Australia’s unexpected election result

I will be honest and say I know very little about Australian politics and while Australia often features in my sports related blogs (let’s face it they punch well above their weight when it comes to sporting success) I have never devoted a blog article to anything that is mainly to do with Australia outside of sport.

I like many I suspect was surprised when I come across the above meme (which is what happens when having conservative leaning Facebook friends) and I didn’t even know the Aussies were having an election. Two articles giving good background to what happened are: “2019 Australia election: Morrison celebrates ‘miracle’ win” and “Australia’s Conservatives Win Surprise Election Victory”. It is true I am aware of some of the politically correct nonsense perpetrated by Australians, like Israel Folau being banned from rugby or David Icke having his visa revoked at the last minute, but then it seems to me that this is all part of the culture wars that we are experiencing globally.

I was struck by Franklin Grahams thoughts: “Congratulations to Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison for winning the election there in what is being called a surprise victory! Prime Minister Morrison even called it a miracle! He’s a believer, a follower of Jesus Christ—and Australia is blessed to have him. I was with Prime Minister Morrison in February when I was in Australia to preach the Gospel. It was a real privilege to be in his home and meet his family. There’s no question—I believe in miracles! And I believe God will use this man to help bring Australia prosperity and strength. I know he would appreciate your prayers.”

I know too little about Australian politics to offer a view whether than this unlikely victory is to be preferred to what might have happened but in the light of the meme comparing this to Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections and the decision in the EU Referendum for the UK to leave the UK I suspect if I were to do so I would side with the result decided on by the Australian electorate.

I have little doubt globally we are in an enormous  battle which is not always easy to articulate and while most won’t admit it (although many are now awake to the possibility) is spiritual in essence. Climate change is NOT the number one issue; a world that has run away from God is. The fact the Australian PM is a Christian is interesting but the heart of the matter is what we want our countries to be, starting from returning to our Judaeo-Christian roots and to withstand the threatened godless globalist tyranny


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