Trumpwatch 38 – A time to heal!?

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven … A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up” Ecclesiastes 3:1,3

So this is my third Trumpwatch blog in a week and I feel like the proverbial London bus – you wait hours for one to turn up and then three come in a space of a very short time. Ever since I began this series of Trump watching, I have never been hard pressed to find stuff to write about, and while a lot else important is going on it seems happenings around Trump are the most significant, but it seems right now we have hit a new peak of things happening, often spectacular, perspectives changing and startling new revelations and refutations, such that lack of material to cover is never the problem.

I had been toying with the idea of not adding to my last “fat lady hasn’t sung yet” Trumpwatch episode until my fat lady does indeed sing, hoping and feeling the next episode will be on the lines of “dodging the bullet” i.e. what might have happened if Biden had won as is being celebrated already in all sorts of quarters and why we should be relieved when he doesn’t. Already, the signs are not good if I were to go along with the official narrative, with Biden already, it appears, lining up his team likely to move us in the wrong direction in all sorts of areas I care about – but that will be for a future episode. In the meantime Trump has a ginormous battle to substantiate that if it were not for fraud he would be the clear winner. In the meantime we are seeing a coup unfold in front of us.

I want to start by picking up where I left off four days ago. I began writing my thirty seventh episode with Biden ahead, at least as far as mainstream media is concerned, in gathering the requisite number (270) Electoral College votes needed for a candidate to achieve victory. By the time I finished, he reached that number and all sorts of people, including friends in my locality and some I hadn’t reckoned on being all that interested, making euphoric noises that Biden is President elect. Encouraged by mainstream media, world leaders, assorted members of the elite, believe Biden had won. Biden was happy to accept that mantle, and give his “unifying” speech (which I will get to). I have to confess, I was somewhat taken aback by this rapid turn of events and is why I wrote as I did.

As I write, the evidence of shenanigans as far as last weeks election goes is amassing, although the jury is out whether or not these are inconsequential and would not affect the election outcome or it has been done on a deliberate, industrial scale and implicating all sorts of likely and unlikely suspects from the bad guy camp. It is a matter, of course, for the criminal justice system to ascertain (which they are doing), for re-counts to happen – which will be taking place in several states and for the judiciary to “call strikes”, likely ending up in the US Supreme Court (with Trump fortuitously having got his lady in, in the nick of time – or was it God’s providence – but I digress). There is no doubt in the eyes of many the system for voting is flawed, with observers disallowed, mail-in ballot fraud, and faulty electronic counting, aided and abetted by sanctimonious officials whose agenda is for their man to win, fair means or foul, and thus susceptible to fraud, which may be par for the course for a banana republic but not for one that is portrayed a city on a hill and seen as an example of how democracies should operate.

But we, who know a tiny fraction of all that is going on, must wait patiently. At least the American system does not rely on mainstream media to call the result (which may surprise some). As things stand, no State vote has been certified and that needs to happen before the Electoral College does meet, forty days after the election. One of the salutary happenings is how events are turning out, with many beginning to show their true colours. Trump has long been pointing out the electoral system, notably in Democratic states, lends itself to fraud, even to the extent of saying it has already happened – much to the annoyance to many. Like a high stakes poker player, he will either be found out as a con man or he will be vindicated – watch this space. Methinks he knows exactly what is doing and is waiting for his chess pieces to be all in place or as a master strategist in “The Art of War”. His punishing schedule of rallies before the election, calling out cheating and then playing golf is symptomatic of someone who matches Sun Tzu’s criteria – again watch this space.

We may have responded Trump’s past digs at mainstream media with tongue in cheek incredulity, but I suspect the evidence of reporting since votes were counted, and after, supports that claim. I have long been calling out the BBC as biased but following their recent reporting it has left me in no doubt. As for Fox, they have been a major disappointment, given one might have expected them to at least present fairly the Trump perspective. While Hannity, Carlson and other Trump sympathizers are still on board, it is noted they called Arizona early, sacked Judge Jeanine Pirro and have censored presidential press briefings, and overall been a major disappointment. I have, incidentally, rationed my intake of MSM as to keeping following them would drive me crazy. As for Google, Facebook and Twitter, we know they have been long censoring Trump sympathizers and allowing his detractors – and methinks it will get worse before, hopefully, it gets better. As for world leaders congratulating Biden, some we may have expected – but Benjamin Netanyahu and Boris Johnson – surely not!? And all sorts of others, like Piers Morgan and notable Republicans, have turned on Trump.

Which brings me back to “a time to heal” – a nice idea I am sure we would all agree, and notably one being pushed by Biden and those pleased to see the back of Trump, unless it doesn’t happen and the glossed over riots and carnage by BLM and Antifa inspired mobs come back with a vengeance and  back to “a time to kill”. Ironically, many of those calling for healing with their veneer of respectability and veiled threat of we have your number if you are a vociferous Trump supporter, have these past four years been de-legitimizing the Trump presidency. But there can never be healing if truth is quoshed, and while it is the divisions we are seeing will continue. But here is the deal I can offer – if it can be demonstrated Biden has won fair and square (and ultimately the result may well be determined in the US Supreme Court, and don’t forget what happened in 2000 when a claimed Gore win was overturned in favour of Bush), I will painfully accept the result, like I did with another unhappy win, Obama in 2008, and will come together with my detractors in order to work toward the common good.

At the moment from where I sit, a coup has been effected (whether successfully remains to be seen) reminiscent of that between Adonijah and Solomon (as recorded in 1 Kings 1 – the right guy won btw). While the woke left and many good people, including among my friends, look forward to a Biden presidency and Trump becoming history, many others, including those who voted for Trump and looking on the electoral process with consternation, are on tenterhooks. It should be added the whole world is watching for who will lead the western world. Even among Christians, broadly in my theological camp, they are divided as to what to make out of it.

Firstly, I will say healing can NOT take place without the truth being established first and there is a strong correlation between love, truth and healing. Secondly, I can now see beyond the matter of God either acting in mercy (a Trump win) or in judgment (a Biden win) but rather what matters is to glorify His Holy name and prepare a holy people for when Jesus returns to earth to reign to give true healing. Thirdly, I believe Trump will become President for four more years and it can be the Church’s finest hour, when much deep rooted corruption will be truly exposed and the evils of globalism held back for a season, but most importantly for there to be a harvest of souls. Lastly, all this is in God’s hands. The maxims: “trust and obey”, “watch and pray”, “test and weigh” all apply here.


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