Trumpwatch (29)

So another three months have passed since my last Trumpwatch installment (see here) even though you can never keep President Trump far away from the news headlines. Since then, I have blogged on Trump related matters as: “Christianity Today – Trump should be removed from office” and “Impeaching President Trump”, both subjects producing passionate disagreements. I anticipate there will be remarkable Trump related happenings in 2020, including clear evidence of wickedness in high places, thus vindicating Trump and his tweets, and finding out whether he is re-elected in November, providing he survives impeachment.

My Drudge report headline today goes under the rather long title: “Siege at the US embassy: Pro-Iran militia storm Baghdad compound for a second day as Marines fire tear gas and video reveals how bloodthirsty Hezbollah fighter vowed to kill every American inside” along with “Iran’s Khamenei shrugs off Trump threat to retaliate over Iraq embassy violence” where is evident that Trump had played an important part in protecting American interests. The impeachment circus has for a time stalled over Christmas, with opinions hotly divided, but my point is you cannot keep Trump out of the news regardless. When it comes to many stories, Trump should be seen in a positive light. It is not to say he is anywhere near perfect or invariably right or does not need to be brought to account, but right now he is the best we have.

It is evident many people disagree with me, including a number of well-known Christian leaders, some of which purport to speak in the name of the Lord, e.g. “Preacher Jim Wallis: Jesus Would Not Approve of Trump’s Anti-Christ Agenda”. To say I mildly disagree is an understatement because if anything Trump remaining in office, as I fully expect he will, seems to me to be our best hope (at least humanly speaking) of combatting the Anti-Christ agenda. It is sad as we begin 2020 with new hopes of peace and reconciliation with Christians markedly divided, not so much on the relative merits of Donald J Trump and whether or not he is the right man to be the leader not just of the USA but the free world, but as to how we see the world and the part Christians should play in it.

… the answer to which (or rather my attempt to find one) see my “Operation World” article …

Update 07/01/20: Unsurprisingly, as soon as I post about Trump, something happens that few expect. I have little doubt that the US assasination of General Qaseem Sulemani, as authorised by Trump, was to a significant degree a response to the US embassy siege. Few in the USA, including Trump’s detractors, would disagree that Sulemani was a bad dude, responsible for numerous deaths of American citizens and terrorist acts, although many question the rightness and wisdom of Trump’s decision, which no doubt will have connotations. I have studied many pros and cons regarding Trump’s decision and undoubtedly time will tell. From my restrictive view, Trump has done the right thing and we look forward to devopments, albeit with trepidation, because no doubt there will be.


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