Trumpwatch (13)

It has been two months since posting my last Trumpwatch article and lots has happened in the meantime. Whether you like him or not Donald Trump rarely disappoints when it comes to things worth writing about. While the move, by hook or by crook, I predicted to take out the President, has yet to fully materialise, the process has begun and the Trump haters, in my lifetime at least, whose hatred is hysterical and vitriolic as ever it was, has been every bit brazen.

As for me, every time a friend turns on Trump my instinct is to rise to his defence, even though he is like few others in my experience, whose faults appear in your face and who when he makes a mistake it is glaring, assisted by a hostile media and an antipathetic liberal elite, who he continues to upset. Take the three anti Islamic tweets, which I discussed earlier, the aftermath if more exchanges on social media is anything to go by continues to be felt. As I have gone on record as saying, posting as he did may have not been his wisest move but the reaction to him pointing out real concerns that our leaders prefer to gloss over inclines me to believe we need a Trump to alert us of the threat in our midst, as they won’t. As for the swell of righteous indignation calling on Trump to be disallowed into the country, I feel more adamant that he should receive some credit. My main regret is our spineless government continues to succumb to EU bullying and the insidious spirit of political correctness that prevents us tackling difficult questions. Rather than get on our high horses and prevent Trump from coming to the UK, I say let him come and talk business and putting the world to right. I would like us to do battle with the archetypal deal maker and thus strengthen that special relationship. Back to his tweets, the Supreme Court has just upheld Trump’s travel ban, illustrating the President’s gift of nominating justices is significant and in this case necessary.

The Mueller investigation continues to be a threat to Trump ever remaining office, and going by the cheers when the news that Flynn, the latest victim of the Mueller investigation machine, has admitted that Trump had told him to make contact with the Russians, only for this to be retracted somewhat when it was realized that it was when he was President elect and he was entitled so to do, it is evident that the numbers rather hoping the outcome will bring down Trump are many. It is a shame as I reckon to Flynn is one of the good guys and it is pernicious when they suffer at the expense of the baddies. My earlier impression remains that Mueller is a shady character and a bad guy in the whole affair, intent on a witch hunt, supported by an anti-Trump team (one of which was forced to stand down because of it) with a kangaroo court all ready to do their dastardly deed when called into action, especially looking at Mueller’s record and considering there are far worse things going on the other side of the political spectrum and the so called Russian collusion really is a delusion. But this is American democracy at work and I merely observe its mysteries from the sidelines, hoping that the good guys will win and the bad buys will be exposed for the scum they are.

One of the things that does not get reported much, probably because it is not in the anti-Trump press interest to do so is that the economy is doing well with huge values being added to the stock market, unemployment significantly down with jobs coming back to America and also numbers of those on food stamps down, with few who will deny Trump is a significant factor and few prepared to report on the fact and focus on the bad stuff instead. This brings me to the Trump tax bill, which Nancy Pelosi describes as the worst in history, perhaps his only major legislative triumph, and a worrying sign that the Legislature should for the balance of powers ideal to be credible should if anything be more significant that the Executive and the Judiciary that have been making themselves felt in many different ways. It is why elections to Congress and the Senate are so example, and while I understand qualms regarding Roy Moore, I quite get why Trump would endorse him (although if Moore is a lying pervert I hope the electorate has the final word). Unlike Trump’s repeal and replace Obamacare plans, this one looks to have succeeded. As a social conservative, I am nervous the poor and disadvantaged may be the ones that suffer. I quite get it that penalizing the rich can be tantamount to shooting oneself in the foot, for the rich will simply escape. Propping up a broken healthcare system that while well intentioned when it comes to helping those who cannot afford to pay, is so full of anomalies etc., cannot be a good idea and one awaits the next installment in a saga which like many in America few understand. I will continue to watch this one along with the broader issue of how the US deals with the needy (as opposed to the greedy etc.). It remains a concern, as much as I sympathize with some of Trump’s conservative economic ideology that is about helping people, especially the overlooked middle classes, by creating wealth.

I have no doubt there are many more things we ought to be watch and I would love to be a fly on the wall as to what is really going on. All the trouble spots mentioned in previous Trumpwatch articles remain so, and while I have qualms like Trump cozying up to Saudi Arabia and Israel, I feel on balance he has done a good job on the foreign policy front. As for draining the swamp, my instinct is that he is doing so (for example the number of pedophile rings and influential sexual molesters being exposed) and that the powerful interests who are keen to keep the swamp alive are having their noses put out of joint because Trump, unlike his predecessors, won’t bow to their tune, but the proof of the pudding etc. … and I will need to return to this another time soon. I suspect too we will see more dastardly deeds under Obama, Clinton and Soros and the Deep State comes to light. Meanwhile, I am happy to stick my neck out, much to the consternation of my anti-Trump friends, that while recognizing he is far from perfect and not knowing all the facts, believe he is doing an overall good job. I realise others see it a lot differently, like the 5 million people who signed the “Dear Mr. Trump” letter condemning Trump and rejecting his “fear, hate mongering and bigotry“. My big concern is the country appears to be divided and that division, while always there, is even more evident under Trump. I have little doubt that Trump is up against it, from all quarters. While he has strong support I suspect the system and his judgment is such that he find himself surrounded by some NOT good people.

I am raising this knowing the people need to return to God and His ways more than anything else, who it is worth pointing out is neither Republican and Democrat but exalts a righteous nation and judges an unrighteous one. While the US has a godly heritage it has also perpetrated wickedness. We live in perilous times and I need to urge people to turn to the Lord, because without God’s blessing it will continue a slippery slope to disaster, and the world led by the likes of power blocks like that led by China and the New World Order will crush it as world leader and the Lord will consign it to oblivion. I like to think Trump is a Christian, albeit an immature one, and while he is enigmatic I see him as modern day King Cyrus (Isaiah 45:1).


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