Who are the true prophets today (3)?

Today I came across an article titled “When Political Prophecies Don’t Come to Pass”.

It had the subtitle “The Bible includes false prophets and true prophets whose words turn out to be false” and made an interesting opening statement “Prophecy is saying what God says, which is more often about forthtelling than about foretelling”. Given I have yet to fully answer my own question since we don’t yet know the outcome one of the more outlandish of recent political prophecies, I decided to read this with an open mind, in the hope it will shed further light, even though I half expected it would be a hit piece against those Trump loving political prophets identified in my last blog in this series. While there were areas I would take issue with, such as what the author sees as some of the down sides of Trump, I thought he made some good points without necessarily answering my question. I liked his admission: “Although I have not been a Trump supporter, I’m someone who wants to see godly prophecies proven true and can understand the disappointment”. I also could concur with his final comments: “Perspectives differ, and we each have just a piece of the larger puzzle. We can be sure of one thing: The Lord remains in control of history, and we can live by his certain Word in Scripture no matter what else happens … As a charismatic Christian myself, I like to see prophecies come true. But prophecies need to be evaluated. Whenever possible, before they go public. And, when necessary, afterward”.

Since this article is about political prophets, it is worth recapping what we mean. In the article, the author mentioned Trump several times and alluded to those “prophets” that comment “as from the Lord” on events going on in the world right now and on possible outcomes. While a few have back tracked, understandably because the Electoral College have met and cast their vote in favour of Biden, the highest court in the land, the US Supreme Court, have thrown out objections, the likes of Mitt Romney (a Republican leader) has already congratulated Biden and notable Evangelical leaders – the latest being Beth Moore and several otherwise believing in modern day prophecy have been dismissive. But a number of political prophets e.g. Mark Taylor, Veronica West, Mario Murillo and Dutch Sheets have stuck to their guns and dare I say more so than before, that Trump will emerge as winner. I hope they are right because these voices I recognise as from the Lord. More importantly, a wicked injustice is being attempted and a Biden Presidency will be bad for the world and open the gates for an evil alliance of globalist interests, the Chinese Communist Party and Islamists.

These are heady days and good people hoping for a Trump win are beginning to lose heart and bow down to what they see as the inevitable – a Joe Biden presidency! Because this has been a subject that has occupied me this past year – I speak not so much about Trump and his re-election prospects but rather regarding prophets and prophecy, it is not one I am about to give up on, especially as things get interesting. I believe in the God who called prophets; while we have the complete Bible it does NOT rule out calling prophets today. I also believe there are many false prophets e.g. prosperity teachers. While when it comes to the manifestation of spiritual gifts, I am a relative beginner, having been surrounded most of my life by cessationist types, I yearn for the real thing and believe we will soon see it abundantly made manifest. During this time leading up to the election and after, I have been torn between the notion that continually occupied the Hebrew prophets: revival or ruin, mercy or judgment. Which one is in the hands of the Almighty. As people of God we are called to repent, pray and seek holiness. As for who will be the 46th US President, I believe it to be Trump. With reference to earlier Trumpwatch blogs: we have yet to experience that Red Sea moment (there is a limit to what human endeavour can accomplish), the dominos falling (exposing all manner of hardly imaginable corruption) and the Fat Lady singing at the end.


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