The Russian collusion delusion

The last comment I read before writing this piece was from Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:Jared Kushner is testifying today before the Senate about a meeting he attended with a Russian lawyer. I have met this young man on several occasions and he is very sharp. Both he and his wife Ivanka Trump are exceptional. I certainly do not know what was said in these meetings that are being discussed, but this whole debate about Russia influencing our elections is a giant smokescreen. The progressive socialists had plans for our country and Donald J. Trump disrupted those plans. They were sure he would lose the presidential election. They are still infuriated and want to keep President Trump and his administration distracted so they will not be able to pass the tax reform, healthcare reform, and immigration reform we need so badly. They also want to keep the American people distracted. They would rather see the country spiral downward than for problems to be fixed. Join me in praying for Jared today. Also pray for the president and for Vice President Mike Pence. Our nation is in trouble, and we need God’s healing hand in so many ways”. What Graham writes reflect many of my views, but first let’s rewind …

Even before Trump was elected President we have been hearing of Russian influence in the US Presidential election and how Trump and his associates had colluded with the Russians. Toward the end of the Obama administration, a number of Russian diplomats were expelled for this reason, although I wonder if the real reason was to undermine Trump. But getting on for a year, nothing has been proven and the evidence of links, besides that which are innocent and normal, have been tenuous at best. It has been an unhelpful distraction, likely as part of a concerted effort to discredit a President that has refused to tow the line with the Deep State and other powerful forces that influence national affairs to serve their own sinister purposes. And worse iniquities have been overlooked in the meantime as the two Ben Garrison cartoons indicate, and it beggars belief these aren’t being pursued. Trump is understandably annoyed at his Attorney General, Sessions for “excusing himself”, thus making the way open for a special prosecutor to investigate and doing so more intrusively than is needed, and one with links to the Clinton and others unsympathetic to Trump taboot. There was then the farcical fake news of Trump pardoning himself when the real issue is over White House leaks. I for one am all for leaks if in the national interest, or more specifically in order to uphold the Constitution, I suspect when we look back in history Wikileaks will be seen as such and partly because it throws light on the Russian collusion delusion and Deep State shenanigans. But I dislike disloyalty and when the leaks are designed to undermine the very people you are working for, in this case Trump. Then there was Trump speaking to Putin at the G20 dinner – give us a break – that is what he needs to do! Which finally brings me to mainstream media (fake news) that persists with continuing the Russia narrative yet too often fails to report on those things that really matter.

This is not one of my more polished blogs; and that is because I am angry since so much energy has been expended on the matter that ought to been spent fixing the country, and is reminiscent of 1950’s Russian McCarthy witch hunts. I suppose if this “nothing burger” turns out to be something after all I may need to retract but I doubt that will be the case and what is more likely are further attacks, coup d’etat even, on the President. I am all for truth being pursued and powerful people being brought to account, but this Russian collusion delusion is a perversion of justice, and the sooner it ends the better.


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