Trumpwatch (8)

Today, 04/08/17, I have added an important update concerning developments in the Trump saga, see below.

So the Trumpwatch saga serial continues and I don’t see an end in sight. It is not that I planned it this way or even intended to do the next episode at this time, but I feel I need to. When it comes to President Trump, things always appear to be happening around him and right now and without wanting to be melodramatic we are months, maybe even weeks, away from there being a coup attempt to overthrow the President by foul rather than fair means, given all out attempts to undermine him by the political and media elite have failed, evidenced by remarks from high level establishment figures and members of media (not just the conspiracy theorist alt right). I sense levels of vitriolic hate and vehement opposition to Trump are rising and as well as public antipathy there are signs of rising widespread public support too as they believe he is good for America, and any coup attempt would also bring about civil war.

Despite reports he is getting closer to God, many of his flaws that have been pointed out over the years are still there, and he continues to embarrass, as my last Trump related blog pointed out, when he addressed the Scout Jamboree. I can also see why some put his behaviour in the not normal category. All of which is an excuse by some for getting rid of him. Yet I am increasingly of the view he is God’s wrecking ball to expose corruption in the land and still show mercy, yet it does not let him off the hook when he is wrong, as he often is. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Trump land, but I am not, and have to rely on reports by the mixed bag media, my own accumulated knowledge and impressions, and gut instinct. All sorts of things are happening and yet again he is being thwarted even though he is on the whole doing good and reclaiming America for the good guys, for example regarding the passing of his repeal of Obamacare bill, and being surrounded by folk who say yes sir and do the opposite and are ok when it comes to leaking. Rather than drone on, I thought I would introduce some of the characters in this mega drama that I haven’t talked about much in my blog musings, but play and will play a significant part. A full analysis of their character and work is not on offer right now, but at least I can introduce the characters (in no particular order) and share my impressions.

Rodney Howard Browne

I suspect when it comes to theological application Pastor Rodney and I are not from the same stable. He was one of those who recently prayed with the President in the White House, which I view as remarkable because here is the key to regaining God’s favour in a land under judgment. He later met with an unnamed Congressman who told him of plans to bring down the President. He shared this and is committed to praying for Gods protection, a very good thing.

Rience Preibus

Depending on who you listen to, Rience Priebus, who until yesterday was Trump’s chief of staff, was a savvy corrective and a much needed foil to this inexperienced president or part of a fifth column that is wanting to undermine him. I suspect he has not been fully in tune with Trump’s agenda and has been remiss in plugging leaks from within the White House. Now he is gone, part of the Trump move to clean house. In my view this is a good thing as the President needs not just wise counsel but people to work with him.

John McCain

John McCain keeps popping up. Most recently it was because of his cancer scare and then returning to the Senate to much applause and being a key figure in voting against the repeal of Obamacare. He strikes me as part of that high profile group of never Trumpers that exist in the Republican Party, who seem to be itching for and willing Trump to go. I consider his efforts in the Syria and the Middle East to have been mainly counter productive and on the whole dangerous. I am worried when I signs of bullying and dementia.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is a recent discovery and joins the small band of journalists that report news fairly, something that has become an important factor in this presidency and will continue to do so. He is a radio talk show host and conservative political commentator. I enjoyed his recent assessment of Jeff Sessions and clear grasp of facts and his insights into the coup attempt to unseat the President. I should add that the mainstream commentator I have also come to appreciate, who has stepped up to the plate when commentating on events in Trumpland is Sean Hannity, and there is Alex Jones 🙂

Jeff Sessions

My impression of Jeff Sessions is he is an honourable man yet misguided at times and vilified as his detractors have tried to portray him as a racist. Excusing himself from anything Russian has made it possible for the Special Prosecutor to be appointed, that seems to me unnecessary and pernicious and a smokescreen for going after the real villains. His obsession with cannabis and taking away civil assets strikes me as a distraction from doing what he really needs to do. Whether the President was right or not to criticize him publicly at least he is now investigating the leaks.

Trey Gowdy

This guy has grown on me and watching him perform in intelligence related hearings is a pleasure when he goes for the jugular in the cases of them who need that sort of treatment. While he seems to be more Trump leaning than not, he strikes me as being fair, bright and discrete. I sense he may have an increasingly important part to play in days to come. I love it when he refers to the blindfolded lady holding the scales, and it is she who he is beholden to. Amen to that!

Anthony Scaramucci

And finally, Trump’s new director of communication. I was sad to note his wife is suing for divorce and I note one detractor’s comment that he has a shady past. Yet he is a friend of and loyal to the President, which he needs right now. He is also a hard hitter and a shrewd operator that impresses every time I watch him on film. I sense he will lay bare what is happening regarding leaks and will be an important asset as Trump seeks to implement his agenda.

Update 04/08/07: Concerns pertaining to the taking out of the President if anything intensify. I never expected Scaramucci to go so quickly (see here) and Reince Priebus’ replacement as Trump’s head of staff, General John Kelly, to take such a hard line when it comes to who has access to the President. It seems to me this is one way to isolate the President, and for him to see only what these powerful subordinates want him to see and not those more in tune with Trump’s agenda who can give sound counsel is bothersome. And yet Kelly appears to be one of the good guys; I just hope he is on Trump’s side and is looking out for one who needs good people around him and not on that of the Deep State plotting his downfall. It seems Trump has a fixation with the military, evidenced by his hires, and this has mixed effects. I fear his national security advisor, General H.R. McMaster, is a neocon and a globalist and has dismissed some not of that ilk. As for the Legislative branch of government, we have come to expect the Democratic resistance to Trump carrying out the agenda he was elected on but it seems a number of Republicans are too, evidenced recently by Trump’s fourth attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare being voted out (see here). And as for the saga of Mueller the Special Prosecutor, it seems this is intensifying with another anti-Trumper added to the inquisition and now a Grand Jury is in the process of being appointed. And Russian collusion delusion just won’t go away (see here) evidenced by sanctions now being imposed on Russia, which Trump reluctantly signed. And yet there is growing evidence of Trump doing good, like the bringing back of American jobs and growth in value of the USA stock market and bringing back a sense of law and order in the land. And yet Trump continues to tweet and go on the offensive in putting across the message he was elected on. Now he is about to take a vacation and one wonders what might happen “while the cat is away”. I have found myself watching “Seven Days in May“, a 1964 American political thriller motion picture about a military-political cabal’s planned take-over of the United States government in reaction to the president’s negotiation of a disarmament treaty with the Soviet Union, which in the light of the above seems strangely relevant. We do indeed live in interesting times and yours truly remains committed to watch and pray, and even more so. And yes, I believe Trump is God’s man for such a time as this. May God help us, because ultimately only He can!


2 thoughts on “Trumpwatch (8)

  1. Elle Jackson says:

    PS I like what you’ve written and Mr President certainly has had hyenas in disguise to contend with…on top of his crash course into the workings at the White House.
    I think he’s learning the “tricks of this particular trade” (tirade, more like it with all the people who are out to bring him down, they’re obsessed with slandering him at every possible situation)!
    – Though I’d wish he could see himself not to tweet quite so passionately! As all the ones against him try & make a mountain out of a molehill when he does the Twitter thing.
    I do hope he does well & keeps his health strong for the task at hand.

    From Australia

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