Easter 2017 meditation

I come to this after checking out a post and comments initiated by a Facebook friend, who happens to be an earnest Christian believer that does NOT celebrate Easter. Having been brought up in the Plymouth Brethren, who in those early days were not all that keen on special holy days either, I quite get where my friend comes from – pagan origins, this is something for every day, not just one day.



But right now I am excited by the message HE IS RISEN and its glorious implications. I have just read the resurrection account in each of the four gospels as is my annual habit. I look forward to going to church and singing Easter hymns and listening to Easter meditations etc. In strange way, yesterday was a more somber occasion as it may well be with many of my friends who take seriously the church calendar (it was the last day of Lent when believers are encouraged to go without). Holy or black Saturday was when our Lord was buried in the tomb, having been crucified the day before. But today he is risen and the ramifications are huge.



Throughout holy week, starting from last (Palm) Sunday I have been daily posting on my Facebook page thoughts connected with Holy Week, partly as a counter to the grave happenings in the world. Now to cap it all, after the anticipation and horror of the days prior, we turn to the fact the Saviour we serve is risen, who despite all the world, the flesh and the devil could throw at him, rose triumphant over all and one day will return as King to reign in glory. We live in worrying times where all sorts of bad things are happening all over the world, and things could get worse (indeed the Bible says that will be the case) but our hope needs to remain firm in the Risen One!


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