Trumpwatch 42 – when the dam bursts

Let’s be honest – forty-seven days ago I woke with a heavy heart thinking that Trump had lost the US Presidential election. Shortly after, I realised there had been industrial scale, criminality by then undisclosed high-level people to steal the election.

It is why I could blog soon after about the fat lady singing, and later an aka Red Sea moment and dominos falling etc. But never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be where we are now. While the great majority expect Joe Biden to be inaugurated as US President on January 20th, I not only beg to differ but am even more confident it will not happen as the pundits predict and justice will be done.

I have long ago realised that what goes on behind the scenes not only outweighs what we can see but it is further compounded by mainstream media lying, now showing their true colours. In my naïveity and despite pollsters predicting otherwise and huge changes to the electoral process more likely to help the anti-Trump cause, I believed that Trump would win on November 3rd and soon after be declared President elect. When that did not happen and evidence of fraud began to materialise, I expected that the result would be overturned, if necessary by a now sympathetic US Supreme Court.

That is not the case and I see it as a good thing and the hand of God. Trump the man is a side show; what he represents isn’t. It is about far, far more than who really won the US Election. Harking back to 2016 when Trump promised to drain the swamp, it was the main reason I gave for voting for him, I look back disappointed the swamp is not drained and now it appears swamp creatures are having a hey day (a double-edged thing because they are showing their true colours). As for Trump, while he has done many good things, notable regarding the economy, his record is far from unblemished. Some have pointed out to his response to Covid-19 as cause for concern. I would agree although for different reasons to many – mine is he is pushing dodgy vaccines to make political capital. Perhaps my main disappointment is that by having an enigmatic President sympathetic to the Christian world view, e.g. pro-life, family, freedom, it may help achieve what I hoped – allow the church to live out its finest hour. Instead, it has gone woke and lukewarm, blowing the unexpected opportunity given it, with judgment rather than mercy to follow. Amidst this, I see an unlikely remnant emerge and the Lord who works in mysterious ways.

Every day, I read something (rarely in mainstream media though) to the effect that the good guys are winning, when further shenanigans are revealed, e.g. China involvement, further Kraken, as well as individuals exposed: AG Barr saying there was no fraud, ties of Romney to China, dark dealings of Chief Justice Roberts, judges and legislators and officials (even Republican ones) not acting as they ought to uphold justice, likely because they are compromised, and many others besides, including Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And sadly, even the good guys e.g. Franklin Graham are rolling over, acquiescing to the notion of a Biden presidency, with avenues for overturning such a result being scuttled. Beyond that there is the military factor including US forces on high alert, military tribunals for high level people indicted for treason, and even possible invasion by China and Russia, which I won’t elaborate here because it might put off the people I want to win over for being seen as peddling conspiracy theories. Something is afoot; something is in the air; one senses the Lord is at work, but when all is revealed is anyone’s guess? Given last week I predicted the dominos were about to fall, this week, I can now add the dam is about to burst.   

There has been one main reason why since Trump was elected as US President in 2016, Trump watching has been one of my main blog activities. It is not because I am in love with someone who long ago I had identified as a narcissist, whose Christian credentials were suspect until he “did a Zacchaeus”, but rather it was he more than any (or rather what he represented) who stood in the way of the bad guys (an unholy alliance of globalists, Deep State, CCP, Islamists helped by an elite whose interests are served by the status quo) taking over. The stakes are high and, while it has not been good for my mental equilibrium, it has been good for my soul and, moreover, the longer it takes, the harder it seems, the more we are seeing evil being exposed for what it is and the likelier it can be dealt with. A more recent secondary reason is the prophets (who I am inclined to believe are for real) have said it is so. The church is more than about pastors (or priests) and the “flock”. It is about Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists working with the wider Body, directed by its Head (Jesus), and this is what I am praying for. Mercy or judgement; revival or ruin are options that have exercised many including me but I follow one who is more concerned about and desires to work through His Bride, whose Kingdom is one that is based on His character: truth, justice, righteousness and meekness.   

Meditation: I have just been reflecting on the story “Adonijah Sets Himself Up as King”, told in 1Kings 1. King David was old and soon to die. He had arranged for his son, Solomon, to become king in his place. Another son, Adonijah, had other ideas and attempted to stage a coup so he could be king instead. He craftily managed to get the support of several high ranking people, e.g. Joab the Army Commander, Abiathar the priest and many of the royal officials, and looked set to succeed. But others rallied round Solomon, including Nathan the prophet, Zadok the priest and David’s special guard, and the coup was reversed. I can’t help thinking that in Washington now, as Jerusalem then, we are seeing similar, yet Trump will prevail.


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