Trumpwatch (4)

There are times that I fantasize about being a fly on the wall. Given the Trump phenomena and all that entails as well as what is happening around him, this is such a time. Instead, one has to be content with reading widely, and I put emphasis on widely, as it is rarely possible to be neutral about Donald J Trump and there invariably is a huge range of opinion in what he says and does and what happens around him (and there is lots) where he is factor. But one has in the end (or at least if one blogs on the matter) to come to a view, even though I have no doubt if we knew all the facts our views would likely change radically. Names and characters I had never come across six months ago are now firmly etched on my mind and while my knowledge of American politics and Trumpism remains rudimentary, I have learned so much since that time.


There is no doubt that Trump is one helluva character who has attracted attention and divided opinions that I don’t ever recall being matched in my lifetime, and taboot he has featured in some of the momentous events happening around us. He remains enigmatic among his many other stand out features and it is quite clear there are those who loathe him as well as those who love him and nowhere is this polarization of opinion been more evident than in last weekend Berkley riots that saw pro and anti Trumpers pitted off against each other. As far as Capitol Hill goes there appears a large cohort of (mostly, understandably) Democrats that hate his guts including Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren, to name but four, who are doing their level best to undermine and get rid of him, as well as a significant number of Republicans (e.g. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan) who are not or have not been particularly keen with him either and are (often) subtly (or not) trying to steer him away from carrying out his agenda. I have given my view but find it being refined all the time. It is a salutary thought that his low approval ratings have recently risen (now 50%), likely because of his war actions.

Just prior to the Presidential elections, I came to a view that the American people were faced with an awful choice between two unsuitable candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and had only themselves to blame and needed to be beholden to the mercy of the Almighty from henceforth. But I did view Trump as the lesser of the two evils. Since becoming President, I have been reinforced in that opinion and am moderately (at least) pleased with his performance. While I am not keen on speculating on hypothetical scenarios, I now am of a view that if Clinton had been elected America and the world at large would be facing catastrophe, with bad people gaining ascendency. I will sign off by giving a list of things where Trump has either showed himself superior (at least in my opinion) or is likely to prove himself so in the months to come. One thing that Trump has managed to do is to deliver on his promises and has done so at breakneck speed. He has been stopped in his tracks to some extent and depending on one’s view this may either be a good or a bad thing, but has meant some change in tack.

One of the reasons why some of my normally sensible friends have so little time for Trump is that the list of his character flaws are as long as your arm and such that trying to defend him on those grounds becomes a virtually impossible task. My view has long been that like all humanity he is a mixture of fool, villain and good guy and the reason why the first two characteristics often come to mind rather than the third is that he is so in your face in a way that a snake like figure like Barack Obama (imo) is not. But while I concur character does matter when it comes to appointing someone to be the most powerful man on the planet, what that person represents can be even more significant and (imo) that is true in the case of Trump and the presidency. What Trump has started to bring about is (imo) in the short time he has been in office is nothing short of a revolution (as my list at the end is meant to demonstrate).

That he has made several mistakes, notwithstanding what he has been up against, I have no doubt. He has been hampered in getting his team together and like many have found before him he has had to work with those who do not share his agenda and has relied with mixed effectiveness on his gift of being a master deal maker and being able to delegate e.g. with respect to the military. The botched attempt to replace Obamacare, his disregard for environmental considerations and a likelihood some of his policies will favour the already rich and not bode well for those at the bottom of society’s heap are at least matters of concern. His appointees have been a mixed bag ranging from inspired to worrying. I fear he has backtracked of late by adopting more the status quo and allowing himself to be divorced from the popular base that helped get him elected. While I get that he wants to be surrounded by those he trusts, I am not always convinced these are always the best choices. Most worrying is the power he has handed to his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. While the anticipated confrontations, Syria, North Korea and China, all of which could and still yet may bring about World War 3, have upped a gear, Trump has handled these challenges relatively well (compared to what might have been and in a way that would have confirmed the worst fears of his detractors), although I did find his decision to bomb a Syrian airbase in response to a false flag chemical attack disturbing, although other actions I did support.

So what has done Trump done (is doing and is likely to do in the future) that is better than what Clinton would have done if she had been elected? Shooting from the hip, although discussed in earlier blogs and open for further elaboration:

  1. Prevented babies being murdered before they are born.
  2. Embolded people of faith to practice their faith without being penalized for doing so.
  3. Stimulated the economy e.g. new jobs and value added to the stock market.
  4. Been more serious about stopping illegal immigrants of the worse kind coming into the country.
  5. Has understood the treat of radical Islam and is more likely to defeat the likes of Isis.
  6. Been more serious in stopping crime and ensuring people do not get away with breaking the law.
  7. Been more serious in ensuring America has the necessary military resources to tackle threats should they occur.
  8. Stopped disadvantageous to America trade deals.
  9. Has removed some of the questionable bureaucracy that hampers small business and favours big business.
  10. Appointed judges e.g. Gorsuch who follow the constitution rather than legislate from the bench, and usually with a liberal bias.
  11. While the likes of Google are still intent on censoring certain conservative media outlets (many of which are supported by Trump and me) it will have been a whole lot worse under Clinton.
  12. Halted the globalist tendency, not just in America but throughout the world.
  13. While the inevitable confrontation with Russia has come, Clinton’s policies would more likely lead to WW3.
  14. While Trump appears less sympathetic than Clinton with China relations, he has at least managed to get their support handling the North Korean threat.
  15. He has begun to drain the swamp e.g. in exposing the Deep State and uncovering pedophile rings

Update 21/04/17: I am reminded that Trump has now served 100 days as president and depending on how you view it (and many do have a view) it is a time for celebration given he has lasted the course this long or commiseration with those who bemoan the fact they have been landed with him. My views are clear and what he has accomplished in 100 days is monumental and mostly (imo) positive. If he was to be assassinated or impeached tomorrow, the revolution he more than any gave impetus to will continue regardless. His greatest tests are still to come and the prospect of WW3 on more than one front is still a very real one. While I freely acknowledge my preferences, I am committed to looking at what he does critically, and will call him out when I believe he is wrong, as I already have. Today a Facebook friend took to task Trump not holding a White House prayer breakfast or appointing a faith advisor (unlike his predecessor), which is one of many items I will check out. As a counter to Alex Jones, I now get feeds from Rachel Maddow, who clearly is NOT a Trump fan, but I support her right to take the President to task and will check out her arguments. What is clear, there is a lot more to come and I will be following what happens.

Update 26/04/17: I daresay there will be developments soon in Trumpland that will want me to write a further Trumpwatch blog. Already since last updating there are signs of Trump going back on what he said. For example there is the active going after the Wikileak founder, Julian Assange, who from what I can make out deserves a medal for helping to expose treason and corruption. Then there is the disturbing headline: “Trump has yet to signal his approach to Obamacare birth-control mandate” and yet another activist judge standing up against him: “Judge blocks Trump threat to withhold ‘sanctuary city’ funds“, indicating he is far from having it his own way. Setting a budget will be yet a further test. He continues to make gaffs (to put it mildly) like long dead Pavoroti being a great friend etc. and show elements of narcissism, crassness and dementia (as my anti-Trump friends and Rachel Maddow are keen to point out). A few have mocked the Bible studies his cabinet have (I thought a good thing) and so it goes on. His biggest test is when the conflicts with Russia and China really do break out. Yet despite this (or am I clutching at hopeful straws) is that Trump is the man for the hour and be a figurehead at least of the revolution in righteousness that America needs right now. Meantime, I watch with interest and try to pray with intensity.


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