Obamacare versus Trumpcare

I have resisted doing lots of research on the matter and thus forfeit the right to pontificate greatly on the USA healthcare system that currently exists (referred to as Obamacare) and what might replace it (referred to as Trumpcare). Despite a number of attempts to repeal and replace, it hasn’t happened, to the delight of some and the consternation of others. The latest failure is now a major talking point, along with many other happenings in Washington.

While my gut instinct is the current system is flawed, the fact there has been different attempts to come up with a suitable replacement is worrying because I would have thought this key promise in the Trump presidential campaign should have been fully thought through a lot more than it has and while some of the right wing pundits think this was better than earlier attempts, what I see is confusion, no doubt fueled by a media that is clouded by its dislike for Trump. I have little doubt that part of the problem is the Democrats would vote against any attempt to replace Obamacare as a matter of principle and the few Republicans that have hitherto been critical of and committed to repealing Obamacare have now joined the Democrats on this matter, rather than being beholden to speaking truth to power are mainly never Trumpers who have their own reasons for voting thus and also acting politically rather than in the best interests of the country. As for the merits and otherwise of the democratic system that allows the legislature (Houses of Congress and Senate) to use various tactics to thwart the executive (the Trump administration) as has happened, this is something I would need to study further. As for constitutional checks and balances, this is a good thing but I dislike it when as I fear is the case here politicking is replacing doing what is right.

There is something in me that makes me glad we in Britain have the NHS still, in the light of what is going on across the Pond, although for how much longer, who knows? It means that in principle at least any UK citizen would get the healthcare he/she needs and would not have to pay and, often, something I can personally attest to, the healthcare provided is superb. It seems to me the rationale behind Obamacare to start with is that it extends the healthcare provision to the poorest in society, which for folk like me with conservative leaning tendencies has always been bothersome. The downside, is it is costly to those who have to pay and inefficient, a lot more than is necessary and has other drawbacks and seen all sorts of shenanigans (e.g. robbing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) in the process.

Whether Trumpcare should ever be enacted and in what form if and when that happens, one wonders to what extent it can ever give the American people its cake and let them eat it, remains to be seen. I hope a suitable replacement is found that will provide, at least to a significant extent, for the neediest and poorest in society, without financially crippling those who pay or restricting their choices, but I suspect there will be fireworks and drama before that happens.


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