The Donald and Hillary US Presidential debate (1)

Phew! After a few interruptions on the way, I have just finished listening to the recording of the live televised debate that took place in the early hours of the morning (GMT), between US Presidential hopefuls, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and am just catching breath as I write my initial reactions to the debate. No doubt many others have already done so, with a wide range of views expressed, and you can find out what people think, thanks to the Internet.


I have already blogged on a number of occasions on things to do with the US presidential election (e.g. see here) and I have no intention to going over or even referring to what I have written already (you can find out by going to my blog and working backward through my posts to find out, as I hope some will). Where I left it last time was I considered Donald and Hillary as both poor choices for President and that I was ambivalent as to who I would vote for on a “the lesser of two evils” basis, if I could vote, which I can’t.

I expected to be disappointed by the debate and ended up being pleasantly enlightened on a whole raft of matters, helped by being privy to the (admittedly skewed) markedly different perspectives of the two outsiders. It was no surprise that Hillary came across as the skilled, seasoned debater that she is and Donald as the uncouth, brawler he is (able to play the trump (excuse the pun) card as the establishment outsider). As for winners and losers, from where I stand (sit) it was a draw, although others will disagree. I also felt the debate was well chaired by Lester Holt and it was not easy. He was impartial and informed and kept the debate mostly on track

If anything was confirmed, I remain as, if not more, skeptical Hillary can lead America to any semblance of a promised land. There was little she said that gave me hope she would reduce the national debt, give America better trade deals or provide sound foreign policy in the light of the recent Iran deal, and she continues to strike me as a slippery operator that can talk the talk but not walk the walk. As for Donald, he was his normal belligerent and dare I say it pushy self. He still strikes me as a nasty piece of works, who I would be wary off if I were to do business with him, given he appears to have no conscience by not paying what he owes or not backing down when it comes to inciting hate or not being able to effect the healing in the nation America needs (although that is also true of Hillary).

The debate focused on the economy (understandably – it usually comes down to this when considering issues by what people view as important) and national security, world peace and the terrorist threat, and a lot of things were opened up that I need to give more thought to. The question that Franklin Graham posed regarding Supreme Court appointees (see my yesterday’s blog) and the point he raised today that both candidates talk about children’s future, yet neither touch on life for the unborn, remains unanswered, and in my view is very important. There are two debates still to come, as well as one between the vice-presidential candidates, and one hopes here and in other important areas we will get answers.

Overall, it was a worth watching debate, that did not disappoint, for there was enough said to be able to read between the lines, and one any American wanting to decide how to vote ought to watch. I still can’t make up my mind, and look forward to the debates to come.

All I can add is: God bless America – you are in my prayers!


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