Trump, Farage and political correctness

One of the online “newspapers” I frequently refer to is Pink News. While there is stuff I might take issue with (especially in the very active “Readers Comments” that goes with it), I generally find the reporting fair and it often reports on things I don’t read about elsewhere and does so from an LBGT perspective.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Jackson, MS


I was interested to read the article titled: “Nigel Farage wages war on ‘political correctness’ at Donald Trump rally”. The article includes the text: “Though he said he would not directly endorse Mr Trump at the event, Mr Farage directly encouraged his supporters to take on the “establishment”, adding that he would not vote for Hillary Clinton “even if she paid me”. Mr Farage said:There are millions of ordinary Americans who have been let down, who have had a bad time, who feel the political class in Washington are detached from them, who feel so many of their representatives are politically-correct parts of that liberal media elite. They feel people aren’t standing up for them and they’ve actually, in many cases, given up on the whole electoral process”. Less sympathetic and unsurprisingly were the Readers Comments, although like the Pink News readers I too am not a fan of either Trump or Farage, and have said so in past blogs.

Two years ago, I blogged on the subject of political correctness and warned of some of the dangers. Despite my reservations, as far as this matter is concerned I am more inclined to sympathise with Trump and Farage rather than their detractors. I also believe that one of the reasons many do support these two is they are heartily fed up with what they perceive to be the negative consequences of political correctness. While it may rather grate with many of my friends that they are supported by otherwise decent and reasonable people, unto we understand what political correctness is doing to our countries, and why there is such a backlash by those who are simply fed up by being subjugated by such, we will not understand why the popularity. There is an answer or at least a better way, but to know what that is you will need to read my related blogs.


One thought on “Trump, Farage and political correctness

  1. Glen Hague says:

    Donald Trump is someone who would say anything to get power. If being President of the US required him to convert to Islam, he’d do it in an instant. No morals, no ideology, no beliefs, just an overwhelming sense of his own importance and a hunger for power. He would also be a danger to world peace due to his unpredictability and his narcissism.
    Farage is a racist, a stirrer of hatred between people and a demagogue. One good thing that came out of Brexit – he and his awful party of fruit cakes are now irrelevant….

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