Trumpwatch 36 – a time of reckoning or is it?

Now we know or at least we had hoped we would …

Having been up half the night following the BBC US Election program, I reflected and wrote on my Facebook page: “Have been watching the slightly skewed BBC election coverage. My thoughts are mixed. My hope of a decisive Trump victory along with the Senate and the House has not happened. We don’t know and may not know for sure the final outcome for days. Clearly a nation divided. The potential for civil unrest is real. My biggest thought is the question where is God in all this? I am still hopeful but my biggest lesson is not to trust in man but in God. He knows what He is doing and He does all things well. We must watch and pray” That is where we now at (04/11/20 1400 GMT). Perhaps my biggest disappointment, besides half the US electorate and my woke Christian friends NOT seeing what I see when it comes to who is the right person to be POTUS, was AOC and the Squad all won their Congress seats and seeing other assorted baddies also winning.

I confess as soon as I came down at 2am and switched on the TV to what I thought was the best of an indifferent bunch, attracted by clever, pompous, omniscient Andrew Neil as the main presenter, and saw what was happening and taking in assorted opinions, I knew my hopes of a decisive Trump victory was not going to happen and I confess I feared the worst, although as I write and humanly speaking the result is in the balance and depends on what the yet unaccounted for polling comes up with and whether Trumps threat to provide a legal challenge, noting the likelihood these late results will not favour him, materialises.  I did feel a divine rebuke – while I am part of that deplorable minority that thinks anything other than a Trump win would be disastrous for the world and that would play into the hands of the globalist, humanity enslaving, Covid milking bad guy elites, I recognise I need to trust Him who has the whole wide world and you and me brother in His hands. For the record, I am still hoping for a Trump victory over an unthinkable Biden one.

On the subject of BBC and MSM bias (and that includes Fox minus Tucker and Sean) it was there, albeit subtly such that accusations will no doubt elicit righteous indignation if confronted. While the BBC could claim it did include members of Trump’s fan club for an opinion, my instinct that overall the coverage was on the anti-Trump side of neutral. The Neil subtext that Trump ought to have felt pleased he did a lot better than pollsters predicted and therefore be prepared to hold up his hands as a gallant loser who at least tried, was annoyingly condescending and, besides which, most certainly was not Trump’s style. Then when Trump went on about feeling cheated by votes remaining uncounted and late voting – how dare he – he either needs to give evidence or shut up. I am keeping my counsel on this one – I know not enough about US election politics and am glad voter fraud is not an issue in the UK. My view is play by the rules; I have no problem with mail in ballots, even though I prefer vote in person and that it likely favours the Democrats, providing it is fair – and I have seen too many suggestions it isn’t!

As I write, while like everyone else I am on tenterhooks, I am hoping soon to be put out my misery (in my case) by the announcement that Trump has secured the 270 electoral college votes he needs to secure a further four years as President. But I won’t hold by breath; I fully anticipate twists and turns, fake news reporting and acrimonious exchanges and rioting on the streets by the malcontents. If as Trump claims there has been shenanigans in the voting process, I hope and pray these will be exposed. Meanwhile, I must keep trusting in the Lord, who will have the last word. I hope given what is at stake, He will have mercy on us all. God bless America!


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