Trumpwatch (33) – the most important US election yet!?

It has been over three months since I added to my Trumpwatch series – see “Trumpwatch (31) – Covid-19, Racism, Trump Derangement” and “Trumpwatch (32) – when the country burns” for my two previous installments. It is not that there isn’t anything significant happening around the man – there always is! Right now, my social media feeds reminds me he has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize and is responsible for umpteen avoidable Covid deaths – something Joe Biden would never do! One reason for my lack of activity is I have been concentrating on writing my book and I am trying to be more focused when it comes to matters controversial, but if the forthcoming US elections are as important as the title suggests, it would be remiss of me if I did not wade in somehow. (Sorry Boris, I find you and your cronies so depressing – you will have to wait your turn).

“Upping the ante” for the Tuesday, 3 November 2020 US Presidential election battle between “lying Donald” and “sleepy Joe” has already begun (in fact it began 4 years ago when Trump last won – and has gone ever since – with every attempt to unseat the man with a charmed life or angels protecting him coming to naught). If mainstream media are to be believed (which they aren’t) there has been some quietening of the civil unrest and rioting on the streets these past months, but I fully anticipate that to change – the forces of darkness will do all they can to ensure the one they are able to manipulate and will continue to allow the worship of Molech (killing babies) and support of the bad guys to continue (Biden) gets in and the one (who in a strange way has their number) they can’t control (i.e. Trump) doesn’t. My main word of wisdom here is you must expect the unexpected and if you can vote, then vote Trump.

This may sound like shooting from the hip and spewing out alarmist nonsense but if you care to check out my ebook “Donald J Trump – bad, mad or good?” I have been reflecting on these matters for the past four years and more and have provided plenty of backup in the interim. My own theological understanding is that it would be wrong to promote one politician over another on purely theological grounds. I have no doubt some sincere US Christians will vote Biden; some will not vote at all (which on theological grounds I see as a dereliction of duty); some will vote Trump with a heavy heart and some will vote Trump out of fear and prejudice. And many British evangelicals get up on their high horses and castigate Trump falsely. But the way I see it – whoever does win will have a profound impact on the way America goes and from my theological standpoint will be either God acting in judgment (for the sins of America and especially the church) – for I have little doubt the evil that the forces that control Biden will be given sway to destroy the nation as we know it. And maybe God will have mercy on the nation as he did in 2016 when (unexpectedly) Jezebel did not get elected but Cyrus did.

It is not merely a matter of whether I like Trump and dislike Biden or one is less faulty than the other personality wise, but it is about the sort of country we would want the USA to be – and for those like me who do not reside in the USA – whoever wins will have a profound bearing. It is not even that the Democrat rallies have on display all the things I hate – abortion on demand, despising of true religion, breakdown of law and order, economic tyranny, unsecure borders, pure socialism and the evils that brings, the bad guys holding sway, etc., and the Republican almost looking like a revival rally – but let it suffice for now. It will be if nothing else interesting – as things pan out in the next fifty days. Electronic voting (less an issue) and mail in voting (now an issue) looks as if it will play a part – for me other than adding my two penneth as I have done here, it is a matter of praying as never before: Lord have mercy and exhorting folk that come what may to trust in the Lord and be about His work!

There you are – my latest Trumpwatch – I hope to follow up soon with an elaboration and further explanation of these points!


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