The Trump Revolution continues

Sometimes all sorts of things whirl about in my mind and it is difficult to know where to begin or when it concerns Donald Trump how to join up the different pieces. When I think I have said all I wanted to say there is something new to add although if I am honest there is some repetition, even if only elaborating on something I previously said. In a nutshell, my message is I quite like Trump and rather than being merely the best of a bad bunch of mediocre choices, he has the makings of becoming an outstanding President, and while there is lots of stuff I either don’t like or reserve judgment on, I am increasingly of a view that he is the man for such a time as this, who is already helping to make America great again.

President Donald Trump address Joint Session of Congress, Washington DC - 28 Feb 2017

As I am increasingly becoming aware, much as I would like to understand exactly what is going on and take stock upon correctly analyzing all the relevant news, I realize that after giving all this my best shot I like almost everyone else have to rely on my gut instinct. While I have to reluctantly accept that good people, including some I regard as friends, see things very differently, specifically on the “Trump, good or bad” question, my instinct is Trump is good for America and while he needs good, especially praying, people around him to keep him humble and wise, he needs a to be given fair crack of the whip to carry out his vision for America, 90% I would say I happen to share. At the same time, there is ferocious backlash, led by powerful occupants of the swamp he has vowed to drain, aided by an unsympathetic press and an insidious AntiChrist Spirit of the Age. It is not that his critics are always wrong. Trump does stretch the truth for example, but as I have argued in previous blogs, as has virtually every President before him, and in my view in far worse ways. He can be pretty crass and unkind to those not in his good books. But I would plea to his critics to at least give him a chance; oppose by all means (within lawful and ethical constraints of course) and when Trump is right then support him for the good of America.There is no doubt in my mind that the problem facing America and the world at large are huge and what is needed now is for good people to be empowered to make a difference. And while Trump has upset many, I honestly believe he can rally the troops.

This brings me nicely onto Trump’s recent speech to Congress. Before Trump detractors feel inclined to throw up, I ought to preface my remarks concerning the speech (see here) with what my customary search, for reports that saw the speech in less than complimentary terms, threw up. Where better to start than with Bernie Sanders (see here). In the early days of the Presidential campaign Bernie was a front runner, and I went on record by saying I preferred him to Hillary. It was not to be of course, and the jury is still out as to whether Hillary won the Democrat nomination fair and square. But I did like his speech criticizing Trump’s speech. He brought up many points, starting with what Trump did NOT say, that I thought was pretty fair and highlight my concerns too. That is not to say I agreed entirely or even largely, but Bernie did what any credible opposition should do, and that is to point our flaws and failings, bring to account and engage in intelligent debate concerning the issues. I hope this more than mud slinging and political point scoring will be the order of the day from now on, although I fear it may still be prejudice, fear and hate.

Back to Trump’s speech, if I were to summarise my feelings having just listened to it, it is inspired. Whether there was an ulterior motive behind him bringing to the audience’s attention folk with tear jerking stories in order to illustrate his specific points about making America great again, it is for others to argue. For me, it felt appropriate. I was pleased he addressed concerns over him ignoring hate crime. It seemed to me he was merely elaborating on what he said he will do and with it a sense (based on actions these past six weeks) he will deliver – big time. As I have commented before, Trump’s style is gladiatorial, but there is a place for someone with a warrior spirit at the top of American political life. In the light of the vicious of attacks that have been directed toward him, it should not have come as any surprise to see Trump respond in kind, starting with his Inauguration address. But this time, his style was statesman like and despite my residual skepticism and hearing what Bernie had to say, I was impressed – bigly! I hope folk will get behind him when he is right. For now, I must really stop this blogger obsession with Trump, watch and pray and focus on being a good, husband / father, neighbor, community activist and above all human being 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Trump Revolution continues

  1. paulbarnez says:

    I expect he’s been listening to advice from some of the very experienced people on his team, and perhaps crafted his speech to Congress with the input of others (unlike his spontaneous rally speeches).

  2. Paul Fox says:

    I am repeating what have said before. I heard it all on the World Service in the middle of the night. I found the rapturous applause frighting. Fascism in the 1930s, and Hippocratic, when he said he would protect the American Peoples Air and Water when he has just done the very opposite, Each group he speaks to he tells them what the want to hear.Sorry but I still feel this.

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