Trumpwatch 41 – when the Dominos fall

There is a game when you vertically line up dominos, each carefully distanced such that if one domino falls the rest follow – a pleasant to behold sight as those who have played the game can testify.

No doubt about it, the aftermath to the November 3rd (outcome still unresolved) US election has been a roller coaster ride and is not one for the faint hearted, including domino fans, with more than a hint of concern when people like me not only believe a Biden win would be bad for the world on several fronts, but are now convinced that if he does win, which most pundits believe is going to happen given successive legal challenges have been thrown out, including by the Supreme Court, that it would be a travesty, simply because it would be as a result of a wicked, criminal orchestrated fraud. The bottom line is if Biden had won fair and square, I would not be happy but would go along with the result, realizing it is the price we have to pay for living in a democracy; but he did not win fair and square.

This is now my sixth Trumpwatch episode since the US election, which is indicative of my strength of my feelings on the matter, even more than Brexit talks with yet another delay announced as to whether a deal can be reached or the latest episode in another roller coaster saga – COVID-19. I don’t wish to go over old ground. I have already noted how many, probably most, Brits are either OK with a Biden win or don’t care, and that the evidence of fraud is in my view massive and new evidence is coming to light every day. It is overwhelming and I am far from fully understanding even some of it or knowing what measures in the natural should be taken to ensure justice is done. But more and more people are beginning to wake up, not just on election corruption but many other corruptions, and say “not on my watch”, as yesterday’s Jericho march showed.

The fact that mainstream media dismiss this (unsurprising because it is in the main corrupt) along with influential high powered figures, disappointingly when I expect better, too corrupt or cowardly to speak out and act as the truth is becoming increasingly evident. Many have said given the failure of legal challenges including the highest court, it is time to concede. I disagree with that view and have already put my reputation on the line by saying that it won’t happen because truth, justice and righteousness needs to prevail and God answers the prayers of His believing people.

US Supreme Court Building. (Photo Credit: Architect of the Capitol)

The more I look at what is happening, the more I am humbled by the fact my hopes and expectations for a righteous outcome seem to be thwarted and my powers of punditry have been again exposed. Tomorrow, the electoral college meets to declare who they wish to declare winner for their state, based on the certified results in each State and, despite evidence of fraud in some swing states, which if overturned, which according to the US constitution the state legislatures can do, it would win it for Trump, it is likely Biden will take one more step toward becoming President. The argument goes: since you cannot win it in the courts, what other hope is there – so now do the decent thing. Experts suggest paths to victory allowed by the US Constitution but many are dismissive that will happen. Yet I believe Trump will win, albeit with a fight, bloodier than what we have seen up to now; those who prophesied such will be exonerated, even if I don’t know how come. Anything else would be a travesty.

This election is about far more than Trump, win or lose, and is why I continue to be fired up. It is as fundamental as what direction, good or bad, not just the USA but the whole world is to take (including Brexit and Corona). I have no doubt there is more Kraken of biblical proportions to be released, although time is running out. My belief is a whole lot unseen is happening behind the scenes, including with the military, foreign interference including China and huge almost unimaginable corruption which is related and in the interest of truth and justice needs to be prosecuted. Besides watching the show (what else can one do?) although some predict a media blackout as things get interesting, there is the serious task of watching and praying and seeing the Lord act for the glory of His holy name. I am looking for the first domino to fall and expect the rest to fall soon after.   


4 thoughts on “Trumpwatch 41 – when the Dominos fall

  1. John Hymus says:

    I agree. The dominoes will fall. If Biden wins the world – not just America – will enter into a period of tyrannical slavery.
    But I believe Trump will win. Perhaps that local US victory will unleash the LITERAL ‘Deus ex machina’ and the worldwide exposure, rooting out of and judgment of the Leviathan – or Kraken if you believe in Norse mythology – of deep and age-old evil. Hopefully ‘I saw Satan fall from heaven‘ and ‘Thy Kingdom Come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ will at last be fulfilled.

  2. Edmund Phillimore says:

    In Revelation 17:14 the enemy is making war against the Lamb, BUT. the Lamb will overcome them, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings.
    I believe that the Lord will vindicate the prayers of the many intercessors who are addressing the Court of Heaven and the verdict will be in our favour in a way that we cannot anticipate as it needs to be seen to be the Lord’s verdict (Daniel 7:22).
    Keep praying our battle will be won.

  3. Adenike Michelle says:

    The more complex and difficult this becomes, the more my confidence in God increases. It would not be God if the problem could be resolved easily by Man. God specialises in the impossible – when Man comes to the end of himself, then God is given the free rein to act.
    Heaven has already acted and it’s all completed in the spirit – our job is not to figure out how God will d it. Our job is simply to pray the spiritual into the physical.

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