Trump, the Supreme Court and the ongoing battle

According to the New York Times:President Trump on Tuesday (yesterday) nominated Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, elevating a conservative in the mold of Justice Antonin Scalia to succeed the late jurist and touching off a brutal, partisan showdown at the start of his presidency over the ideological bent of the nation’s highest court”. As far as Trump actions go, this is but the tip of the iceberg in his attempts to bring ideological change to America, and will no doubt attract much scrutiny.


I am very conscious that Trump’s actions since becoming President have upset many, including among friends, and in a minority of cases my tacit and vociferous (albeit with reservations) support of Trump has caused some friendships to weaken. I make no apology because we are, without wanting to appear melodramatic, seeing an upping of the ante in the culture wars I often go on about and a fight back by the globalists who really do fear what Trump might accomplish if he really does manage to drain the swamp. Since I believe Trump is in the main right on culture war and globalism matters and my (often) Christian friends are not only wrong but also being hoodwinked regarding fact presentation, I find it difficult to shut up on the matter. (When I saw the online petition going round calling for Trump’s state visit to the UK to be called off, I couldn’t help but resist signing a counter petition for it to happen!)

It appears that the opposition to Trump, which is powerful, and could, if carried through in the way leading figures want, result in the overthrow of the Trump administration. It is one that is supported by an anti-Trump media, who are not letting up in their unsympathetic and sometimes skewed reporting. When I reflect on his recent Executive Orders, e.g. the travel ban from seven Muslim majority countries (see here), I realize why the anti brigade are having a field day, carrying with them many good people who have been sold the idea this is an attack on Muslims rather than a measure to protect America, I can see why what we are now seeing is a battle for the soul of a nation which has global implications.

I suspect I could be counted in that significant group of Evangelical Christians who would have voted for Trump virtually on one issue alone: who is to be nominated to the US Supreme Court? Put simply (or simplistically depending how you look at it) the nominee would have been liberal leaning if Hillary was President and conservative if Donald was President, and this would have far reaching consequences on American life and culture, maybe more even than all the Executive Orders put together. While I know nothing about Judge Gorsuch besides what I have just read, I have no doubt he will make decisions based on a more literal interpretation of the US Constitution than Law, and not legislate from the bench.

Already the backlash is being seen and no doubt the politicians opposed to Trump will do all they can to stop the nomination from being confirmed. I couldn’t help noting that the influential Elizabeth Warren has already and unsurprisingly made her opposition clear based on the argument that Gorsuch is more likely to favour the interests of big business over those of the common man. In one way, such scrutiny is to be welcomed, especially given how important the appointment is, and is part of the checks and balances that we need to see. When I found out that the two examples she cited of Gorsuch showing such a bias was to do with companies not paying health insurance for women having abortions, I was less sympathetic.

I have no doubt there will be many dramas to follow when it comes to Trump’s presidency. Whether one agrees or not, he has wasted no time in trying to fulfill his promises and done so at a phenomenal pace. I have no doubt we are seeing a battle (or many battles) unfold and this will have significant ramifications for the future of the planet. I have no intention in being drawn into taking sides other than with the Almighty, but I am stirred to watch and pray and simply carrying on doing what I can to help my community.


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