Trump evil!? nah, on the contrary …

When Donald J Trump came to my attention three and a bit years ago, when he put his hat into the ring to be US President, I little realized what was to transpire, especially once he did become President, but then no-else did either. One thing that did surprise me though was the vitriol directed toward him, unlike with previous incumbents, especially by “the Swamp”, that seems as intense now as it was then. I confess then I was NOT a Trump sympathizer and could identify with some of the anti-Trump sentiment. Even now some of my “pillar of the church” Christian friends are decidedly anti-Trump, and a few think he is evil. In truth, the only one who can make such a call is God and He will do so on judgement day.

One of my all time favorite books is “The Lord of the Rings”, which reflects on a world where the forces of good and evil are in conflict, but where good wins in the end, and against all the odds. My own biblical understanding is that is how it is in the real world and when I read the yet to be fulfilled prophecy of Revelation, I also find good wins despite all the evil. The war between good and evil in the world today is one that intrigues me and is a subject I can’t be silent. The challenge I face as a gospel preaching, community activist, is to recognize where my priorities lie and not getting distracted. It does not include my necessarily defending Trump, even though I have written an ebook titled: “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?” concluding that just as he like the rest of us, is somewhere on the good, bad/mad continuum, he is nearer the good rather than end. Evil is like very, very bad and is a description most reserve for very few, even though most of us recognize evil is in the world (it has ever been thus) which we try to identify what that is and do our best (assuming one happens to be one of the good guys) to combat it.

Trump is not perfect and that is an understatement. When looking at even recent history it is possible for all of us to identify a number who are evil. As far as Trump is concerned he is nowhere near being in that category and at the risk of being accused of whataboutism he is less evil than his four president predecessors and most of today’s senior politicians (both sides of the aisle) and many elements of the Swamp, which I will get to. The archetype epitomy of evil is Adolf Hitler who was responsible for murdering 6 million Jews plus others seen as a threat. Why God allowed this is an imponderable as is whether any good came about as a result. Also disturbing is that with few exceptions the church was silent when the rising tide of evil became all too apparent and when it did it was too late to do much about it. Yet just as God raises up good leaders (which I believe is what happened with Trump) he also raises up the bad.

It is easy to find fault in Trump because they are glaring. Despite my disappointment, I can sympathise with my Trump fault finding friends because swamp creatures resist their habitat being drained: mainstream media, political leaders, especially Democrats but also some Republicans, Hollywood, Academia, elites from many different spheres in society, the Deep State, the hidden hand and the forces of darkness, all contribute to impressing on the gullible that Trump, character wise, lies somewhere between bad and evil. Before I refute this assertion and argue the point that Trump is not only NOT evil but is also doing a significant amount  to resist evil, I want to give my list of some those areas where he is at fault. I also want to point out the battle is essentially a spiritual one, and there is much we don’t see, for if we did our opinions would change.

  1. He is a narcissist
  2. While he doesn’t lie any more than most other politicians he can be economical with the truth
  3. He has not yet (to my knowledge) done a Zacchaeus and compensated those he has wronged in his past business dealings
  4. He is too prone to nepotism
  5. He could be more gracious sometimes with those who oppose him
  6. He has made some bad choices for his inner circle and has sometimes been influenced too much by the bad guys, e.g. by an ungodly Zionist cabal and certain neo-cons
  7. His support for dubious regimes like Saudi by providing weapons is questionable
  8. While Obamacare is flawed, I am not convinced other than his success in creating jobs etc. that he has done all he could reasonably be expected to do, in helping the have nots of society
  9. While he is right to question the climate change agenda, he also needs to understand and respond better to the concerns that have been raised who fear the effects of man made global warming
  10. Some things he has dithered on e.g. election reform, Internet censorship but give the guy a break – his accomplishments and delivering on his promises has been A-MAZ-ING, especially given the opposition has faced, some of it from the Evil one!

He has done more than any #whatabout personality I can think off in exposing who are the real evil doers and curtailing their efforts. As for faults, and he is no more endowed with these than any of his predecessors, this is more to do with foolishness than villainy. Because this is work in progress that could be reversed if Trump were not returned as President in the 2020 elections, I believe for the good of the country and the world that is looking on it is important that he is. Putting aside important matters like the economy, where he has been successful, Trump rather than being evil has been instrumental in turning back the rising tide of evil, becoming a rallying point in a anti-globalist populist uprising and waking people up to the wiles of the globalist elite to enslave us. While the notion of populism raises qualms in some who feel the emphasis should be on tackling racism, climate change and social injustice etc. I would argue that by lifting the shackles and freeing the people these concerns can also be better addressed.  I also maintain Trump is acting as a catalyst for revival in the church.

  1. He has invited God back into the White House and lifted barriers muzzling people of faith.
  2. While he has made some bad decisions in his appointments, I sense that more than any other President he has appointed to high office more of the good guys than they have
  3. He doesn’t believe babies should be murdered before they are born and has empowered those attempting to stop these evils
  4. He supports the rule of law – clearly
  5. He supports Israel
  6. His leadership has successfully contributed to the tracking down and prosecution of those involved in child sex trafficking
  7. He has rightly and consistently called out the swamp (listed above) for many of their evil shenanigans
  8. After 2 years of the Russia delusion collusion nonsense and the Mueller investigation that found little dirt, under his leadership the real villains are now being gone after – hooray!
  9. On balance his foreign policy decisions have been sound, putting into perspective, for example, the relative threats of Russia and China, with the great added bonus he is anti-globalist
  10. The facts the real evil doers are having a fit over what he is doing tells me that he is probably on the side of the (good) angels

4 thoughts on “Trump evil!? nah, on the contrary …

  1. Alan Hart says:

    Donald Trump may not be evil. Donald Trump may be a man of God. Donald Trump may have won his post by default (Hilary polled millions more votes). However Donald Trump is an idiot ! What Presidential precedent allows these ridiculous tweets, making statements he must know are unenforceable. He may be right sometimes by accident, but I agree with our Prince, who just announced he won’t attend Tea with him and I expect more protest when he comes than Stars and Stripes waving ! When he was ‘elected’ The Sun newspaper had a front page with the Statue of Liberty covering her eyes and saying ‘What have they done !’. .Perhaps he could sack some of our Government when he gets here to keep his hand in on removing detractors.

  2. paul fox says:

    He does not tell more lies than most politicians. Come of it. There is not many with hid record = The noise from wind turbines causes cancer. The wall is already being built. Mothers, in consultation with their doctors, execute their children. These are some of the boldest, most deranged lies Donald Trump has told since becoming the 45th president of the United States. But, as anyone with access to the Internet or TV knows, he’s also told hundreds of smaller lies about everything from not calling Tim Cook “Tim Apple” to the number of people at a Beto O’Rourke rally. And when we say the leader of the free world has told “hundreds” of lies, we actually mean closer to 10,000.

    • Alan Hart says:

      Politicians are not automatically liars, but many put their feet in mouth and make promises they know cannot be kept. A good example is Boris, may the Gods prevent us adopting our own mini-Trump !

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