Trumpwatch 44 – you ain’t seen nothing yet

I hope readers bear with me for starting my latest Trumpwatch episode with quotes from two quite different politicians, who for different reasons, back in the day so to speak, I admired.

I expected there would be fireworks to come when I posted five days ago (see here) but in no way expected what has taken place or the unanswered questions that logic demands will be answered in the next two weeks and differently to what any of us might expect. If ever there was an example of a week being a long time in politics, what we have seen is it. What Ronald Reagan said in 1984 may just as well apply (and more so) today should miraculously (and it has to be that) Trump becomes President again.

My high hopes four years ago were that of Trump being raised up by the Lord as a Cyrus type figure for such a time as this to do what he said and, what was becoming apparent (and now I am in no doubt, and the truth is, whether you agree or not, he has been true to his word more than any modern-day politician I can name). I watch from the vantage point, when things appear not to have gone well for Trump and his supporters, that what we see is showing the true extent of the swamp that needs to be drained.

I don’t wish to go over in great depth the events that have unfolded these past five days and what we might expect next (especially as my record as a successful pundit is a mixed one) but do wish to share how I feel and what are my hopes, hoping it will encourage some. Sadly, I cannot suggest going to mainstream media. While it may sometimes tell the truth, its presentation of the facts accompanies a distorted narrative. Sources that get it right are often censored, although I would suggest checking out the Epoch Times, the Victory Channel, Eric Metaxas and Richard’s Watch to name but four.

Following the decision by the Congress to approve the Electoral College votes and ignore the objections, which were far less than what was hoped given the evidence that the election was stolen, it seemed we had gone past the Last Chance Saloon and now we await the inauguration of President Biden on January 20th. I remember feeling dejected and was reminded of the two disciples on the Emmaus Road (Luke 24:13-33) who had pinned high hopes on Jesus as their promised Messiah, who in the end was executed as a common criminal. Then the game changer – they met with Christ.

I give this example for two reasons. The first is I am being attacked by those I regard as friends for my pro-Trump views and by some who accuse me of making Trump my idol and advocating for a cult like form of Christian nationalism. Trump is NOT Christ. Trump is a flawed human being, like us all. Trump is beginning to show signs of a broken man and my theology is God uses men and women after they are broken. I am not particularly interested in Trumpism either, but am interested in God’s agenda. I believe he speaks still through his prophets. Second is my belief that now human avenues have been exhausted and, while human action is still needed, it appears that God, whose timing is perfect, is biding his time and there can be no breakthrough without him.

Two questions that keep being asked: where is your evidence of fraud and why is a Biden presidency to bad? Besides referring back those interested in answers to my early blogs, I want to quote from two friends, broadly on the same page as me. Friend 1: “It is completely untrue to imply that there was no proof of election fraud. The exact opposite is the case. The fraud against Trump was on an industrial scale. There is overwhelming evidence in the swing states – eyewitness testimony, video evidence of ballots being produced from suitcases underneath tables after most people had been told to go home, evidence of dead people voting, underage people voting. It goes on and on. There are hours of eyewitness testimony given at state legislature hearings and hundreds of sworn affidavits. There are also mathematical impossibilities with more people voting than the voting population in particular regions. And there is the evidence of voting machines that added votes to Biden. The problem was not the lack of evidence. It was that no judge would listen to the evidence. The coup succeeded because of corrupt politicians, judges, FBI, state certifies, senators, etc., and a left-wing media that hates President Trump”. Friend 2:What everyone needs to know is that Trump is the buffer between us and the beginning of the one World government, & all Christians need to wake up and see that if Biden gets in they will soon find life isn’t as pleasant as people had hoped & the increasingly anti God laws will prevent the blessings that God would want to give. As for the UK people need to wake up & look at the corona virus bill that’s about to have its 3rd reading in the House which will v much curtail our freedoms & likely bring in much poverty. It’s the end of the prosperous west as we know it if we’re not careful”.

So where do we go from now on? One good thing coming out of the drama unfolding before our very eyes, even though there is a lot behind the scenes we don’t see and what is presented to us because of the nature of media is often distorted, with many taken in, e.g. the misreporting of what is the Antifa led, police aided storming of the Capitol and the true nature of the protests (overwhelmingly peaceful) partly as a result of Trump appealing to only base he has – the people. Many of Trump’s “allies” are now deserting him, it seems, like rats from a sinking ship. The good thing is it helps go to show how extensive the swamp is. We see the swamp coming out of their wood work, now talking, yet again, of getting rid of Trump, now emboldened by Republican capitulation. One piece of “Kraken” to come to the fore these last few days is the “game changer” Italian and Obama connection to the fraud (see here). Then there are Trump’s options, including military ones and doing what has long been threatened and why the hatred we now see: dealing with the dirt that has been identified over a long time, on the corruption, of which the stolen election is the most obvious manifestation. I believe the Kraken, as Sidney Powell has said, to be of Biblical proportions.

I dare not speculate on what will happen from now until the January 20th Inauguration Day and afterwards, other than to say that “interesting” is an understatement and I still believe Trump will be vindicated, we the people will be shocked by what does come out, and God will do something unbelievably awesome. I suspect we will also see days of darkness before the marvelous light. I also expect the Trump affirming prophets to be vindicated. I leave my latest Trumpwatch episode with a thought we do well to ponder and respond to. It encapsulates my current project, meditating on each of the thirty-one chapters of Proverbs, one for each day in January: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding” (Proverbs 9:10).  


6 thoughts on “Trumpwatch 44 – you ain’t seen nothing yet

  1. Paul Fox says:

    This is my kind of Christian, Rev Raphael Warnock. Why is it only Fundamentalists, that still support Trump? The Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta has witnessed tides of history ebb and flow during its 134 years. Martin Luther King Jr, the civil rights leader, often preached here. Now its pastor, Raphael Warnock, has added a new chapter by becoming the first African American senator from Georgia.
    The storied church was firmly closed as votes were tallied on Tuesday night and its doors were plastered with coronavirus warnings, but there was a palpable surge outside as expectation turned to elation.
    “We know that Georgia is in the midst of a great change,” said Cheryl Johnson, a voting engagement activist and community historian. “We believe that we can lead the country forward as we have always led the country in many different ways. We have a history of great leadership. We have always been change makers.”
    Johnson, 54, has heard the deep-voiced Warnock preach at the church.
    “He can break it down intellectually but when it comes to talking about the issues that impact our community – social justice issues, homelessness, healthcare issues, police reform – he comes in the tradition of the Baptist church, which is passionate, engaged. He challenges people to think, who are you and, if you say that you are this, what does that mean?” she said.

    • Roger Weaver says:

      John your comment and views here are true the outcome is yet to be decided and I agree unless divine providence intervenes the fight for democracy and honesty in elections where the peoples vote is priority will die forevermore.
      The world is heading slowly but surely to be a place dominated and ruled by the few with the people of the world no more than slaves and I mean slaves to the few.

  2. James meikle says:

    Hi John l hope you are well,
    I am in total agreement with your comments and l think Trump isn’t finished yet,this incoming government is corrupt and needs to be exposed,keep th faith and stay safe.

  3. James Meikle says:

    Hi John,l hope you are well,all we can do is trust the Lord and in these troubling times l think off John 3:19.God bless.

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