Trumpwatch 37 – it ain’t over till the fat lady sings

When I blogged the following day concerning the previous day’s US Presidential election, the result was still on a knife edge, with Biden feeling optimistic of winning and Trump claiming victory.

Three days on and the Fat Lady has still not sung, although many anti-Trumpers would claim she has, based on media “calling the result”. The worst case scenario for a pro-Trumper is it will very soon be made very clear that Biden has won and claims he hasn’t will soon be dismissed where it matters – in the courts, and that the Democrats retain the House of Representatives and win the Senate.

Before I go on about claim and counter claim concerning electoral fraud, I should first lay my cards on the table and explain myself. I have voted in every UK nearest equivalent to US Presidential elections, from 1970 onwards, soon after I was allowed to vote. I believe in the majority of cases the person I preferred LOST. While not particularly happy about the outcome, I accepted the result because I believed (and still do) the elections were fair ones. I have made it very clear in my blogs on the matter, I wanted Trump to win Tuesday’s election and the Republicans to win both the House and the Senate and gave reasons why for me it was a “no brainer”, as I considered the alternatives to be bad for the world.

If it can be shown, when the dust has finally settled, that a Biden / Democrat victory was achieved fairly then I would accept the result and do as the anti-Trumpers are urging – move on. But I am far from satisfied. I could do a forensic trawl through the “evidence” that has occurred and, true to form, mainstream media, including the BBC, have been dismissive of the notion, just as they did on the reporting of the two campaigns, but will refrain from providing detail, although if pressed I could cite those who have raised their concerns and claim to have evidence, including by Trump. (EDIT: the BBC reporting of latest events is outrageously anti-Trump.)

That something was not as we would hope, when it comes to fair elections, became evident during the first night of counting. As the number of electoral votes needed was approaching the 270 needed by Biden, a lot of marginal states (all Democrat controlled) were showing Trump was doing better and set to win. Then counting mysteriously stopped, almost by cue, to resume the following days, when more votes were identified to be counted, most of which were showing for Biden, and taboot legitimate count witnessing by Republican observers was disallowed – all very fishy! (EDIT: many of these still being counted states did flip and as I write Biden has seemingly got the 270 electoral college seats he needs to become President and is claiming victory, but given the issues around fraud identified and a President who fights, it is clear the Fat Lady has yet to sing and it is unlikely she will for some time!)

It is true I am not a fan of mail-in ballots, which have played such an important part in this election, but accept these are a fact of life to live with. Even if it is reckoned this form of voting favours Biden and the Democrats, that it was politically motivated and was pushed on the back of the Covid emergency, PROVIDING there is no cheating and every attempt is made to ensure that cheating does NOT occur and there is full transparency, which in this election has NOT been the case, I would accept the validity of mail-in ballots.

So where does all this leave us? The days ahead are going to be interesting, to say the least. If there is a silver lining, it is not just Trump and Republicans have done a lot better than pollsters predicted but that the skullduggery I have been blogging concerning these past four years are about to be exposed and some of my anti-Trumper friends are about to be red pilled. I do not claim to be a prophet when I say I believe Trump will win and be declared the winner, but am mindful there are a number who I do regard as prophets have said so. Not only will the Almighty vindicate those who I believe are prophets, who have predicted a Trump win, but He has heard the cries of His people for justice and the groanings of a world feeling darkness falling over it and is crying out for relief.

I am told Stalin did not say the above but sadly the statement reflects the reality of what goes on. Democracy is not only a bad form of government whose redeeming feature is it is better than any other form but can be and often has been hijacked by the bad guys who do the count. My prayer is that this time round mischief will be truly exposed and, in the meantime, I wait for the Fat Lady to sing. In any case, I urge on those who, like me, have felt a sense of foreboding about these recent developments, to take heart.

I am mindful of wanting to reach out to my anti-Trumper friends, who have not yet defriended me on Facebook etc. I recognise you may have good reasons for not liking Trump but actually it is not about him. I also recognise there are issues, notably to do with social justice, that concern you. While we may sometimes have to agree to disagree, I suspect we will share a lot of common ground, sadly not always debated or realised because of acrimonious polarisation. Finally, it is worth reiterating that our trust must not be in a Biden or a Trump or anyone else, but in the Lord God Almighty.


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