Trumpwatch (28)

I am noticing the time lapse between my adding new episodes to my Trumpwatch saga (this is my 28th) is increasing. Whatever the reason for this, it can’t be said that not much of importance is happening around Trump. Whatever one’s views are on the man, the fact is the drama around moves to impeach Trump is now becoming the main news item as far as USA politics is concerned.

I am going to keep this simple knowing there is lots of stuff “out there” detailing the story, albeit, sadly, often from a pro Trump or anti Trump perspective, begging the question where the balance lies. Moves to impeach Trump began as soon as he got into office and from the outset there have been a hard core of Democrat politicians declaring this was their intention, aided and abetted by a cohort of never Trump Republicans. After two years of investigation and at huge public expense the Mueller report could not dish sufficient dirt on Trump colluding with the Russians to interfere with US politics, in order to impeach him. Something else needed to be found to get him on and given they can’t wait another two years, moves to impeach seems the solution, especially as all indicators are Trump is on course to be re-elected in 2020. Attention more recently became focused on Ukraine when an unnamed whistle blower accused Trump of trying the bribe Ukraine authorities (later Australia and China) to dish dirt on his opponents, which I suspect is there in droves, and with new angles being revealed daily.

Trump has in typical style launched a counter attack on his attackers pointing out that part of his task is to root out corruption and asking the help of foreign powers was reasonable, especially as under the previous administration they did the same but instead to undermine the rule of law. For example, a video has surfaced of Joe Biden, who at the time was Vice President, proudly bragging that he threatened to withdraw a large sum of US money designated for Ukrainian aid if he did not sack their special prosecutor investigating shenanigans that also involved his son. This is being milked by the likes of Democrat leading lights, like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. I have no doubt the story will continue to run and have every expectation the Democrats will come off worse. On the basis a picture tells a thousand words the two Ben Garrison cartoons (above) pretty much sums up what I think of Democrats and why I cannot endorse them, which is sad for democracy as certain issues like to do with social justice matter and some of the Republicans aren’t too squeaky clean.

I cannot and will not give Trump an easy ride and yet I can’t deny he is a man I admire and the longer he stays in office the more likely we are to see the swamp get drained. I have every expectation there will be some startly revelations in the months to come, and civil unrest. Yet I think Trump is mostly on the right lines, policy wise and while we live in dangerous world, I have little doubt that Trump is better than the obvious alternatives, patriotism is preferable to globalism, controlled borders are better than open ones, trade deals needs to be equitable and babies should not be killed before they escape their mother’s womb. When eyes of fake news were on Greta Thumberg as she delivered her disappointing speech to the UN, around that time Trump delivered his speech (see here) which was superb even when overlooked by fake news, confirming why I hope Trump wins.


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