Why Trump is good for the world – winning the end game

One of my daily routines is to check out what is going on in the world and reading from a broad range of opinions. This includes my Facebook page when stuff is posted offering the very thing. Rarely off the news cycle is what is going on around Donald Trump, and there is always something. While it is true some of my friends are Trump supporters, many aren’t. Besides the standard to be expected hit pieces by “Occupy Democrats”, John Pavlovich and Rachel Maddow (all I follow), some of my friends rub in the idea Trump is a bad man and an unsuitable president. One posted an article titled: “Conservative Christians Were The Political Pawns Of 2018 with the subtitle “Trump is a political siren, singing and swaying Christians away from the values of Jesus with the promise of single-issue victories”. I responded with my dissent and was challenged to argue why Trump merits the peoples support.

I was stirred by the thought I might be a political pawn because I support Trump, not just because I disagree with the idea and many of the points put forward by the author, but because as a chess player, I am well aware of the significance of pawns in chess and that of all the pieces on the board the pawn is the one most likely to be sacrificed in order to win the end game. I long ago learnt that of the three stages of a typical chess game (open, middle and end) the end is perhaps the most important when playing decent opponents and the aim is often to negotiate the open and middle game to achieve an advantage, maybe small, to take into the end game and thereafter build on to gain an overwhelming superiority and checkmate the opponents king. One of my comments to the above post was that I like Trump because I felt. rather than being duped, with him in office, all his weaknesses (which I conceded are many), we are better placed to win the end game, compared to may who have or might occupy his position. For some Trump supporters it is about restoring the Republic or to use Trump’s own words, making America great again, but this Conservative Christian sees Trump as God’s instrument given to help extend the Kingdom of God (and if I am a pawn in the process I am so willingly with eyes fully open).

As for my reasons why I believe Trump is good for the world, I refer readers to my ebook titled: “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?”  Ever since Trump threw his hat into the ring as a presidential candidate, I have been following him and have posted several articles giving my thoughts. Like many, I began by seeing him as a joke candidate (having formed a negative opinion based on earlier knowledge) and when it became apparent he was serious, I saw him as the lesser of two evils (the other being Hillary). Since becoming President he has been opposed and vilified by many, and since most of the many I see as the bad guys, it led me to think Trump has to be a good guy. He has also done the unthinkable (for a politician) and delivered on many of his promises (I agree with), despite opposition, with more to come. It doesn’t mean he has no bad character traits (who hasn’t) or I agree with all he has done (I don’t). And let’s make it clear, getting back to chess, the game is won when the opposing king (here it is Satan, the Prince of Darkness) is defeated and here Trump is but a minor piece, that can be sacrificed in order to win the end game. I should add thought that as with any high level chess game the win will not come easily and we need to be wise. As for me, I will continue to follow the King (of kings) and I urge others to follow Him. I am glad God is able to use Trump.

But summarizing some of the good things Trump has done or is in the process of doing, may I suggest:

  1. He has led the worldwide revolution that is in opposition to tyrannical globalism
  2. He has reversed bad trade deals
  3. He has removed unnecessary regulation
  4. He has helped to revive the US economy
  5. He has helped increase employment, especially for women and ethnic minorities
  6. He has appointed Supreme Court justices that follow the constitution rather than cultural fads
  7. He is committed to securing America’s borders against those who seek to enter it illegally
  8. He has called out evil aspects of Islamic ideology
  9. He has got China’s number and unafraid to stand against them if needed
  10. He may have been successful in securing a deal with North Korea
  11. He is more likely to do a deal with Russia
  12. He is the best bet against the move to shut down free speech
  13. He doesn’t believe in killing babies before they come into the world
  14. He has stood up for those persecuted for their faith
  15. He has championed religious freedom
  16. He looks like draining the swamp (let’s see what happens with the 60000+ sealed indictments)
  17. With a bit of luck he will kill the Federal Reserve
  18. He is on course to reverse neo-conservatism, where America imposes on the Middle East etc. to up the military anti
  19. He supports Israel and delivered on the promise to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem
  20. Elite pedophiles and sex traffickers and Baal child sacrificers are beginning to be brought to task.

He is not perfect (as the various hit pieces I read are quick to argue) and likely there are things he has done or not done that puts him in a worse light than the alternatives, but I daresay none of the above would have happened under #whatif or #whatabout.


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