Trump’s State of the Union Address

I spent an enjoyable hour yesterday listening to Trumps first State of the Union update (SOTU). I found his presentation to be uplifting and covering of many salient points and I even took time to check out that under Obama by way of comparison and got the distinct impression Trump’s delivery was more than mere fine rhetoric, although I concede I might say that given I am more positively inclined to Trump than Obama. I liked him referring to and commending specially invited guests, who were in the audience, who had done noble acts, in order to back up his points.

It was notable the Democrat contingent were noticeable for their lack of applause. I tried to figure out whether they genuinely disagreed or being merely churlish. I sensed more the latter, mindful that such is the hostility toward Trump America is a long way from putting aside differences and tackling problems like immigration in a non partisan way. Listening later to some high profile Democrats, like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi, and then to a video a friend shared with me on Facebook refuting some of his points, I conceded that the positive spin that Trump placed on the SOTU under his administration can also be countered by a negative one.

I have to concede that while my gut as well as my own following of what is happening tells me Trump was closer to the truth than his detractors, I regret that such is the polarized nature of American politics and the biased nature of mainstream media that getting to the truth can be an onerous undertaking and honest debate does not happen nearly as much as it ought. I also sense a cultural divide that underlies much of societal division. Trump’s emphasis on God, the family, individual enterprise and national identity is all too often misconstrued, yet in my view essential if America is going to do well.

Life under Trump is never dull. His achievements overall in the past year has been amazing and he has delivered. While I sense more vitriolic opposition from high places to come, provoked recently by his agreeing to release the memo exposing FBI shenanigans and then false flag attacks (maybe) like yesterday’s train crash carrying Republican politicians, and in certain areas he has got it wrong, e.g. support of Saudi military attacks, and areas such as support of the poor and Israel the jury may still be out, I look forward to more good things to come under Trump and America being taken further out of its malaise and becoming again a beacon of hope for the free world.


One thought on “Trump’s State of the Union Address

  1. Its refreshing to read someone searching for truth, notwithstanding the agenda of the media, especially the left but also the BBC in misrepresenting Trump at every opportunity.
    I agree that the overall jury is out on Trump, but as a local politician that has seen this kind of prejudice in the media, it makes me wonder if Trump is moving in the right direction.

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