Breakfast at Monte

It has been 17 months since I visited Monte (see below for my report) and I decided today to revisit there for these three reasons:

  1. my positive earlier visit and a revisit was overdue
  2. I had to put my car in for an MOT at the garage opposite
  3. I hadn’t eaten since yesterday lunchtime

I went for the basic breakfast plus and it was great, especially the sausages, all cooked to perfection. I  liked the tea. Quantity wise, it was more than enough for me, and it was good value taboot. And again their speciality: chorizo was on offer. If there was a downside, friendliness and customer attentiveness was lacking. An amusing aside was it was busy (I arrived 10.30) and, going by the language spoke around me, the majority of customers were PORTUGUESE.


Today I had breakfast at Monte. Monte is a Café Restaurant, opposite Sainsbury’s in the Southend town centre, which opened September last year. Every other month I have breakfast with an old friend and have been doing so these past three years or so. We chew the cud, put the world to rights, discuss Bible prophecy and the church and the local homeless scene, all topics of which we have impassioned views and share a good deal of common ground. We try a new venue each time we meet and today it was Monte’s turn.

It was a good experience and Monte has been added to my “go back to” list, maybe not for breakfast next time, for having checked out the menu there are a number of dinner items that look yummy and interesting. The venue was not much to wow over and is quite small, although it was bright and airy, clean and ordered, and homely and cosy. Trade was brisk even though it was only just after 10am. The service was pleasant and efficient. As a side activity we later got into a lively discussion with staff about Portugal and its influence in the world historically. The value was between ok and excellent. The breakfast was delicious. Everything was right taste wise, as well as quantity and quality, and this coming from one who has strong opinions of what makes a good English breakfast, especially sausages, and sometimes airs them. If I had to make a minor icing on the cake comment, I would have liked to have unlimited tea.

But Monte isn’t English though. I found this out when I ask the in charge lady for English mustard and she responded she only had Portuguese (which was the same in effect). As I studied the menu and spoke with the attentive staff, I realized this was a Portuguese café / restaurant. An interesting touch to my breakfast was it came with chourizo (not quite the right combination, but I liked it even so)!  All in all, I give Monte a big thumbs up and wish its Portuguese owners deserved success as they develop this business.


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