Trumpwatch (11)

As folk who regularly follow my blogs know, I often blog about Donald J Trump, simply because so much is always happening around him that is controversial, interesting and relevant. This is my eleventh in my Trumpwatch series and there is nothing to indicate that with so many new developments where Trump is an important factor there won’t be several more. Even if Trump is drugged or deemed a mental case and controlled by those who really call the shots i.e. the Deep State, few would doubt his being at the helm of State is anything other than significant and given the buck stops with the President what he does matters greatly and affects deeply.

At a time one would expect people to adjust to there being a new sheriff in town, Trump gives rise to mixed emotions, including inside the constituency I am most familiar with – the Christians, ranging from unreserved adulation to utter disgust he is still in charge. The contempt Trump is held at the highest levels might well be illustrated in the caption to the photo taken when delivering his UN speech. Some lament he is too often the focus of news reports. After all, so much else is happening in the world where Trump hardly features at all: Mexican earthquakes, Puerto Rico hurricane damage, Bangladesh flood devastation and Rohingya refugees, and compared with Trump related news there is little coverage.

When I did my last Trumpwatch post, it was following the conflicts in Charlottesville when Trump’s attempts at speaking sense into what was happening were widely ridiculed by the liberal media (although arguably vindicated as facts came to light). Not only did this happen at a time I reckoned Trump might be brought down by hostile, powerful forces around government, but talk was of civil war between Trump supporters and Trump detractors, and signs were there was going to be riots etc., although less than feared. To some extent the hurricanes that happened soon after: Harvey, Irma and Maria, with its devastation, brought about a change in perspective, with the country often uniting and Trump arguably taking the lead in dealing with the worst effects of the hurricanes.

But there is a lot more to reflect on that is relevant to any Trump watcher, and since I am a beginner in such matters I can’t give a comprehensive picture, although I will give three that I deem to be relevant. The first relates to yet a further failed attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, thanks especially to a lack of support by the Republicans. Mindful of an earlier executive order to rescind the right to stay of people who came illegally to America as children and deals in the offing involving the Democrats, it is a matter of watch this space. The second relates to Trumps speech to the UN where he unequivocally laid out his position to withstand rogue regimes like North Korean and Iran, which his predecessors failed to do, and that was met with widely differing reactions (positive and negative) (but it did spur into action the Chinese). Then there was the matter of Trump’s forthright attack on sportsmen who did not pay proper respect and due decorum during the playing of the National Anthem at sporting events, which also led to widely mixed reactions.

As I have previously remarked, I know too little to given a fully accurate view on whether Trump is doing a good or a bad job or concerning his character, which is mixed and enigmatic to say the least. I struggle with lack of knowledge and not having the full picture. Yet people who know less than I, because they don’t take time to study events as I do and are too often prey to a largely anti-Trump media, still pontificate authoritatively on the matter and, foolishly perhaps, I wade in by way of providing a corrective. Yet while I support Trump ahead of the alternatives that have recently presented themselves, I am by no means an uncritical apologist.  If he is being controlled as seems the case, for how else do you explain the contempt HR McMaster has for him or the tight reigns held by Kelly or the nonsense of the Mueller investigation when far worse is happening that remains unchecked, why can’t he break out of all this? Some of his rhetoric seems pretty crass at times and he still carries a big chip on his shoulder. Yet I commend him trying to gain the support of dodgy types like Schumer and Pelosi, especially as those who one might expect to provide support from his own Republican Party fail to do so. For the record, I thought his speech at the UN was courageous, timely and needful and his words declaring indignation with those sportsmen using the opportunity afforded by the playing of the national anthem to make a political protest was a righteous response. I also reckon, notwithstanding his many shortcomings, he has the best interests of America at heart.

We live in perilous times, that I have no doubt. How much longer Trump will last, who can say, and if the powerful bad guys linked to the swamp, the liberal minded brainwashed types and the gullible good guys the elite seek to influence have their way it won’t be for much longer. But I would rather have Trump than what might be put in his place. Even if Trump were to go, I reckon he has sufficiently emboldened the basketful of deplorables that got him elected to resist the planned globalist take over and do what it takes to make more inroads into draining the swamp, making life interesting to say the least. Me, I will continue to watch and pray.


Update 26/09/17: In the general scheme of things, various sportsmen, particularly players in the NFL, “taking the knee” during the playing of the American National Anthem may be seen as a storm in a tea cup, given some of the momentous happenings unfolding around the planet. Yet it epitomizes the underlying civil war we are witnessing in the US. On the one hand are those using their free speech right and that particular opportunity to give vent to their objections, whether racism, Trump or whatever, and on the other we find it is the President himself calling them out for their inappropriate mark of disrespect and disloyalty, and many hitherto supporters who agree, now boycotting the games, burn memorabilia etc. I side with the President since I detest this opportunism and hatred of one’s country. I am inclined to pray as in Solomon’s famous prayer, after which God replied with this amazing promise:

pray solomon


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