of the wider world than the sometimes pathetic bumblings of dear ol’ Boris.

So we are coming out of Covid-19 lockdown (barring a second wave) – at least the USA is, unless Democrat governors keen to hang onto power have their way and manage to push their agenda to stop Trump re-opening the economy. As for the whys and wherefores of Covid-19, the appropriateness or otherwise of Trumps actions, who are the bad guys: Gates, Fauci, CCP, WHO, MSM etc. or none of these –  let’s say the jury is out and no doubt history will tell us a lot we are not sure of, but right now it is how to get back to normal. While benefit of hindsight was not available or surrounded by best advice, I am of a view that Trump has done a passable job if not an amazing one and a far better one than his detractors would have.

As for Trump’s detractors, of which many still remain it would seem, having failed on impeachment and milking a potential complete derailment of the economy that will redound on Trump, it is now back to racism led by racist in chief – Donald J Trump. The irony is Trump from where I view is anything but racist. Any way to get him out and right now I am seeing momentum build to vilify the man, based on twisting “looting leads to shooting” type statements from Trump’s lips. And what an opportunity with the tragic killing? Everyone reading this (almost certainly) believe the killing of George Floyd to be tragic and evil, and those responsible should be brought to justice, as does Donald Trump. As for protesting, fine providing it is peaceful, but that is not what we have been witnessing, and many of the main culprits couldn’t care a toss about George Floyd. It seems fair play for Trump detractors to condemn Trump but not violent protestors, supported by the media, followed by the ignorant.

Sadly mainstream media presents a warped picture, including the BBC. The normal Trump Derangement Syndrome suspects are quick to point out intemperate remarks from the President and point to stories like police tear gassing demonstrators so he could visit a church and do his own publicity stunt. As for the wicked happenings by rioters across the land, the shenanigans of Soros funded organizations like Antifa (rightly called terrorist by Trump) and the politicking by certain governors (sadly Democrat) who for thier own nefarious reasons do little to bring law and order, hardly a mention. But Trump the bad guy – there is plenty who think so. And yet Trump is doing what he is good at – saying it as it is – and taking needful action, including military, to do what the governors aren’t. I sense a lot is going on behind the scenes, especially when it comes to draining the swamp and standing up to globalism, and right now America and the World is on the brink and need Trump at the helm.

I am not going to rewind the gramophone record that begins Trump is not perfect but he has done a helluva lot of good since becoming President and the thought of Joe Biden taking over is a depressing prospect. I have no doubt that these are momentous days and what happens next in America, including with Trump, will have huge consequences for the rest of the world. A number of my TDS friends have said they hoped somehow Trump will get ousted. The way I see it, it is the opposite that we need. It is just as well I am studying Jeremiah the prophet – who hoping for the best was not an option. But it is in the Lord I trust and my simple prayer is Lord have mercy! Whatever you do Lord, it is right and in this I rejoice.


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